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Best Security Cameras in Calgary

5 Providers of the Best Security Cameras in Calgary

Looking for the best security cameras in Calgary for added protection for your family and your property? If so, then we’ve got you covered with our list of the best security camera suppliers and installers in Calgary!

We also prepared a guide on security camera specifications to keep you in the know. But first, let’s talk about how much you may spend on a security camera purchase and installation.

How Much Do Security Cameras Cost in Calgary

Here are the costs you can expect for getting the best security cameras in town.

Type of expenseExpected price range
Security cameras$50–$250 per camera
Monitoring services$15–$45 per month

The Best Security Camera Suppliers and Installers in Calgary

Here’s our list of the best security camera suppliers and installers. Of course, all of our entries have experts who are also licensed and insured for the job.

1.   Secure Video Surveillance Inc

Secure Video Surveillance Inc's Homepage
PRODUCTSCCTV video systems, IP Cameras, HD-TVi cameras, analog cameras, HD security cameras, digital video recorder (DVR), network video recorder (NVR)
ADDRESS2815 12 St NE #2, Calgary, AB T2E 7J2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 775-7581
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Office hours by appointment: Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Secure Video Surveillance Inc. (SVSI) is all about providing businesses with high-quality cameras. It handles both the sales and installation of high-tech security cameras like IP cameras, HD cameras, and analog cameras.

Its monitoring system allows Calgarians to check their properties anytime and anywhere using only smartphones and other gadgets.

SVSI carries products from over 12 different brands. With such a diverse selection, SVSI also customizes security camera systems to fit your company’s security monitoring needs.

This company caters to a wide range of industries, from oil & gas plants to libraries. It can also install security cameras in homes and home offices.

For convenience, SVSI accepts payments via credit card and e-transfers.

While it works every weekday for sales and installations, its office is available only by appointment. So, if you plan on becoming a new SVSI client, then make sure you call them up or message them before visiting their location.


  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • 12 brand partners
  • Caters to commercial and residential customers
  • Numerous convenient payment options


  • Short office hours
  • Office hours are by appointment only

Customer Reviews

Read these reviews to know why home and business owners alike approve of SVSI’s products and services:

“We had SVSI in to install the security camera system in our new Vet Hospital. I must say the process from the initial cold call to the quote to the install and right through to the follow up training the team was a blessing to have on board. These guys have the answer to every question and are well educated in their craft. I have recommended this company to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks again guys system is awesome”—Nolan Hill Veterinary Hospital

“SVSI installed an alarm system and outdoor security cameras in our home.  The team was very professional and detailed.  The installation was clean and efficient.  They took the time to teach us all the features and how to use everything. The positions of the cameras provide excellent viewing of the outside our of home and area. The alarm system is very advanced and integrated.  Through the alarm system we are able to control the alarm and a variety of light switches from our phones and we able to monitor the cameras from our mobile devices.  We are extremely happy with the service and SVSI has always be able to help us should we have any questions.  Their service is hands down the best we have ever experienced and we are very glad we chose SVSI for our security needs.  Would highly recommend SVSI to anyone.“—Nicholas Stavropoulos

2.   Liberty Security

Liberty Security's Homepage
PRODUCTSDoorbell cameras, indoor camera, stream video recorder (SVR)
ADDRESS340 Midpark Way SE #300, Calgary, AB T2X 2P1
CONTACT DETAILS(866) 926-7233
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Liberty Security brands itself as Canada’s choice for smart home security systems. Its technologies are trusted by homes, commercial spaces, and even healthcare facilities.

When it comes to indoor and outdoor cameras, it supplies and installs wireless cameras with low light sensitivity and night vision. Liberty’s cameras are also high definition, with at least 1080p resolution.

It supplies all types of cameras, whether doorbell cameras that only operate when triggered or indoor and outdoor cameras that can record continuously.

For continuous recording, its cameras use a stream video recorder (SVR), which allows for both local and cloud storage of camera feed. Liberty’s security monitoring feature lets you check on your property anytime with a smartphone that can show multiple feeds on one screen.

Liberty’s security cameras also detect motion. So, anytime there’s suspicious activity, Liberty can alert you and the authorities, complete with the recorded video clip as proof.


  • 24/7 remote monitoring with after-hours emergency calls
  • Advanced features like low light sensitivity
  • Cloud and local storage with SVR
  • Applicable for residential, commercial, and health spaces


  • Monitoring package required
  • Wireless cameras only

Customer Reviews

From the account setup and sales to the installation and monitoring, Liberty Security is praised for its high-quality services. Here are some reviews to tell you more:

“Highly recommend Liberty Securities. Landon helped me setup the account, and he was very understanding of my requirements. Made the entire process super quick and easy. Ronnie (Technician) was the one who installed the system. Ronnie is also very knowledgable with camera angles and understanding of best places for trip wires. One of the triggers did happen to malfunction and Ronnie came back right away to fix the minor bug. My entire experience with Liberty was very smooth, and I’m very happy with the customer service experience provided.”—Joseph Nguyen

“So I have been with liberty for a few years and I’ve been very happy with this service. I recently moved (again) and had a tech come install one of my 2 cameras. He was very friendly and funny and did a great job. because of the weather he was unable to install my security camera on my backyard but today Adrian came out. Adrian has done most of my installing and uninstalling and reinstalling and he came again today and he did an amazing job.he’s always so friendly and he also went out of his way to install a motion light for me. Going above and beyond what he was supposed to do and I’m extremely grateful. Adrian always does an amazing job and I love seeing his face that man deserves a raise or promotion or something. Thank you Adrian, and all the employees at liberty”—Latisha Jackson

3.   Guardian Security Solutions

Guardian Security Solutions' Homepage
PRODUCTSHD cameras, thermographic cameras, IP cameras, TurboHD analog cameras, analog PTZ cameras, digital video recorder (DVR),  network video recorders (NVR)
ADDRESS3961 52 Ave NE Unit 4162, Calgary, AB T3J 0J8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 233-7454 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Now, if you’re looking for another company to supply and install security cameras for your business, then Guardian Security Solutions has you covered.

The company provides the best security cameras in Calgary by doing onsite inspections of your property.

It provides plenty of options for indoor and outdoor cameras since it has products from 8 security brands, including Mobotix and Honeywell. Its choices also include both wired and wireless equipment.

Guardian does customization for security camera installations in such a way that customers can request cameras with vandal-proof, night vision, thermographic, and even analytics and tracking features. Its camera catalogue even includes cameras with as high a definition as 4k.

One of the best things that Guardian has to offer is a tour of its showroom. With this feature, clients can thoroughly inspect their desired security equipment before making a purchase.


  • Wired and wireless camera options
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Advanced features like night vision, thermography, tracking
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • Showroom visits available


  • Relatively small team for two locations
  • Greater focus on commercial clients
  • Some complaints about quality of repair service

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from clients who were impressed with Guardian Security Solutions’ products and services:

“Great job Alex B have been a client for many years upgraded my system new camera last two weeks went down and had no camera . Spoke with the team and today over the phone with Alex help excellent excellent job . I was there but erred on the set up. Alex the key is communication for Total Connect was great and will keep skybell app. Whoever your boss is please ensure great shout out to Alex.”—Donald Ogg

“Installation of upgrades and new camera system by Alex and Jeff well done and in good order. All necessary explanations and instructions for use provided by Alex fully and patiently.”—Nick Schultz

4.   Union Alarm

Union Alarm's Homepage
PRODUCTSIP cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), network video recorders (NVR), bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, IP mini domes with motorized zoom lens control,
ADDRESS4301-G 9 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3C8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 255-0505
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Union Alarm may not have security cameras on its name, but it still provides the best surveillance cameras from top brands like Bosch and HIKVision. Calgarians can get indoor and outdoor cameras from this company.

As a certified distributor of its chosen brands, Union Alarm sells camera kits for homeowners who’d rather handle their security system installations. It even provides free installation advice.

But this company does more than sales because it also does installations of all types of security equipment. However, you should know that it caters mostly to commercial clients.

Union Alarm’s cameras all report high-definition visuals, ranging from 2 to 8 megapixels. Its cameras also feature smart analytics and a wide range of light sensitivity, making them applicable for any environment, including those with high contrast lighting.

Some of its cameras also feature the latest compression technology. This means that Union Alarm’s security cameras provide high-quality and high-resolution videos that require less storage space and bandwidth.


  • Up to 4k resolution
  • Advanced features like analytics and light sensitivity
  • Use of latest data compression technologies
  • Caters to DIY homeowners


  • Relatively limited brand choices
  • Greater focus on commercial clients
  • 24/7 monitoring for alarms only

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews to tell you more about Union Alarm’s quality of service:

“Earlier this year, I contacted Union Alarm to survey our new Veterinary Clinic in SW Calgary. Graeme was able to attend site and provided some great advice on a Business Alarm System and High Definition IP Dome Cameras to protect our clinic. Their team installed everything on time and in a very professional manner. They even serviced our commercial door locks. We are extremely pleased with their security services in Calgary and we highly recommended this firm!”Dana Decker

“When our consulting firm moved into new office space here in Calgary, we began looking for a Commercial Security System to secure our business. We contacted Union Alarm and they were quick to send someone over to look at our building. Upon completing a walk-through survey, Peter emailed us with a couple of prepared quotes that provided some great options. We chose to install a Commercial Alarm System with Electronic Card Readers for the entrance doors, and we added Surveillance Cameras to protect and monitor the space. Union Alarm performed a precision installation and trained our staff to maintain the access cards & key fobs. This company comes highly recommended!”—Dave Smale

5.   Securepol Inc.

Securepol Inc.'s Homepage
PRODUCTSDoorbell cameras, motion sensors
ADDRESS400 5 Ave SW #300, Calgary, AB T2P 0L6
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 703-1273

Security monitoring often comes at an expensive price, so if you’re looking for a company that’ll give this service for an affordable price, then Securepol may be a great choice.

It does home monitoring for a slow as $18.99. But before anything else, Securepol does free security onsite evaluations to determine the security system appropriate for its customers.

Afterwards, Securepol provides suggestions for security systems but still gives its clients the option to customize their own package. This Calgary-based security company even offers free installation of its security equipment.

Its high-quality customer service doesn’t end after installation because it also has a dedicated team providing 24/7 customer support.

However, since Securepol is more focused on providing overall security systems, its camera products only include doorbell cameras. So, if you want more than motion sensors to monitor activities in your property, then Securepol may not be your best bet after all.


  • Free installation and onsite security evaluation
  • 24/7 monitoring and customer support
  • Low monthly payments


  • A limited selection of security cameras
  • Expensive termination fee

Customer Reviews

While it focuses more on providing alarms and sensors, customers like these reviewers still recommend Securepol for security camera installations:

“Had Securpol installed last year and luv it! Mike was amazing! He came out within a day did an audit on our home safety(approx 30 minutes), let us know his recommendations and booked installed for a few days later. From start to finish the process was easy and stress free. I luv the door bell camera!Not to mention very affordable!$35 a month for everything we had installed!”—Lulu

“Working with Securepol was an amazing experience. They have very knowledgeable and friendly technicians that will explain the security they are providing and ensure it is sufficient for you (without going overboard and giving you something you do not need). Definitely would recommend for alarm system and cameras.”—Navdeep Bhatia

What to Look for in a Security Camera

Security cameras have many specs that can be overwhelming when a company representative is giving you a sales talk. So, here are the different security camera specifications and what you should know about them.

1. Resolution

Resolution refers to the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in the sensor. The higher the resolution, the better the sensor can report back a clear image and video.

720p cameras have 720 pixels in a direction and usually use 1-megapixel sensors. On the other hand, 1080p cameras usually use 2-4 megapixel sensors.

If you want an improved resolution, you can also go for 4K cameras which have over 8 megapixels in their sensors.

2. Light sensitivity

Low light sensitivity or minimum illumination is a vital spec when looking for outdoor cameras. This spec is usually measured in lux, a measurement for light detected.

But their ability to harvest light is not the only factor that matters for security cameras.

Cameras should also have a high relative level of signal (IRE) to report clear images despite high levels of noise. The lower the IRE, the more work your amplifier needs to work just to report a clear image.

3. Lens

Next is the lens, which can control how wide and how far your camera can see. The smaller the lens measurements, the wider the viewing angle.

If you need a camera for a small room, you’ll need a wide-eyed camera, which are the cameras with the lower lens measurements. But if you want to see far ahead, try for a camera with a larger lens measurement.

You can also ask if your supplier has variable lenses. These cameras are versatile as they can change their viewing angles accordingly.

Cameras also feature iris control, which adjusts the light passing through the sensor.

DC auto iris cameras are good as outdoor cameras since they can automatically open and close the iris, depending on the amount of light in the surroundings. But if you’re looking for indoor cameras, then manual iris cameras are a good option.

4. Frame rate

Frame rates are expressed in frames per second or fps. The higher the frame rate, the more and the faster you can detect movements. However, you should know that there is usually a tradeoff between the frame rates and the resolution.

For your home, a 30 fps camera can already suffice. On the other hand, if you’re handling a business requiring improved security, you may need at least 60 fps.

5. Audio

Some cameras also come with built-in microphones. This way, you can hear anyone near the camera and level up your security measures.

If you’re thinking of putting cameras near your door, you can also opt for cameras with two-way audio. With such cameras, you can communicate with people coming to your door without moving close to your entrance.

6. Connectivity

Now, if you want constant access to your property’s condition, you should get security cameras that are WiFi-connected. Some are connected by other long-range networks like Zigbee.

To further improve the function of your cameras, you can inquire about their capabilities for IFTTT. This feature allows you to program specific house commands, like turning the lights on, whenever your security cameras detect activity.

7. Storage

Lastly, ask about the storage mechanism of your camera. Some security cameras have built-in SD cards with limited storage capacity while others feature unlimited cloud storage.

But you should know, cloud storage usually means signing up for your chosen company’s monthly monitoring plans, which can be pretty expensive.

FAQs about Security Cameras

And that concludes our list of where you can get the best security cameras in Calgary. Make sure you ask about any specs and other concerns about the security camera before purchasing to stay cost-effective with your home security solutions.

Know any other suppliers and installers of security cameras in the city? Feel free to contact us if you have any more recommendations!

Security cameras constitute only one of the many aspects of home security systems. If you want to further protect your family and your property, you can also check out our list of the best home security systems in Calgary.

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