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Best Rock Climbing in Calgary

Top 5 Places for the Best Rock Climbing in Calgary

With its position at the foothills of the famous Rocky Mountains, Calgary is one of the best starting or finishing spots for outdoor activities. Thus, locals and visitors are often looking for outdoor sports here like the best rock climbing in Calgary.

Rock climbing requires your full body strength, a healthy and determined mindset, and good climbing weather. So if you’re thinking of training more strenuously before conquering the Rockies, then we’re here to help you!

Here’s a list of the top places where you can train and experience the best rock climbing in Calgary.

1. Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain

Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain
BEST FOR  Tallest Walls
PRODUCTSGym Area and Equipment, Climbing Walls, Climbing Gear Rental
ADDRESS10721 West Valley Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5T2
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (587) 231-9116
OPERATING HOURSMonday–Friday, 6:00am–11:00pm
Saturday–Sunday, 8:00am–10:00pm

The Rocky Mountain branch of the Calgary Climbing Centre is the tallest gym in the city. It has a workout area, walls as high as 65 feet tall, a separate speed wall, and shorter yet challenging bouldering walls.

Another highlight of Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain is their ClimbPark, where you and your peers can have fun with challenging walls. ClimbPark doesn’t require any experience, so you can simply enjoy the facility’s floating cubes and spider webs.

Aside from these, the gym also has an outdoor climbing wall if you want to feel that fresh breeze to complete your experience of the best rock climbing in Calgary.


  • Tallest climbing wall
  • Speed wall, bouldering walls, outdoor wall
  • Fun and challenging ClimbPark
  • Gym equipment

Customer Reviews

If you’re scared of going to this gym because of its walls’ height, then you should read these reviews from a beginner and a long-term enthusiast. Their comments speak about the climbing lessons and various attractions you can try out.

“Just finished an introductory lesson with Justine. She was fantastic. I had never put on a harness before, the shoes, or climbed a wall. Within the lesson I reached the top of the wall and felt comfortable with all of the information we had been taught. Superb! As far as the facility and staff this place is amazing. I feel very fortunate to have it in the city!”—Chris Calon

“Tallest gym in the city! Great indoor climbing facility, with bouldering, top rope and lead climbing. One of the lead climbing walls is outdoors, great in the summer! They also have a speed wall and a climb park. Staff are friendly.—”Alexandra Benko

2. Bolder Climbing Community

Bolder Climbing Community
BEST FOR  Bouldering
PRODUCTSClimbing Walls, Climbing Gear Rental, Personal Coaching, Training Programs
ADDRESS5508 1 St SE #5, Calgary, AB T2H 2W9
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 255-9565
E-mail: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday–Sunday, 9:00am–11:00pm

If you want to improve your hand grip and upper body strength, you should try boulder climbing at Bolder Climbing Community. The bouldering facility has climbing walls for all ages and skill levels.

Besides conquering their bouldering walls, you can also avail of the gym’s programs, including clinics, training, personal coaching, and youth team. With these programs, you can learn how to improve strength, endurance, and mobility with fellow enthusiasts.

With all these programs and facilities, Bolder Climbing Community provides customers with a sense of belonging. It also has a rental facility for climbers who don’t have the necessary equipment yet.


  • Bouldering walls
  • Clinics, personal coaching, and youth team programs
  • Rental services

Customer Reviews

The Boulder Climbing Community has both the best boulder and the best rock climbing in Calgary. Learn more about why customers keep coming back to the climbing gym through these reviews.

“A super sleek, clean and well maintained facility with a great diversity of problems for all levels and ages. As a beginner, I often find that bouldering facilities don’t have enough novice routes, but Bolder’s problems kept me very entertained and challenged. I love the layout of the place and how the floor padding is cushioned so well that a crash mat is not necessary, like it is at other gyms. Finally, their rental shoes are fantastic. Will 100% come back!!!”—Alyssa Ung

“Friendly staff, really clean. Laid back and casual atmosphere but a lot of hard work happens here! Whether you’re brand new, like I was, or seasoned you will find a challenge. A really supportive environment. And the coffee is delicious. Avoid rush hours times to get the most out of your visit.”—Lindsey Hayden

3. Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger

Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger
BEST FOR  Angled Walls
PRODUCTSClimbing Walls, Gym Area and Equipment, Showers, Retail Store
ADDRESS588 Aero Dr NE #106, Calgary, AB T2E 7Y4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (587) 230-0189
OPERATING HOURSMonday–Wednesday, Friday, 10:00am–11:00pm
Thursday, 6:00am–11:00pm
Saturday–Sunday, 9:00am–8:00pm

The Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger is best for those who want a better challenge than climbing straight walls. The climbing facility’s 40-foot walls are angled for an energizing climb.

Aside from climbing Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger’s walls, you can also play and enjoy the unconventional walls of its ClimbPark. And if you lack climbing gear, you can approach its retail store for the best products.

The facility also has a gym with free weights, stationary bikes, and showers that you can use before and after your climb.


  • Challenging and angled walls
  • ClimbPark for fun wall climbing
  • Retail store with climbing gear
  • Gym equipment

Customer Reviews

Aside from its various facilities, Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger impresses its customers with its separate spaces for kids and seasoned climbers. These reviews will tell you so.

“Good amount of walls, also a good variety for all skill levels. They also have a side that is very fun for kids and to challenge them.”—Sebastien Chabot

“Gorgeous and well maintained climbing facility. Large boulder area downstairs and training facility upstairs, speed walls, outdoor lead wall, climb park, friendly staff. Can get busy during peak hours so expect to wait for routes.”—Destiny Delmar

4. University of Calgary Outdoor Centre

University of Calgary Outdoor Centre
BEST FOR  Outdoor Feel
PRODUCTSClimbing Walls, Outdoor Sports Facilities
ADDRESS2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 220-5038
E-mail: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday–Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm

If you’re looking for the real outdoor feel of climbing sports, then the Outdoor Centre of the University of Calgary can give you just that. The walls, grips, and holds are made of concrete and stones to imitate actual rock climbing terrain.

To complete an outdoor experience, you can try top rope or lead climbing. You can even book group climbs so you can enjoy the best rock climbing in Calgary with your friends and family.

But the walls are very realistic, so to avoid serious injuries, youth and adult climbers are required to pass specific tests before being allowed to climb the wall. If you are still a beginner, you can also take classes taught by certified instructors.


  • Realistic rock climbing wall
  • Enhanced precautionary measures and belay tests
  • Climbing lessons
  • Outdoor sports facilities

Customer Reviews

With its various sports equipment and facilities, customers always enjoy their time at the Outdoor Centre. The reviews below are a testament to Outdoor Centre’s impact on rock climbers.

“If you want good gear for reasonable prices this is the place to go. They have everything related to outdoor adventuring that you can think of: ice axes, canoes, kayaks, skis (cc and downhill), rock climbing gear, bikes (road and mountain) , camping gear and all related accessories. So stop making excuses and go outside and do something ?”—Bryan M

“This is a unique wall made of real rock and concrete. The features on this wall is 100+ years ahead of its time, in design wise. Every single wall is unique, and creates an experience you will never find anywhere else. From tiny pebbles, to finger crack, smearing to hand jamb crack climbing.”—Bulent T

5. Shawnessy YMCA

Shawnessy YMCA
BEST FOR  Young Climbers
PRODUCTSClimbing Walls, Sports and Fitness Programs, Sports Facilities
ADDRESS400,333 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2Y 4H3
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 256-5533
OPERATING HOURSMonday–Friday, 6:30am–8:00pm
Saturday–Sunday, 7:00am–2:00pm

One of the programs offered by YMCA Calgary involves wall climbing. There are three locations for YMCA wall climbing classes, all of which have auto belays for safety.

Through the YMCA program, children are exposed to the best rock climbing in Calgary that their bodies can take. The organisation also has different plans for each age range to ensure that children are learning productively.

Besides the climbing wall, you can also use other YMCA Shawnessy facilities such as the 25-meter pool, hot tub, fitness area, indoor running track, and multipurpose hall.


  • Youth climbing programs
  • Three YMCA wall climbing locations
  • Variety of sports and fitness amenities

Customer Reviews

There may be three YMCA venues offering rock climbing classes but many climbers and enthusiasts prefer the Shawnessy location. Read these reviews to know why.

“This place is one of the dopest YMCA’s in all of Calgary. I’ve been going here ever since 2012 and I still go here. I became very skilled in rock climbing after going here. I gained a lot of muscle from all the working out I did. The swimming pool is so much fun. Best place ever.”—Паркур Канал

“Good facility.  The climbing wall is great fun, both my kids and I enjoy it.  Large gyms are nice, and plenty of work out equipment.”—Brent Ackerman

Now, you can enjoy the best rock climbing in Calgary in an indoor setting. Strengthen your muscles with these facilities, and soon you’ll be conquering actual mountains and rock structures.

But you should also train outside of these climbing facilities if you want to improve your strength and abilities. You can try out the best fitness equipment in Calgary to further enhance your overall physical fitness.

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