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4 Fun Activities in Calgary for Artistic People

4 Fun Activities in Calgary for Artistic People

If you’re naturally artistic or simply interested in exploring the arts, Calgary is the perfect place to unleash your creative spirit. The city has so many great spots to enjoy different kinds of art across various mediums. 

You’ll definitely enjoy a taste of culture in this city. Whether you’d want to enjoy the different activities with a date or with your family, Calgary has it all for you. 

Below are some fun activities you can try in Calgary on your next artistic adventure.  

1. Watch live shows.

Watch live shows
Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

If you’re interested in the theater or musical side of art, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself in Calgary. There are a lot of live music shows and theater shows held in the city that you’ll definitely appreciate. 

Places like Arts Commons and Calgary House Concerts are crowd favorites and are really worth a visit. You’ll get to catch some fantastic and engaging live performances. 

There’s nothing like art that breathes, moves, and touches your heart in the most extraordinary of ways through live shows. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience. 

2. Go museum hopping.

Go museum hopping
Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

Calgary is home to a lot of great artists, so prepare to be amazed by their masterpieces.You can go museum hopping with your family and friends.  

Get fascinated by modern art in Contemporary Calgary, check out interesting exhibits in Alberta Craft Gallery, and appreciate contemporary art at  Esker Foundation

Calgary is a great place to soak up culture and just admire different kinds of art styles and mediums from the various art galleries the city has to offer. 

3. Take an art class.

Take an art class
Photo by Bárbara Fróes on Unsplash

No matter how old you are, Calgary has an art class just for you that will suit your preferences and needs. 

For nursery and preschool kids, there’s the Mousse Children’s Art Studio. For kids in elementary school, they’ll enjoy working on a cool art project at the 4Cats Art Studio

For anyone aged 4 and up who want to experiment with clay, they can have a class at Clay For Kids. Don’t be confused by the name though, they’re not just for kids. 

They’re open for any age, even those in high school, college, or even adults who are kids at heart. 

For adults who want to try their hand at painting and other art forms, they can go to Art in the Box and Aliki’s Art House. 

Art classes are a great way to just express yourself and let loose. There’s nothing like opening yourself up to new experiences and working on an art project that resonates with you. 

4. Try pottery.

Try pottery
Photo by SwapnIl Dwivedi on Unsplash

If you haven’t tried it yet, pottery is a great hobby and a good exercise of patience. It’s also a very relaxing and quiet activity. 

You can try learning pottery at Workshop Studios and Mud Urban Potters. They offer great classes for children and adults. 

Calgary has a lot of places to practice pottery. You’re definitely in for a very rewarding experience. 

If you love the arts, Calgary is a great place for you to explore your hobbies through the different galleries and arts classes you can check out. We hope we were able to give you ideas for your next hangout with your family or friends. 

Did we miss any fun artistic activities to do in Calgary? Let us know in the comments. 

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