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Everything You Need to Know about the Public Transportation in Calgary

Everything You Need to Know about the Public Transportation in Calgary 

Calgary’s public transportation is one of the oldest in North America. With the city being ahead of the game compared to other city giants, does this also mean it’s the epitome of efficiency?

Well, that’s what we’ll answer today! From the cost to the apps that you need to get the most convenient rides, we’ll show you all the secrets for an easy time on public transportation in our city. Read on for all the good stuff on that, including how you can ride the C-train for free!

What are the available modes of public transportation in Calgary? 

The available modes of public transportation in Calgary are buses and the C-train, which are both operated by Calgary Transit

What is Calgary Transit? 

Calgary Transit is a public transportation system in the city that offers various services including bus rapid transit, regular bus services, light metro, para-transit, and urban tramway. 

Where can I check the routes and schedules of public transportation in Calgary? 

You can check out the updated routes and schedules of public transportation in Calgary by going to Calgary Transit’s website. 

It’s very useful because you can plan your trip ahead by inputting the date of travel, station of origin, destination, and time. Additionally, you can choose to find the next ride available by looking up the real-time schedule available on the website. 

It also shows the route directions of your trip to help you navigate the trip better. 

How much does it cost to take public transportation in Calgary? 

It costs CA$3.50 to take public transportation in Calgary for a single ride on the bus and C-train transit. A single pass is CA$11 and you also have the option to get a booklet worth 10 tickets for only CA$35. 

Lastly, it’s completely free to take the C-train in Downtown Calgary, so feel free to explore as much as you can. 

Is the public transportation in Calgary efficient? 

Yes, the public transportation in Calgary is efficient, but it’s more tailored for people living in the suburbs going to the heart of the city. Additionally, the public transportation system lacks some connections.  

A lot of locals will tell you that it can be a challenge to get to different parts of the city using public transportation due to that dearth of connections. 

For example, if you find yourself needing to use the C-train, you still need to ride a bus (or order modes of transportation) in order to get there. Moreover, it can get pretty crowded during the rush hour. 

That said, the public transportation in Calgary is affordable for many residents and is even quite efficient in many areas of the city.   

What is the etiquette when taking public transportation vehicles in Calgary? 

Etiquette for taking public transportation in Calgary includes not making phone calls, using earphones if you’re playing music, and avoiding littering in the vehicles. 

Additionally, it’s recommended to take your backpack off during the duration of your ride to make space for other passengers. Moreover, pregnant people, elderly, disabled passengers are prioritized when it comes to seats. 

Most of these rules are quite common and are most likely being practiced in your country. However, it doesn’t hurt to receive some reminders every now and then, right? 

Is public transportation in Calgary accessible for people with disabilities? 

Yes, the public transportation in Calgary is accessible for people with disabilities. There are ramps installed in all of their transit vehicles. 

Additionally, the low floor buses either have elevators and ramps or are considered accessible from the ground level. 

Are dogs or other pets allowed in public transportation in Calgary?

According to Calgary Transit, yes, dogs and other animals are allowed in public transportation in Calgary. For dogs, they should be on the leash at all times. 

As for other animals, they should be kept inside a carrier or a cage to avoid inconvenience for other passengers. 

By the way, animals get to ride for free so there’s no need to purchase their very own ticket!

What helpful apps should I download to help me with using the public transportation in Calgary? 

Some of the apps to help you use the public transportation in Calgary are Calgary Transit App, Moovit, and My Fare

1. Calgary Transit App

The Calgary Transit App is much like the Calgary Transit website, which helps you navigate routes and schedules of the public transportation in the city. 

Do note, however, that they’re currently working on a new and better app so depending on when you’re reading this article, the Calgary Transit App may or may not be working anymore. 

You can always check this portion of the Calgary Transit’s website to stay updated on any news regarding the new app. 

2. Moovit 

Moovit is a public transportation guide that helps you navigate Calgary by telling you the complete steps to get to your destination. 

3. My Fare 

My Fare app is convenient if you prefer going cashless when using public transportation. It helps you purchase tickets and passes whenever you want with just a few taps on your phone. 

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