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Must-Try Foods in Calgary

10 Must-Try Foods in Calgary

Calgary is the home of some delicious and scrumptious eats that you ought to try. The city can definitely be the location of your next culinary adventure with your family and friends.  

In this article, we listed some of the top local foods on our list that you should check out for yourself. Whether you’re craving Asian cuisine or even vegetarian options, Calgary has them all. 

1. Seafood

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In the mood for some oysters or sushi? Here in Calgary, there are a lot of options for fresh seafood that you can enjoy. 

Some restaurants even have patio dining, making for a relaxing dining experience. Before you do enjoy the different kinds of seafood and shellfish, make sure you’re not allergic. 

Some people actually discover mild seafood allergies fairly late, you see, probably by growing up in families or cultures where seafood is rarely eaten. You can check out the different  blood test centers in Calgary to test if you have any allergies. 

2. Steak

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If you want something fancy for say, a dinner date, nothing beats a good old steak dinner. Imagine sinking your teeth into tender, beautifully-cooked meat that’s done to your liking – Calgary has a lot of places for that!

3. Indian Food 

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and would want to try something spicy like curry, you can go for Calgary’s many Indian food options. Indian food uses a lot of spices and oils that make for a unique taste that you can’t help but search for after you’ve tasted it. 

4. Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food
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Vietnamese food is usually known for its beautiful simplicity. They have fresh flavors and a lot of vegetables. So, if you’re searching for something on the healthy side, you can check out Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary. 

Slurp up some good pho or eat some fresh spring rolls. With these, your craving for Vietnamese food will definitely be satisfied. 

If you’re looking for purely vegetarian options, it can be a good option too. Actually, if you’re into that, check out these vegan restaurants in Calgary.

5. Chinese Food 

Chinese food is usually rich and lip-smackingly good. Check out these Chinese restaurants you can try in Calgary. 

You can also have some good quality dim sum in the city. You just have to really assess the many Chinese restaurants that pepper the city to get the familiar taste of authentic Chinese food. 

6. BBQ

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You’ll smell it from a mile away, for sure! Good  BBQ is so hard to turn down. 

Here in Calgary, there are a lot of restaurants that have the best barbecue that will make you order seconds, no doubt about it. We don’t blame you if you even go for a third round. 

7. Korean Food 

With the growing popularity of K-dramas and K-pop, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the prospect of Korean food. Good thing there are Korean restaurants in Calgary where you’ll get to try the good mix of savory and sweet in Korean dishes. 

8. Thai Food

Thai Food
Photo by Alyssa Kowalski on Unsplash

Thai food is unique in that it mixes sweet, savory, and even sour in fascinating ways. If you have a soft spot for Asian cuisine in general, you’ll definitely love Thai food. 

It’s fresh and flavorful. Make sure to try the different kinds of pad thai and seasoned rice served by restaurants in the city. 

9. Mexican Food 

If you’re in the mood for something fiery and spicy, you’ll enjoy  Mexican food. Try the best tacos, burritos, and other delicious options in these restaurants. 

10. Burgers

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If you’re in search of some comfort food, nothing beats a juicy burger. It’s great that Calgary has so many burger joints to choose from. Some of these restos even have non-meat alternatives! 

We bet you’re already craving something right now. We hope we were able to help you plan your next food trip with your families or buddies. 

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