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5 First-Time Job Hunting Tips

5 First-Time Job Hunting Tips

If you’re fresh out of college and about to start your job hunt, you’re in luck. We came up with a short list of things you have to remember as a first-time job seeker. 

Whether you just finished your schooling and graduated from culinary, interior design, acting, art, dental or nursing school or earned a certificate in massage, beauty, or even truck driving, you’ll definitely pick up something from these tips. 

1. Reflect.


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Prior to starting your job search, you have to reflect deeply. Try asking yourself the following: 

  • What kind of work do you enjoy? 
  • What are your passions? 
  • What gives you meaning? 
  • What are your strengths? 
  • What are your weaknesses? 
  • What do you want in a job? 
  • What kind of job are you looking for? 
  • What’s important to you? 

Once you know yourself a lot more, you’ll most likely find a job suited for your needs and preferences. Knowing yourself more gives you clarity and points you toward the direction of a job you’ll enjoy. 

2. Clean up your social media accounts. 

It’s important that you clean up your online presence shown in your social media profiles since most recruiters will look you up as part of their evaluation. 

Try to look at your profile in the eyes of a recruiter and see if there are any posts or photos you’d be embarrassed by. Take advantage of the privacy settings and delete anything you think would raise eyebrows. 

Maintaining your professional profile on LinkedIn is also good. Aside from getting to connect with your network, it can also lead you to jobs related to your industry. 

3. Rehearse for interviews.

Rehearse for interviews

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It can be pretty nerve-wracking to be interviewed, especially if it’s your first time. So take some time to prepare for interviews by practicing. 

You can research some common interview questions and then try to answer them out loud. You can even record yourself so you can evaluate yourself objectively afterwards. 

You can even ask help from your family and friends to give you a mock interview. Ask for their honest feedback afterwards so you can improve. 

Jitters are normal and common especially if it’s your first time. But practice makes it better. 

4. Use your network. 

Take advantage of your current network. If you’re fresh out of college, you can ask professors, school staff, and mentors for recommendations. 

You can also ask around to see if someone you know can give you a referral. This can potentially open up opportunities to you. 

5. Do your research on the company you’re applying for.

Do your research on the company you’re applying for

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Say you have your resume ready and have already practiced interview questions, the next step is to research the company you’re applying for thoroughly. Employers are looking for people who are knowledgeable about the company. 

This should show in your cover letter and seen through your interviews. 

This concludes our list of tips for first-time job seekers. We hope we were able to help you be prepared for your current season. 

Did we miss out on some tips for fresh graduates? Let us know in the comments below! 

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