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Best Employment Lawyers in Calgary

The 8 Best Employment Lawyers in Calgary

The relationship between an employee and an employer is a mutualistic one. The employee works for the company, and the employer provides benefits to the employee.

But if this relationship is challenged or disrupted, who will an employee or employer turn to? In event that there are complaints within the workplace, the best employment lawyers in Calgary can help.

Employment or labour lawyers represent either an employer or employee during disputes, arbitrations, agreements, and other types of arrangements. Whatever the case it is for you, you’ll definitely find the best labour lawyer here on our list.

You will also find some answers to frequently asked questions about labour counsel at the end of this article. But before anything else, let’s talk about the costs you may spend on an employment lawyer.

How Much Do Employment Lawyers Charge

Employment lawyers charge according to two options: one is via contingency plan, and two via hourly-billed rates.

For hourly rates, you may spend around $250-$750 per hour, depending on the seniority of your lawyer. This payment option is usually for clients who only need to review contracts and agreements.

However, if you are pushing for a lawsuit or a settlement case, then your lawyer will charge you according to a contingency plan. This only means that you won’t pay anything upfront, but you will have to give 20%-30% of your settlement deal as payment to your lawyer.

The Best Employment Law Firms in Calgary

Now that you know how much you should be spending on your labour case, it’s time you choose among the best employment law firms in Calgary.

Constructive Dismissal
Severance Packages
Termination for Cause
Workplace Harassment
Wrongful Dismissal

Employment Contract
Workplace Policies
ADDRESS4838 Richard Rd SW Suite 300, Calgary, AB T3E 6L1
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected] | 1-587-606-0376
OPERATING HOURSM-F 8:00am-5:00pm

Cashion Legal delivers sophisticated legal services for both employers and employees.

With their legal advice, the employer-employee relationship would be stronger. The reason for this is that their lawyers will help the mentioned people to trust each other, be transparent, and be collaborative.

If you are dismissed out of nowhere without explanation, know your right, get a lawyer, and know the reason behind your termination. If you are being discriminated against at your workplace, do not hesitate to ask them for help as they will represent you as soon as you call them, unlike other law firms.

The only catch here is that price of their services is unavailable on the website. You need to book a consultation first before getting their quotes.


  • Focuses on employment law
  • Extensive range of services for employees


  • Operating hours are unavailable not mentioned

Customer Reviews

Here are the reviews from some of their clients:

“We interviewed numerous lawyers regarding our matter and Mike was the only one with a legal justification to resolve the issue in our favour. Mike took the time to review precedents, was confident in his assessment and explained the rationale in understandable terms. Mike successfully resolved the matter quickly and economically, even going above and beyond to hold the other party accountable for our costs. Mike is professional, personable and a fantastic lawyer. We highly recommend him and his services.

“A couple of years back I had the extreme good fortune of being referred to Mike Cashion when my existing lawyer could no longer continue (for personal reasons). This was a business matter, and with fresh eyes not only was Mike able to bring about a successful resolution to the matter, he did so quickly and without significant additional time/cost (despite effectively starting from scratch). I found Mike’s representation to be more than capable and his advice throughout the matter reasonable and understandable. I would certainly recommend!”

2.   Osuji & Smith Calgary

Osuji & Smith Calgary's Homepage
SERVICESEmployment and labour law, wrongful dismissal, employment termination, constructive dismissal, human rights issues, workplace bullying/harassment
ADDRESS348 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Z7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 283-8018
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Osuji & Smith Calgary is a diverse and large law firm that specializes in winning disputes through settlements. Through this way, it can guarantee to attain what their clients need for lesser costs.

However, despite this expertise, Osuji & Smith is still capable of handling and winning employment litigation cases.

Its diverse team also guarantees that there are no language barriers. Thus, it caters to over 12 languages, namely English, Igbo, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bengali, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

With its large team, this law firm can thus find fresh minds and more inputs during joint discussions. Of course, they still maintain attorney-client privilege by only discussing general ideas.

The best thing about this law firm is that it’s led by one of the most influential lawyers in Canada, Charles Osuji. On top of this, the law firm has also won numerous awards itself.

However, while it may have a large team of lawyers, it also practices in seven other fields of law. So, you’d have to fight for numerous other clients for Osuji’s services.


  • Proficiency in 12 languages
  • A large and diverse team of lawyers
  • Expertise in settlements for cost-effective solutions
  • Free parking available


  • A relatively small team compared to its numerous specializations

Customer Reviews

Apart from its diversity and approachability, Osuji & Smith Calgary also brings its compassion to the table. Here are the customers who have said such:

“Charles’ compassionate approach and professional manner inspired confidence from the first phone call. His knowledge and experience is very evident and he provided sound advice. Claire did an outstanding job and her thorough research and attention to detail is to be commended. My case was to do with employment law and without their expertise, I would not have received a settlement that was fair and reasonable.  I would highly recommend this law firm.”—Lynne Preston

“I am very grateful to Charles and his team for helping me navigate a complicated employment law case. Charles showed empathy and compassion from our very first meeting and was extremely professional throughout the entire litigation process. I would be happy to recommend Charles and his colleagues to anyone looking for great legal representation.”—Shane Kuhn

3.   Barry J. Clapp – Calgary Employment Lawyer

Barry Clapp Calgary's Homepage
SERVICESSeverance pay, wrongful dismissal, business employment law, layoffs
ADDRESS606 4 St SW #1100, Calgary, AB T2P 1T1
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 389-9852
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

For more than 20 years, Barry Clapp has been serving employees, employers, and senior executives alike in numerous labour law cases. Barry has also appeared in all levels of Albertan court.

Because of this experience, he has gained knowledge of how each party may attack or react during settlements and litigations. Barry also guarantees honest and quick thinking when it comes to solving and planning for cases.

Barry Clapp’s firm specializes in negotiating severance packages so its clients can receive what they deserve. It also only focuses on employment law so all of its clients are assured that they have the firm’s full and undivided attention.

However, as Barry Clapp is a successful sole practitioner with a busy employment law practice, we recommend that you check with the firm to ensure that they have the capacity to accept your file and are able to schedule you in quickly.


  • Specialized expertise in severance package negotiations and drafting
  • Business law advice for senior executive business
  • Solely focused on employment law
  • Responds quickly
  • Represents all types of employees and employers in all aspects of employment law
  • Offers contingency fee arrangements for select cases
  • Accepts payment by Interac e-Transfer and credit cards
  • Offers telephone consultations


  • You may need to check with the firm to ensure that they can schedule you in quickly

Customer Reviews

The most well-appreciated qualities of Barry Clapp’s law firm are its honesty and quick solutions. Here are other reasons as to why many customers continue to claim that this law firm has the best Calgarian employment lawyer:

“I was recommended to Barry by a friend who had experienced a similar without cause layoff. My friend recommended him not only because of the success of his case, but also how he explained Barry’s demeanor  and style –  he engages in a very professional but friendly manner and genuinely cares about your situation.  He went over the potential outcomes and how we could and should proceed. My former employer did very little to counter and we reached a very satisfactory settlement. From my first discussion with Barry until the final agreement was less than 1 month.”—Sue Kupper

“Barry was genuinely concerned about my employment issues, and responded very honestly, accurately, and confidently in my best interests. I would highly recommend Barry J. Clapp for your employment severance concerns. Two thumbs up.”—Kim Heidel

4.   Samfiru Tumarkin LLP

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP's Homepage
SERVICESTermination of employment, compensation, severance pay, disability, harassment, discrimination, contracts or resignations, wrongful dismissal, temporary layoffs, workplace conflict and investigations, performance management and discipline
ADDRESS736 8 Ave SW Suite 800, Calgary, AB T2P 1H4
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 324-0440
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is an expert in all applications of labour employment laws. While most employment lawyers cater to employee and employer disputes, this law firm also caters to more peaceful contract or resignation cases.

This nationally recognized firm also has lawyers who are experts in disability and personal injury law. Thus, those with chronic illnesses or severe injury leading to work incapacity may also benefit from this law firm.

The best thing about Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is it offers a free online pocket employment lawyer. This feature has many tools so employees can assess whether their concerns are worth the money and time before hiring the best employment lawyers in Calgary.

To add to this service, this law firm also guarantees responsive and practical lawyers. Thus, clients can expect fast turnarounds for their cases.


  • Offers contingency fee arrangement for select cases
  • Caters to all types of labour law applications
  • Free online employment lawyer tools
  • Added expertise on long-term disability cases


  • Pocket Employment Lawyer is not really for free consultations
  • Its large team is divided among three provinces

Customer Reviews

Clients have also praised Samfiru Tumarkin LLP for its lawyers’ attention to detail and commitment to high-quality representation. Here are reviews to tell you more:

“I highly recommend Kim Holland for representation. I sought out her services specifically for an employment issue and was very impressed with her professionalism and attention to detail. It is apparent that Kim truly cares about her clients and their best interests. She responded in a timely matter and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. If your looking for an employment lawyer, I recommend Kim!”—Jeannine Freeman

“I am very pleased with the superb service I received from Samfiru Tumarkin Employment Lawyers! Kimberley is at the top of her game. I highly recommend her as your employment Lawyer. Completely thorough and explores all your options with you. Additionally, Kim’s legal assistant Samantha is top notch as well and was very responsive to the smallest detail or question I had.”—Steve Richard

5.   Forte Law

Forte Law's Homepage
SERVICESTermination of employment, compensation, severance pay, disability, harassment, discrimination, contracts or resignations, wrongful dismissal, workplace investigations, performance management, employment policies
ADDRESS1703 10 Ave SW #201, Calgary, AB T3C 0K1
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 391-4815
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Forte Law offers the best employment lawyers in Calgary who are willing to empower its clients with full knowledge of labour laws and possible outcomes of their cases. It also boasts of its large team of lawyers focusing only on employment law.

This law firm can cater to all types of employment law cases. And with its very own in-house workplace investigators, Forte Law can thus provide an unbiased and well-meaning service to employers and employees alike.

Healthcare, academic, retail, service, mining, and construction are just some of the industries it has handled before.

This law firm also guarantees to provide transparent and cost-effective solutions. To ensure this, Forte Law even reports detailed cost-benefit analysis to its clients at every step of the process.

While it’s based in Calgary, it also caters to clients as far as Northern BC. So, make sure you book with it early as its lawyers’ attention is divided between two provinces.


  • Expertise in workplace investigations
  • Can handle all types of workplace industries
  • Cost-benefit analysis at every step for full transparency


  •  Team’s attention is divided among two provinces

Customer Reviews

Professionalism, responsiveness, and value of services are the most praised qualities of Forte Law, at least, that’s what customer reviews like these have stated online:

“Jessie was wonderful to work with. She took the time to understand my needs and was very clear with her advice. Very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend her.”—Bonnie Liu

“Jess Hadley is absolutely incredible. I was very sceptical contacting a lawyer when I lost my job, espically in the heavy equipment mining industry, after hearing so many horror stories about lawyer cost and response times. Jess is not only compassionate about what she does, but she goes above and beyond for her clients. She is fierce and knowledgeable and was able to bring to my attention issues about my dismissal I wasn’t even aware of. Her and her team are all absolutely amazing and are there to help and support. They’re passionate about their clientele, not just about getting paid. Highly recommend!”—Nick Schaufelberger

6.   Sawers Barristers & Solicitors

Calgary Employment Lawyers' Homepage
SERVICESPre-hiring legal advice, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, employment agreements, severance package assessment, disability insurance, partnership litigation, theft and fraud investigations, non-solicitation advice, post-termination services
ADDRESS 250 5 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R4
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 208-1970
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sawers Barristers & Solicitors has 20 years of experience mostly representing employees during cases against their employer. This law firm can handle all sorts of employees, from regular staff to managers and even chief executive officers.

It has experience in all levels of court. And with its expertise in other areas of law, it can also provide legal services for labour cases involving long-term disability and work-related fraud or theft.

Additionally, it also knows the best strategies for labour law when undergoing a merger or acquisition.

What makes Sawers Barristers & Solicitors special is that it provides its services even before hiring. This service helps future employees review their contract agreements even before signing, thus prevent future misunderstandings.

Given all these benefits, Sawers Barristers & Solicitors also has its disadvantages, particularly with communication. Some clients have also shared negative experiences about being sidelined for bigger clients.


  • Services from pre-hiring to post-termination
  • Expertise in long-term disability and workplace theft/fraud cases
  • Focus on representing all types and levels of employees


  • Some complaints about poor communication

Customer Reviews

This employment law firm has gained numerous positive ratings for its professional yet understanding nature. Here are some examples of those reviews:

“I had a great experience with Maria. When I was laid off, I was not sure of what steps to take. Maria was able to walk me through my options without over complicating the situation. She was very approachable and I could always count on timely response. I would definitely recommend friends and family to ask Maria for guidance and advice.”—Eric Roa

“I highly recommend Mr. Lee Carter and his office. Very professional, responsive and great advises. Mr. Carter was very generous with his time and provided me with ongoing support during the stressful situation. He carefully listened to my situation, laid out for me several options and explained what possible outcomes might come out if I decide to go lengthy way. At the end, I liked his approach to leave the decision to me and what would make me most happy.  I was certainly very satisfied with final outcome and notified Mr. Carter.”—Milica Opacic

7.   Guardian Law Group

Civil Litigation

Family Law

Serious Personal Injury

Business Law

Insurance Claims

Franchise Law

Employment Law

Estate Planning

Wrongful Dismissal

Probate & Estate Administration

Constructive Dismissal

Adult Guardianship & Trusteeship

Employment Agreements

Wills & Trusts

Workplace Accommodations

Elder Law

Human Rights Violation

Mental Capacity Issues

Public Affairs

Class Actions

Government Relations

Real Estate

Municipal Law

Purchase & Sales

Regulatory Matters

Land Use Designation & Rezoning


Construction Law

Defamation Law

Notaries & Commissioner
ADDRESSGround Floor | Riverfront Pointe
342 4 Ave S.E.
Calgary, T2G 1C9
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Guardian Law Group has over 200 years of combined legal experience in complementary areas. The team is composed of professionals at the top of their fields.

Unlike other law firms, they have almost all the services anyone can need. No matter how complicated your situation might be, you can surely trust them because they will use their extensive resources and years of experience to provide the most expert legal counsel you need to protect your interests!

Based on the testimonials of their clients, the lawyers of Guardian Law Group have a high level of transparency, integrity, and resourcefulness. They can make the whole process super seamless and easy compared to other insurance companies!


  • Wide range of services
  • Offers multilingual services in numerous languages, including English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Farsi, Hindi, and Korean
  • Contingency fee arrangements are available on most dismissal-related cases
  • Limited free client parking
  • The employment team includes a former Minister of Justice & Attorney General
  • Has experience on both sides of the table working with government bodies, unions, and large organizations


  • Operating hours are unavailable on their website

Customer Reviews

Here are the reviews from some of their clients:

“After several attempts at obtaining a lawyer. I was emotionally, physically, and mentally defeated. Upon contact and hearing me out, Jonathan and the staff quickly looked into my situation. Upon review and laws being their Practice, they had decided to take my case on. Although super new as a client, Their determination, consult, and standards left me with the greatest Impression I had ever been left with.Hands down contact Guardian law for any questions and concerns about your case.My reviews are all personal experience, this one left me hopeful and able to stand up thinking of a better future, from what I have been dealt with.Excellent serviceGreat staffCommunication is key and they’re always on it. – Zee A.

“My wife and I were referred to Guardian Law and Mr. Jay Damen for a family dispute case. I have to say we couldn’t have been happier with the service Jay provided. Not only was Jay and his team right on top of things but he provided relentless pursuit of what our wishes were throughout the process. We certainly would recommend Jay and Guardian Law to anyone requiring legal assistance in a family matter. – Scott M.

“This firm exceeded my expectations with a strong team of professionals. They worked within my budget and develop an exceptional relationship with their clients. I was never intimidated to ask a question or express my viewpoint. Jonathan Denis is approachable and down to earth. His team is results oriented and transparent. Kyle Shewchuk is brilliant and strategic. This firm is talented and dedicated, it is clear that their clients come first!”

8.   Taylor Janis Workplace Law

ADDRESSTaylor Janis LLP – Employment Lawyers in Calgary
Suite 610, 211 11th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 0C6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 474-0411
Text: 587-315-0244
Toll Free: 1-844-521-1715
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Taylor Janis Workplace Law is not your ordinary law firm. They exclusively focus on labor, employment, and related litigation law matters, in order to serve its diverse group of clients throughout Alberta and B.C.

Unlike other law firms, they offer their clients specialized advisory and litigation services on a wide range of legal issues that arise. No matter how small or big your situation is, feel free to call them and they will not hesitate to help you.

The people were able to trust them because their expert lawyers are often requested to lend their legal expertise to news articles. Some of these are a press in CBC about Former Taylor Janis Employment Lawyer responds to human rights complaint regarding dress-code discrimination, a radio talk about what employees can do in the face of unpaid wages and an employer closing its doors, a press in CTV News Calgary about some calgary catholic school teachers call for change after feeling pressure to out gay coworkers, and so much more.

These are pieces of evidence that Taylor Janice is a well-known, outstanding, and professional lawyer that can handle anything.


  • Offers telephone and video conference consultations
  • Accept payment of invoices via Interac e-Transfer.
  • Responds quickly


  • Operating hours are unavailable on their website

Customer Reviews

Here are the reviews from some of their clients:

“I had a great experience working with Sarah and her team at Taylor Janis in Calgary. I learned quite a bit through this process and am now much more knowledgeable when it comes to employment law”

How to Choose an Employment Lawyer

1. Area of expertise

First of all, choose an employment lawyer according to their experience and area of expertise. You can also ask for your prospect’s portfolio so you can assess whether their methods and tactics will be beneficial for you.

You should also ask if they stay on top of the latest labour laws as these regulations tend to constantly change.

2. Track record

The next thing to consider is a lawyer’s track record. Make sure they have high success rates, or at least, have a clear record when it comes to ethics.

3. Communication and availability

Aside from their expertise and track record, you should also consider a lawyer’s communication skills and availability. A good employment lawyer should be able to understand your concerns without judgement and be within reach when you need them.

Your chosen employment lawyer should also be quick-witted to adjust to any new case developments. Additionally, an honest lawyer will also tell you about the best ways to win, and not just succumb to whichever way you want to handle the case.

If you’re an employer, hiring a charismatic lawyer can also swing the jury to your side.

4. Cost of services

Lastly, consider their costs of services, especially if you’re thinking of heading to court to settle your concerns. It’s always good practice to get an accurate estimate of how much you’ll be shelling out for your lawyer’s services, so you won’t be shocked when the bill comes due.

Frequently Asked Questions about Employment Lawyers

And that concludes our list of the best employment lawyers in Calgary! With these law firms and experts, you’ll surely be able to protect your personal or your corporate image and dignity.

For the sake of your fellow Calgarians, you can also suggest your picks of best labour lawyers. Once we hear about your suggestions, we’ll conduct a thorough review to see whether they belong on this list or not.

Many labour law cases involve disputes regarding termination. If you’re a part of this demographic, then you’d need the help of the best employment agencies in Calgary to get back on the horse.

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