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5 Fun Activities for the Elderly in Calgary

5 Fun Activities for the Elderly in Calgary

Calgary is a great place for aging seniors to enjoy. There are a lot of fun and relaxing activities they can partake in around the city. 

They can soak up some culture and history, eat delicious food, and see fantastic views. If you’re looking for something fun your elderly parents can do, here are some ideas. 

1 Visit museums. 

Going to museums and art galleries can be a great and enriching activity they can enjoy. It’s a great place to get some steps in and at the same time take in some culture. 

An example of a great museum they can go to is the Glenbow Museum. Here they’ll see an extensive collection of exhibits of Western Canadian history, which will probably be nostalgic for them. 

They also have amenities needed by your parents including wheelchair access and senior-friendly restrooms. 

2 Go sightseeing in the park. 

Calgary has a lot of great parks they can enjoy like the following: 

They can take walks with their dogs and grandkids there, get some fresh air, and even eat some yummy food. These parks usually have some food stalls and restaurants they can go to. 

They can have their choice of vegan food and food from different cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Korean, and Spanish

3. Have brunch

If your parents are looking for somewhere great to eat, having brunch at Holy Grill might hit the spot. It’s a family-owned place that has fantastic eats and great service. 

This must be why it has grown as a business and is already present in multiple locations. 

4. Enjoy a day at senior citizen recreation centers.

Recreation centers have a lot of fun and exciting activities that your parents can enjoy. Plus, it’s a great way to socialize and meet people their age. 

Just remember to inform the staff of any medical conditions or limitations your parents may have so they can assist you. 

5. Have a tea party. 

Calgary has places where you can have high tea. You can invite their other senior friends for a chill but eventful get together over some tea and scones. 

If you’re thinking of where to take your parents this weekend, here are some fun ideas they can do in Calgary. 

Did we miss any great activities? Let us know in the comments. 

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