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All Your Questions About the Glenmore Reservoir Answered

All Your Questions About the Glenmore Reservoir Answered

Itching for a new outdoor adventure? We’re crossing our fingers that it’s your enthusiasm and not actual mosquito bites that have you itching!

Because today, we’re introducing one of Calgary’s best-kept secrets – the Glenmore Reservoir, offering a multitude of outdoor activities anyone would be thrilled to discover!  

While this place sounds like the ultimate playground, it also holds notable importance for our city. Discover its significance and a lot more below! 

What is the Glenmore Reservoir? 

Glenmore Reservoir is a big man-made reservoir that helps the city in a lot of different ways. Most importantly, it’s the main source of drinking water in Calgary. 

Beyond its primary role, it also serves as a stunning backdrop for various outdoor activities and a home for plenty of wildlife in the area. 

It also helps with the environment by mitigating increased river flow effects and aids in the overall ecological health. 

Where is the Glenmore Reservoir located?

Glenmore Reservoir is located in Calgary, Alberta, specifically in the southwest quadrant of the city, along the banks of Elbow River. 

When was Glenmore Reservoir created?

Glenmore Reservoir was built in 1931 and the city paid CA$3.8 million for it. Though expensive, it seems like a wise investment because residents of Calgary are still benefiting from it today. 

Can you swim at the Glenmore Reservoir?

Unfortunately, people are not allowed to swim at the Glenmore Reservoir. Since it’s where the city gets its drinking water from, it’s only natural and hygienic to forbid anyone of swimming there. 

That said, there are plenty of other options to enjoy the waters here like kayaking, rowing, fishing, and such – a pleasant surprise, to say the least. 

What laws are in place to safeguard the quality of the water in Glenmore Reservoir? 

The laws currently in place to safeguard the quality of the water in Glenmore Reservoir are the following: 

  • No entering the water (or stepping on the ice) 
  • No placing of any objects in the water (or on the ice) 
  • Don’t do anything that might pollute the water 
  • No connecting of drains to the Glenmore Reservoir

What else is forbidden in Glenmore Reservoir?

Based on Calgary’s official website, other rules to follow when in Glenmore Reservoir are the following:

  • Pets are not allowed in the water or on the boat
  • You must always leash your pets if you’re within the Glenmore Reservoir vicinity. 
  • Stand up paddle boards are prohibited. 
  • The use of power motors and inflatables are not allowed. 
  • You’re not allowed to fish from ramps or docks, only from non-motorized boats or along the shore. 

Meanwhile, during winter, people are not allowed to walk, skate, ski, bike, and snowshoe on the ice. 

What outdoor activities can I do at Glenmore Reservoir?

Glenmore Reservoir offers a plethora of outdoor activities one can participate in including wildlife watching, jogging, cycling, walking your dog, fishing, sailing, dragon boat racing, canoeing, and kayaking. 

In fact, Glenmore Reservoir is home to Glenmore Sailing School, which is considered the largest sailing school in the country. For the complete list of lessons they offer, you can checkout their website

When is the best time to go to the Glenmore Reservoir? 

The best time to go to the Glenmore Reservoir is any time except winter, when it’s closed due to the water freezing. Typically, the schedule is that it opens on the 1st of May and closes on the 31st of October. 

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