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How to Have a Blast in Chinook Blast in Calgary The Ultimate Guide!

How to Have a Blast in Chinook Blast in Calgary: The Ultimate Guide!

We can almost feel winter in the air, which means the exciting Chinook Blast is just around the corner! In case you didn’t know, the city is slowly gearing up to make this one just as memorable and successful as the last. 

Let’s prepare for one of the most awaited events of the year in this ultimate guide! We added tips on how to get around the city, where to stay, what to expect, and more! 

How to Get Around 

Taxis: It’s easy to get around Calgary using a taxi. There’s plenty to flag down on the streets. Otherwise, you can always go to the nearby taxi stand or call the dispatch company at 403-777-1111. Moreover, you can always download ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft. 

Bus: Taking the bus is both affordable and convenient in Calgary. This website  tells you the complete and updated bus routes, so you can never get lost again. We suggest putting the MyFare app on your phone beforehand – it helps you pay for your ride with a single tap. You can always use cash or the monthly pass card too. 

The C-train: To check the complete schedule of the C-train, we suggest checking out  the moovit app. It also tells you useful facts like where to board and alight. 

Cycle: You can also cycle around Calgary if you’re in the city for Chinook Blast. However, since it’s the winter season, be sure that you’re well equipped to travel despite the weather. 

Where to Stay in Calgary for Chinook Blast 

Le Germain Hotel Calgary

Address: 899 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 1B8, Canada
Phone: +1 403-264-8990
Pricing: $$
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A lot of the Chinook Blast events take place in Downtown Calgary. To enjoy it to the fullest, having quick and easy access to the thrilling activities would be best – and by staying at Le Germain Hotel, you don’t have to miss any ofthe action. 

This pet-friendly accommodation offers chic rooms fabricated with a tastefully subdued palette perfect for comfort and relaxation. There are several gorgeous suites to choose from, all of which are meant to cater to one’s taste, budget, group size, and so on. 

Hyatt Regency Calgary

Address: 700 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G 5P6, Canada
Phone: +1 403-717-1234
Pricing: $$$
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Another impressive accommodation at Downtown Calgary is the Hyatt Regency, known worldwide for its ability to provide an impeccable experience and luxurious stay. 

We would particularly recommend Hyatt Regency to those who work remotely because of the hotel’s remarkable amenities. They’re catered to business-people’s lifestyles. There’s free internet access, meeting facilities, work desks with ergonomic chairs in the suites, and 24-hour business centre, and so on. 

Of course, other people who find themselves in Calgary strictly for the Chinook Blast or for leisure in general would still be able to enjoy Hyatt Regency. There’s a spa to help you relax, and on-site restaurants so you don’t have to go too far if you’re famished. 

Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary Downtown

Address: 209 4 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0C6, Canada
Phone: +1 403-266-1980
Pricing: $
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A stay in Downtown Calgary doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re a traveller on a budget, we highly recommend staying at Delta Hotels. The rooms are luxurious with grand views of the surrounding urbanscapes and natural wonders. 

They’re spacious enough to make your stay comfortable. Additionally, they also provide convenient amenities like indoor pool, fitness centre, dry cleaning service, and activities for kids. 

The Westin Calgary

Address: 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2S6, Canada
Phone: +1 403-266-1611
Pricing: $
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A lot of the Chinook Blast events also take place in Eau Claire. One of the hotels we personally love in the area is The Westin Calgary. 

They advertise it as pet-friendly, so you can bring your fur babies on the trip with you hassle-free. Most of their rooms offer a striking view of the neighbouring area and are furnished in minimalist pieces.  

They also have several impeccable specialty suites that will make you feel like royalty. 

Alt Hotel Calgary East Village

Address: 635 Confluence Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0G1, Canada
Phone: +1 587-441-6635
Pricing: $$
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Another neighbourhood that’s home to a lot of Chinook Blast events is the East Village. Most people who adore watching live music performances often opt for this area. 

Anyway, if you find that the East Village meets your taste, we suggest checking out the Alt Hotel Calgary. Their rooms are hip and stylish – perfect for anyone looking for a trendy aesthetic. For what you get, their higher-than-average pricing is pretty reasonable. 

What to Expect From Chinook Blast in Calgary

Live Music

There are a lot of live music performances during Chinook Blast. A few examples of live music events that happened in the past year are World on a String (orchestral rock & pop), Big Winter Classic (traditional gig-type performances), and performances by a few well-known DJs. 

Art Installations

During Chinook Blast, expect to see Art Installations all over the city, most especially at Olympic Plaza. 

A lot of the installations in the previous year are immersive, so people who are anticipating the fun Chinook Blast festivities would be able to enjoy it. Additionally, a lot of the installations would also light up beautifully at night, so be sure to check them out after sundown. 

Night Markets

In previous years, there would also be several night markets throughout the duration of the Chinook Blast. Most of them are meant to promote culture, diversity, and community, which Calgary is proud of. 

A good example of this would be The Four Winds Indigenous Showcase and Market. There were more than 60 Indigenous vendors who showed up in this event last time to sell handcrafted pieces like jewellery, art work, clothing, and more. 

At this event, there were also a series of performances to commemorate the indigenous community. If they do it again, we can recommend seeing the show!

Sports Events

The stereotype is true – Canadians love sports, which is why at big events such as the Chinook Blast, you can trust there to be sports events. 

A lot of the sports events under Chinook Blast involve ice. It’s winter, after all! Whether you want to actively participate and skate around the Olympic Plaza or you want to watch a thrilling race among cars and ice, there’s something for everyone. 

Theatre Plays

There are also theatre plays during Chinook Blast. There was this one we particularly liked last time called the ArtsXpeditions by Arts Commons. It was an outdoor event where one can watch a series of live performances perfect for all ages to watch. 

Since there are multiple performances catering to different entertainment genres, everyone enjoyed this free thrilling concert. 


Chinook Blast, while exciting, also promotes educational opportunities. Most of the talks were conducted by captivating storytellers when we went and were about various interesting topics. One event was about how it was to work with guide dogs! 

Under the Chinook Blast talks, there was also a spoken-word performance about the effects of war on people and society. It was both moving and inspiring. 

Dance Performances

A lot of the locals’ favorite events during Chinook Blasts are the dance performances. Over the years, we were able to experience a lot of interesting ones, but one of our favorites is from the Bravo Circus Studio.

They like to play around with light during their performances, which results in an interesting combination of movement, illumination, and props.  

Cultural Shows

Since Chinook Blast is all about promoting culture and bringing the community closer together, there would also be cultural shows to enjoy. 

There is quite a variety to these cultural shows, which makes an interesting experience. In the past there was a cooking contest, a Japanese taiko drumming performance, a fashion exhibit, and more. 

Live Stream 

Chinook Blast is certainly exciting, but unfortunately, not everyone can go to the Olympic Plaza to enjoy it. 

Good news is there is always going to be a live stream of the performances so you don’t have to miss a thing. Since nothing is truly set in stone yet, there is still no news about the upcoming live streams schedules. However, you’ll surely be able to watch it on this website. 

What to Bring at Chinook Blast in Calgary 

Warm clothing – Since Chinook Blast happens during the winter season in Canada, Feb 2 to 19 to be exact, expect the weather to be cold. The temperature would most likely play around 10°F and 24°F, so remember to dress accordingly since a lot of the events happen outdoors. 

A ticket – A lot of the Chinook Blast shows are free. However, there are some that require a ticket. If you’re interested in any shows, you can always find out more about them at the Chinook Blast website. 

Good company – We find that Chinook Blast is best enjoyed when you’re with good company. In case this is impossible for you, you can attend alone and perhaps leave with a newfound friend. After all, we Calgarians are known to be a friendly bunch! 

Apps to Download During Chinook Blast in Calgary 

Chinook Blast’s Check-In – Going to Chinook Blast events can give you a chance to win prizes! Sounds exciting? Check the Chinook Blast’s Check-in challenge before the event starts. Every time you visit a participating spot, be sure to check-in through the app so that you can accumulate points that will eventually give you a chance to redeem exciting stuff! 

Sky Watch Weather App – Since a lot of shows during Chinook Blast are outdoors, it’s important to be updated on the local weather. With that in mind, we highly recommend downloading the Sky Watch Weather App to be on the lookout. During terrible weather conditions, they would halt any ongoing events and resume once the weather is more favorable. 

Websites to Bookmark During Chinook Blast in Calgary 

Calgary Pathways & Bikeways Map – If you’re cycling around Calgary, it’s important that you have a copy of this map with you to help you navigate the city more efficiently and more safely. 

Road Conditions – It’s also important that you know the road conditions before setting out for your trip. The road conditions website tells you which roads are heavily affected by snowfall so you can safely avoid it. 

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