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Best Charities in Calgary

The 18 Best Calgary Charities to Donate Time and Money To

Money may not buy happiness, but it can have an enormous positive impact, especially for people in need of the necessities. So, if you’re looking for a way to share your blessings, you can help through the best Calgary charities.

But charities aren’t only in need of financial support; they also need people to help with their cause and various initiatives. Aside from helping people, some charities also find the time to preserve culture and nature.

So, if you’re looking for a way to lend a helping hand to your fellow Calgarians, try volunteering or donating to the best Calgary charities below.

1.  Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids

BEST FOR  Food Sustenance for Children
PRODUCTS Food for Children
ADDRESS 110, 909 11 Avenu SW Calgary T2R 1L7
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 264-7979

E-mail: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday–Thursday, 9:00am–4:30pm

The Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK) community will be making and delivering nutritious lunches in over 200 schools to more than 6,000 kids who go to school hungry. BB4CK is committed to providing barrier-free access to food that helps kids play, learn and grow. Their vision is a future where communities ensure no kids go hungry; and mission is to inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids. Nutritious lunches are prepared by volunteers in over 30 satellite BB4CK community kitchens across the city, daily. These lunches are safely delivered by volunteer drivers directly to schools in all corners of Calgary.

Ways you can get involved:
Donate, become a monthly donor, volunteer to prepare lunches, volunteer with you team members to help prepare lunches, and be a delivery driver to make sure the lunches get to the school on time.


  • Volunteer work
  • Funding from monetary donations
  • Business partners for more donations

Customer Reviews

Here are reviews speaking of how important BB4CK’s work is to children in need.

“BB4CK is a great organization that helps kids get possibly their only balanced and healthy meal of the day. By feeding their bodies, they are able to concentrate at school and feed their minds to become whatever they want to be”Jon McInnis

“The work these people put into making sure kids are fed is incredible. They put don’t just talk, they deliver. Everyone who was running everything down there was amazing and so kind. They truly care about the kids and making sure they don’t go hungry. One of the quickest turn arounds on service I have ever seen. No questions asked. One day turn around. Amazing.”Antonio Corbo


2. Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada, Southern Alberta Chapter

Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, Alberta & N.W.T Chapter's Logo

BEST FOR  Children with critical illnesses
PRODUCTS Wish Grants for Ill Children ages 3-17
T2T 5H8
CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: 403-228-3666
Toll Free: 1-866-502-3666
Fax: 403-246-0946
Email: [email protected]

Among the best Calgary charities, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada – Southern Alberta Chapter is the best for children with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish Canada helps three children achieve a dream daily.

They bring hope to children by granting them a wish and giving them something to look forward to. Make-A-Wish aims to provide children with limitless choices for their wishes.

The charity is non-profit, and they use less than 15% of financial donations for administrative expenses. You can help the foundation by donating, organising fundraising events, or volunteering.


  • Grants wishes for children with critical illnesses
  • Funding from donors and partners
  • Volunteer work and fundraising events

Customer Reviews

Granting wishes to children below 17 years old with critical illnesses has always been what the Children’s Wish Foundation does. Read this review about giving a young girl’s dream of meeting her favorite character, Mary Poppins.

“It’s really hard to put into words what our visit with Mary Poppins meant to Mady. We’re grateful that caring people like you gave her the opportunity to feel pure joy.”Krystal Hadikin, Mady’s mother

3.  Calgary Food Bank

Calgary Food Bank's Logo

BEST FOR  Sustainable Services
PRODUCTS Food for the Needy
ADDRESS 5000 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2Y5
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 253-2055
OPERATING HOURS Monday–Thursday, 8:30am–7:00pm


Friday, 8:30am–3:30pm

Calgary Food Bank is one of the best Calgary charities for its reach and sustainable practices. With their vast volunteer network and long service hours, the charity affects hundreds of thousands of people per year.

You can support the charity by hosting a fundraiser and volunteering in their food distribution and communication operations. You can also help by donating food or money.

The Calgary Food Bank is also a registered charity that hosts events to increase funding for their food initiatives.


  • Volunteer work and event hosting
  • Funding from monetary donations
  • Sustainable services
  • Wide reach

Customer Reviews

With their broad reach and reliable food services, they have gained many positive reviews. Here are some positive comments from a beneficiary and a volunteer.

“This place has helped a few times in my life when I really needed it and I have to mention how nice and friendly the volunteers are they really made it a great experience and the food I received was a blessing. Thank you guys. What a great country we live in. Made a wonderful delicious meal tonight all thanks to them.”Viktor Forsber

“Are you ready to volunteer? This is a great place to do so, either by yourself or with friends or coworkers. We came here a few times with a lot of people from work and it becomes a team building event while you help them run the place. Very well organized and the staff could not be nicer.”Ignacio Ottati


4.  Alberta Institute For Wildlife Conservation

Alberta Institute For Wildlife Conservation's Logo

BEST FOR  Wildlife Charity
PRODUCTS Animal Hospital Services
ADDRESS Township Road 282 and, Range Rd 30, Madden, AB T0M 1L0
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 946-2361


E-mail: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday–Sunday, 9:00am–5:00pm

Since 1993, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) has been the best charity for wild animals in need of rescue and rehabilitation. After helping the rescued animals, they bring them back to the wild where they truly belong.

This registered and non-profit initiative is funded entirely by donations, so they need every bit of financial support you can give. You can donate for their cause or adopt an animal to help them recover before being released back to the wild.

AIWC also has educational programs to raise awareness about wildlife animals and their connection with humans. You can even buy some of their merchandise to support their cause.


  • Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation
  • Awareness programs
  • Shop-with-a-cause initiative

Customer Reviews

AIWC’s compassionate care and fast rescue services make them among the best Calgary charities. Read these reviews to know more about the charity.

“So impressed by AIWC! I rescued some tiny mallard ducklings today (while on holiday in Canada) and within 2 minutes of contacting AIWC I had a reply saying they would send help and within an hour a wildlife rescue driver was here to collect them. What an incredible service and an incredible team!  I hope they continue to thrive and are generously funded for many years to come for their excellent work :)”Sarah Harvey

“Incredible organization with passionate volunteers and a rightful cause! Thank you for all you do to rehabilitate and save our wildlife”Izabela Cilliers

5.  Calgary Foundation

Calgary Foundation's Logo

BEST FOR  Assortment of Advocacies
PRODUCTS Charitable Programs, Grants
ADDRESS 105 12 Ave SE #1180, Calgary, AB T2G 1A1
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 802-7700


E-mail: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:00pm

If you’re looking for a way to support Calgary in a broader sense, then you should donate to The Calgary Foundation.

What makes it one of the best Calgary charities is its commitment to supporting different advocacies. To ensure their services are what people need, the Calgary Foundation has even conducted surveys and research to determine the areas for improvement in the city.

Thus, Calgary Foundation now prioritizes reducing poverty, strengthening relationships with Indigenous Peoples, promoting a creative life, pursuing sustainable technologies, and improving mental health.


  • Wide range of services
  • Funding from monetary donations
  • Community grants
  • Youth council and student awards 

Customer Reviews

Read this short review that praises the foundation for its efforts in strengthening connections with Indigenous Peoples.

“Wow what a privilege it was to watch discussions happen right in Treaty 7 Territory  this is amazing in my opinion”Tasina Pope

6. Calgary Youth Justice Society

BEST FOR  Supports Young People Who Are Vulnerable to Risk-Taking and Criminal Activities
ADDRESS #900, 620 7th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 0Y8
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 261-9861
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Calgary Youth Justice Society engages communities with young people to foster choices and opportunities that build upon their strengths, diverting them from crime.

They connect adult volunteers in a positive way with young people who are at risk of or have involvement with the criminal justice system. Their approach is always strength focused, seeing beyond what’s wrong to nurture what’s strong. Their impact is young people who feel valued and supported to be a part of our community in a meaningful way.


  • Youth justice committees
  • Does not follow the traditional model of negative labeling and attempting to control at-risk behaviours and attitudes

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people have to say about Calgary Youth Justice Society:

“The best thing that could happen for the child and the parent.” – Parents on Youth Justice Committees

Here’s another one:

“I have never had a volunteer experience where I felt this connected to the results. These youth literally transform before our eyes.” – Volunteers

7. Children’s Link

BEST FOR  A community where families of children with special needs and those who serve them are informed, supported, and valued
PRODUCTS Resources, Programs and Events
ADDRESS #211, 8855 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0M2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 403.230.9158
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

We are all on a unique life journey. Children’s Link provides a safe and supportive environment for people to share their diverse stories and express their needs. Their staff members actively listen with understanding and compassion and use our knowledge and lived experiences with special needs to provide families and professionals with valuable resource options.

Children’s Link is an accepting environment where all are welcome, and everyone matters. Their goals are to link people with resources and services, to build connections and to strengthen community.


  • Known and valued for offering resources, information, connections and hope to families and professionals in the special needs community
  • Database contains more than 1,000 community resources

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people have to say about them:

“We discovered Children’s Link fifteen years ago, shortly after taking on the care of our two grandsons with special needs. The assistance and support we received from the staff was exceptional. They put us in contact with the resources we needed at that time and have continued to guide us through the years. The information we received was invaluable and has helped us so much while raising the boys. The Coffee Social group we attend through Children’s Link has also been a great support. The monthly sessions are both enjoyable and informative and the friendships we have developed with others are invaluable. We so much appreciate the help we have received from Children’s Link!”

Here’s another one:

We used the Children’s Link Society for much more than just their vast knowledge of information, resources and referral points. We were also able to receive help to navigate school meetings, to find options for respite services, and to discover community activities that help keep my little person happy and healthy. At Children’s link Society they go above and beyond what is required because they truly care, which makes being a parent so much easier. We were absolutely taken aback with how thoughtful and thorough the staff was and how much support was given to us! When we are all working together and have supports in the community who truly care it makes the world of difference.”

8. KidSport Calgary

BEST FOR  Offers ways so all kids can play
PRODUCTS Sports Grants
ADDRESS 3555 52nd Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2B 3R3
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: 403-202-0251
Fax: 403-202-1961
Email: [email protected]

KidSport Calgary provides grants to help cover the costs of registration fees as well as providing no-cost equipment so that all kids aged 18 and under in the Calgary Area so they can play their favorite sport.

Their chapter accepts applications and administers grants of up to $200 per child/year, for kids who live in their specified area. However, if you live outside of Calgary & Area, you can visit one of their other chapters.


  • Known and valued for offering resources, information, connections and hope to families and professionals in the special needs community
  • Database contains more than 1,000 community resources

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people have to say about them:

“Phenomenal organization!”

9. For The Love Of Children Society Of Alberta

BEST FOR  Provides help, hope and support to disadvantaged children locally, regionally and internationally
ADDRESS 11 Canova Road SW Calgary, Alberta, T2W2K5
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 232-6010


Fax: (403) 232-1030

Email: [email protected]


For The Love Of Children Society Of Alberta is  totally volunteer based non-profit organization (none of them get paid to do the charitable work) that has helped over a million underprivileged children and their families worldwide for the past 40years; mobilizing many volunteers to deliver the aid. The Society provides help, hope, and support to disadvantaged children in Canada and around the world.

They provide aid to children with disabilities, illnesses, and those who have special needs or those vulnerable. They provide and support educational, therapeutic and rehabilitative programs to help children reach their full potential. They provide and support arts, cultural programs, and the building of playground structures.

Aid is given to the most vulnerable during any pandemic. They build and support schools and orphanages around the world and have currently 30,000 children under our care and help countries hit with natural disasters and those that are war-torn.  They are currently helping the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Over the years, they have been awarded various awards and recognitions, including words of praise from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, newspaper mentions, letters from various politicians, and more.


  • Helped over 500,000 children around the world
  • Various sponsors

10. Kids Up Front Calgary

BEST FOR  Helping deserving children
ADDRESS 105 12 Ave SE Telus, Calgary, AB T2G 1A1, Canada
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

With more than 500,000 tickets distributed over the past 20 years, Kids Up Front Calgary is an organization like no other in Canada – providing tickets to hundreds of partner agencies thanks to the support of generous donors and community partners. These enriching experiences allow kiddos and their families access to opportunities that foster connection, expand knowledge, and create lasting memories.

Kids Up Front offers rewarding volunteer opportunities to those who want to get involved, supporting the charity with their time and talents.


  • Families who received Kids Up Front tickets had expanded knowledge, interests, and skills as a result of exposure to a diverse array of barrier-free community events
  • Kids Up Front services benefits children and their families belonging to some of the most vulnerable groups in Calgary.
  • Since 2000, Kids Up Front has delivered 540,000 experiences worth over $20 million in Calgary alone

Customer Reviews

Here’s what people have to say about them:

“(Kids Up Front) Helps expand students worlds by breaking them our of their isolated shells and giving them experiences that they couldn’t otherwise access.”

“As a former school principal, I can say, Kids Up Front helped turn up the volume on inclusion for my students. As a former Alberta minister of amateur sport, you inspired young people’s dreams. And as an advocate for woman in leadership, I’m grateful that you’re showing girls and boys that glass ceilings can be a part of our past.”

11. Safe Haven Foundation Of Canada

BEST FOR  Helping to Prevent Youth Homelessness
ADDRESS Box 609, 7620 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, AB
T2V 1K2
CONTACT DETAILS 403-230-2613 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Safe Haven Foundation of Canada was born from one couple’s personal mission to develop a program dedicated to keeping homeless, and at-risk girls safe, off the streets, and in school. An extensive study confirmed the need for a comprehensive program that provided a long-term home and all the necessary supports for girls who would otherwise be calling the streets ‘home.’

They build families out of strangers, providing homeless and at-risk girls a safe and loving home. A live-in house parent, peer mentor and a dedicated programming team ensure the young women they serve are surrounded with all the necessary supports so they can work through their traumas and overcome their barriers, complete their education and become self-reliant contributing citizens in their community.


  • Provides a loving and supportive family environment for homeless and at-risk girls
  • Helps complete their education and learn valuable life skills
  • Delivers Therapeutic Recreation and Educational Scholarship Programs

12. EducationMatters

BEST FOR  Public education
ADDRESS 1221 8 Street SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0L4
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 403-817-7468
Fax: 403-294-8126
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

EducationMatters works hard to enhance public education for students in Calgary. A strong public education system is the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant community. The best public education happens when the community participates in its development to ensure that disadvantaged students succeed in school and that every student is prepared for adult life. Supporting students in Calgary.

They work hard to promote and facilitate community engagement with public education, to enhance and enrich the education offered to all students – enabling them to fully realize their potential and become valued and contributing global citizens.


  • Enhances and advance public education in Calgary by providing awards and grants that help students
  • Mobilizes resources by offering a wide range of donation opportunities that support the community’s commitment to excellence in public education and relief of poverty for school-age children
  • Inspires passion for public education by fostering dialogue about the role of public education in our society

13. Project Warmth Society of Alberta

BEST FOR  Projects focusing on homeless individuals
ADDRESS 6012 – 3rd Street SW (second floor)
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2H OK2
CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: (403) 259 – 2254
Facsimile: (403) 253 – 0738
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Tuesday 10am – 2pm
Wednesday 10am – 2pm
Thursday 10am – 2pm
Friday by Appointment Only

Most of us and those that are close to us, have never known or even imagined, what it would be like to be homeless and without proper shelter. To be exposed to the cruelty, harshness and indignity of the elements and to be unable to take care of yourself and your family, is something that all of us hope and pray will never happen to them or any of their family, friends, or associates.

Their mission at Project Warmth is to assist the homeless and underprivileged with clothing and support. Helping them stay warm throughout the winter season.


  • A registered charitable association that has been formed to assist the homeless and the underprivileged
  • Involved with school children and other organizations

14. Between Friends

Between Friends

BEST FOR  Social and recreational programming for people living with disabilities
ADDRESS 205 8989 Macleod Trail S.
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0M2
CONTACT DETAILS 403 269  9133
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS General Office Hours
Monday to Friday : 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturdays/Sundays/Statutory Holidays: Closed

With Between Friends, you will be working in social and recreational programs that increase the community’s awareness, positive attitudes, and sensitivity towards citizens with disabilities.

If you want to register for one of their programs, you can either walk-in, register online, or call their registration line at 403 508 0110.

Getting involved with them does not only mean syou should donate regularly. You can also volunteer on your own or with their aaktion club or become a member.


  • Affordable membership
  • Has a lot of programs and services

15. Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

BEST FOR  Investing in the people and projects that protect the natural systems we rely on for life and prosperity.
ADDRESS Calgary, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 403.209.2245
Toll Free: 1.800.465.2147
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

The Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2009 by the Government of Alberta to protect and promote natural ecosystems.

The Alberta Ecotrust Foundation provides many services, such as providing conservation programs, land protection and ecological education. This organization is also involved with public policy discussions around environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and sustainability.

The Alberta Ecotrust Foundation has been very successful since its inception. It has raised $21 million dollars for conservation projects and it is currently the largest ecotrust in North America.

Furthermore, the foundation offers hands-on conservation programs for its members and public schools, as well as an outreach program that supports local communities in their efforts to protect natural areas.


  • Has the Climate Innovation Fund Grant Program, which targets the major urban greenhouse gas emissions sources in Calgary and Edmonton
  • Partakes in various collaborative efforts with other organizations

16. Kids Cancer Care

Kids Cancer Care

BEST FOR  Helping families fight childhood cancer
ADDRESS Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
5757 4 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 1K8

P: 403 216 9210
Toll-free 1 888 554 2267 (in Alberta)
F: 403 216 9215

Volunteer: [email protected]

Donate: [email protected]

General: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

The moment we came across Kids Cancer Care, we knew we had to add them to this list. 

This group is a community of people who are dedicated to ending childhood cancers. They also hope to show families that they’re not alone. 

We like that they have various programs that are uniquely designed to be able to meet a family’s needs at each stage of the cancer journey. 

The key areas of their programs are: Camp and Outreach, Research and Hospital, and Education Support and Scholarship Programs. 

What’s great about them is that they have a whole lot of opportunities for you to get involved. You can volunteer your time, donate money, cut, color or shave your hair, organize a fundraiser or attend one of their signature fundraising events!

Whatever it is you’re great at or passionate about when it comes to helping fight childhood cancers, Kids Cancer Care would surely have a spot for you.


  • Dedicated to fighting childhood cancers
  • Various programs uniquely designed to meet a family’s needs at each stage of the cancer journey 
  • Many opportunities to get involved 

17.  Impact Society 

BEST FOR  Emotional Coping for the Youth
ADDRESS Suite 830, 105 – 12 Ave SE, Calgary AB, T2G 1A1
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 403-280-1856


E-mail: [email protected]


Impact Society it’s an organization and charity that spearheads in providing the youth with adequate tools and skills to better cope with trauma among other similar mental health issues that hinders them from living their life to the fullest.

We like that they employ a hero’s program and other school-based services to offer comprehensive and holistic approaches to the youth that can guide them for long durations.

Furthermore, since their programs and approaches go through an extensive range of procedures and sharing sessions, participants are sure that all or given adequate and proper attention when it comes to addressing their personal issues.

Note though that their volunteerism efforts may be only limited to some communities as of the moment but interested individuals may inquire with them for further information.

Nonetheless, with their inclusive volunteerism programs, encouraging community of facilitators and experts, and far-reaching programs, we highly recommend individuals looking for charities geared toward the youth to check them out.


  • Individualized care and approaches given
  • Collaborative school-based programs
  • Highly immersive and effective volunteerism

18. Epilepsy Association of Calgary


PACES, Project UPLIFT, HOBSCOTCH, Epilepsy Support Groups, Peer 2 Peer Support, and Education Sessions.



#120 6835 Railway Street SE Calgary, AB T2H 2V6


+1 403-230-2764

[email protected]


Tuesday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is a charitable social service organization that addresses community, individual, and family epilepsy concerns. 

They have been serving Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1955, thanks to the generosity of their local supporters, and they’re still working to enhance the quality of life for those living with epilepsy.

With their innovative programs, they have engaged community building, and dependable support services to more than 30,000 people living in Calgary and Southern Alberta with an epilepsy diagnosis, and their families.

As a charitable foundation that aims to provide their services for years to come, they have made strategic plans for 2022-2026 which can be seen on their website. Click here if you want to see what their plans are for the next 4 years.

We think that their foundation is a great place to inquire if you are having some issues regarding issues related to epilepsy. We 100% guarantee that they will be more than welcome to assist you in your challenges. 


  • 67 years of service
  • Innovative and highly planned programs

Customer Reviews

A  wonderful place to go when you need either information or someone to talk to.

“A wonderful place to go when you need either information or someone to talk to. I have had epilepsy since 2003 and this Association helped me cope and conquer my fear. If you know someone with epilepsy and is having problems tell them about the epilepsy association if they don’t already know. Fantastic people that will help….” – thegoldenpipewrench


Thanks for the association’s help with my girlfriend and myself

“Epilepsy Calgary is a great asset in supporting holistic of individuals and families in their time of need. Thanks for the association’s help with my girlfriend and myself”  – Robert Stephenson

No donation is too small or too big, so just give what you can to initiatives close to your principles. We hope we helped you find something you can spend your time and money on as you support the best Calgary charities.

If you’re fond of animals and you want to help more initiatives focused on them, reach out to the best Calgary animal shelters! The work they do in these shelters is life-changing for both you and the rescued animals.

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