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Catch Loose Moose Theatre’s “Little Red Riding Hood” Starting January 28!

Catch Loose Moose Theatre’s “Little Red Riding Hood” Starting January 28!

If you’re looking for something fun to do for the family, consider seeing Loose Moose Theatre’s rendition of the classic fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood” starting January 28 up to February 19. 

This is perfect for kids aged four years old and up. It’s also really entertaining for parents as well. 

It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to see this fairytale reimagined and brought to life on stage. Little Red Riding Hood is a beloved story of a little girl who meets a cunning wolf on the way to her grandparents’ house.  

The Loose Moose is known as a theater company that produces in-house and is also touring. It also provides a great training center for people interested in improvisational theater. 

They have been known to produce weekend-afternoon series of children’s theater and evening series of improvisational comedic theater and improvised-based plays. 

Check out this clip of their improv classes: 

The shows will take place at the Loose Moose Theatre Company, which you can find at Crossroads Market – South West Entrance, 1235 26 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R7, Canada. 

For the schedule of the shows, you may refer to the table below: 

Saturday, January 28 1:00 PM 
Sunday, January 291:00 pm
Sunday, January 293:00 PM 
Saturday, February 41:00 pm
Sunday, February 51:00 pm
Sunday, February 53:00 pm
Saturday, February 11  1:00 pm
Sunday, February 121:00 pm
Sunday, February 123:00 pm
Saturday, February 181:00 pm
Sunday, February 191:00 pm
Sunday, February 193:00 pm

You can buy your tickets here. Tickets cost around $16.52 a piece. 

Some reminders: 

  • Online tickets will be sold up to 6 PM the day prior to the show. 
  • Remaining tickets will be available at the door. 
  • All performances have assigned seats. 
  • Seats will be assigned based on the tickets booked. 
  • The box office will be open 45 minutes prior to showtime. 
  • Tickets not picked up by 10 minutes before showtime may be subject to seating reassignment. 
  • Audience members are encouraged to wear masks during the show. Volunteers and staff will wear masks for your safety. 

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