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5 Simple Steps to a Clean Living Room

5 Simple Steps to a Clean Living Room 

The living room is where we usually entertain guests and where we kick back and relax as a family. This room often gets messy in the process. 

This is why we need to give this room the extra attention it needs. In this article, we listed down some easy tips you can follow to make sure your living room is in its peak condition. 

1. It’s time to declutter. 

Assess your living room and check which items are not in its proper place. Start putting things back where they belong one by one. 

It’s an arduous process so if you can, ask for help from your family. If it’s still disorganized after that, consider investing in shelves and other storage units (that still fit your theme and decor) to hide unwanted items from plain sight. 

This is an easy way to make the whole room look tidy. 

2. Vacuum or sweep. 

It’s time to get your vacuum and run it all over your carpet or floor to get all the crumbs and other particles that get stuck in there. Make sure to do this as often as possible. 

Make sure to get the floor under the sofa and furniture. Vacuums usually have different attachments to get into the tightest spaces in the room, so take advantage of that. 

If you have wooden floors, you can run a mop over the whole floor to make it shine. 

A pro tip would be to invest in a handheld vacuum to quickly pick up fur from your pets or any crumbs from your snacking sessions. 

By the way, here are some professionals you can hire for maintaining your carpeted floors in Calgary: 

3. Dust and wipe down all of the surfaces in your living room.

After that, you can wipe down everything like your blinds, curtains, cornices, light fittings, ceiling fans, air-conditioning vents, cabinets, tables, and other surfaces. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean electronic items like the television

4. Clean windows and other glass surfaces. 

The glass cleaner will be useful for this, spray it on the rag and wipe down splatters and grime on glass surfaces. If you need help cleaning your windows, there are professionals who can help you with washing and repair

5. Focus on your couch. 

Your couch or sofa is one of the centerpieces of this room. So it deserves your attention. 

Fluff all the pillows and couch cushions well. Make sure to wash the pillowcases and cushion covers regularly as these can collect dust and cause allergies. 

If your couch is made of leather, you can wipe and spot clean the whole surface with a damp cloth. You can also use the handheld vacuum to run it over the couch. 

6. Final thoughts 

Making sure the whole living room and house is clean is a tough but worthwhile process. If you’re having a hard time, don’t hesitate to ask for help from professionals who have the tools to make sure your house is looking great in no time. 

That’s it for our quick tips in making sure your living room is well-maintained and clean. We wish you a happy cleaning and we hope we were able to help you out. 

Did we miss out on any more tips? Let us know in the comments below. 

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