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Good Reasons Why Calgary is Kid-friendly

4 Good Reasons Why Calgary is Kid-friendly 

If you’re moving to Calgary and are concerned about the welfare of your kids like any good parent would be, we got you covered. At the very least, you actually have little to worry about because Calgary is actually the 5th most livable city in the world, according to The Economist Survey

In this article, we’ll run you through four reasons why we think Calgary is a family-centric and kid-friendly city. 

1. Calgary has a solid school system.

Calgary has a solid school system
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A child’s education is very important and is usually a significant concern of parents. In fact it’s one of the major considerations when choosing a city to live in. 

It’s a good thing Calgary has a great school system for all levels.  Starting from nursery and preschool to elementary school, they offer top-notch education and a conducive environment for your child to grow and learn. 

This continues up to the higher levels such as high school and college

In case you want private schooling or homeschooling, they have that too. Should your child need extra support, there are also a lot of great tutoring services you can hire. 

2. The healthcare here is superb and inclusive. 

Another good reason is the fantastic healthcare available in the city. There are talented and reliable pediatricians here from various clinics that can help your child should they get sick. 

Calgary even has the best kids’ dentists that can help maintain and keep your children’s pearly whites healthy. 

3. There are so many kid-friendly places that your children can enjoy.

There are so many kid-friendly places that your children can enjoy
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Calgary is clean, safe, and spacious enough for our little ones to run in. In fact, in Calgary, you’re almost always near a park and open green spaces. 

Aside from that, there are also a lot of recreation centers, amusement parks, and playgrounds that your kids will definitely appreciate. 

4. There are so many great extracurricular activities here. 

Outside of school, kids have a lot of options for extracurricular activities here that will foster their growth, development, and even social skills. These activities also cover a wide range of interests, so it doesn’t matter what your kid is into, Calgary has activities for them to try. 

For your musically inclined kids, there are voice lessons and music lessons available. They can also try their hand at playing guitar, violin, or piano

For the budding thespians, they can attend workshops at acting schools. Young athletes can also shine here through the various sports programs. 

They can ski in the winter and swim in the summer. As you can see, there’s something for every child here. 

There you go, those are our four reasons why we think Calgary is very kid-friendly. We hope we were able to shed more light on the issue and help assuage the concerns of thoughtful parents. 

Did we miss out on any more reasons on why the city is great for kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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