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3 Reasons Why Calgary is a Pet-friendly City

3 Reasons Why Calgary is a Pet-friendly City 

If you’re looking for even more reasons to move to Calgary, this is it. It’s very pet-friendly. 

As pet owners, knowing that our furry friends will be in a good environment is a must. That’s why in this article, we listed three reasons why Calgary is a very pet-friendly city. 

1. It has abundant open spaces to take pets out on walks.

It has abundant open spaces to take pets out on walks
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One of the best things about Calgary is it is very walkable and safe. There are lots of parks where you can bring your dogs so they can stretch their legs and have much needed exercise. 

Calgary even has a lot of dog parks you can choose from where your pets can have ample opportunity to interact with other furry friends too. You can check out Connaught Off-Leash Dog Park that even has a designated area for smaller dogs. 

Other parks are Riverdale Off Leash Dog Park, Shaganappi Off Leash Dog Park, River Park Off Leash Dog Park, and Roxboro & Erlton Offleash Dog Park. All are great parks to bring your pets to where they can get to run free. 

You can even bring your pets along when you go camping or walking in gardens. Not only will the pets get exercise, but the owners will get fit as well. 

2. It has the best vets.

It has the best vets
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In case your pets get sick, Calgary also has the best veterinarians to check on them and help them feel better. You don’t need to worry because there are a lot of vet clinics in the city, so it won’t take you a long drive just to see a vet. 

In case of emergencies, there are even clinics that are open 24/7 like Fish Creek 24-hour Pet Hospital and McKnight 24 Hour Veterinary Hospital, making it very convenient for pet owners. 

3. There are a lot of available services for them within the city.

There are a lot of available services for them within the city
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No matter what you need, Calgary has them all. The city has places for cat and dog grooming where you can take your pets for a much needed pamper day. 

In case you need to go on vacation, there are also a lot of pet sitters and daycares for your pets. So you know they’ll be getting expert care and lots of belly rubs even without you around. 

You won’t have to worry because you can even tell these professionals any specifications of your pets such as allergies, health conditions, recent surgeries, etc. so they know exactly how to take care of your furry friends. 

Calgary even has good places for dog training. Dog training is great not just for dogs to obey commands better, but it also improves your relationship with your dog. 

If you’re a pet owner and you’re worrying about your pet, we hope we were able to ease your fears. You’ll sleep better knowing that they’re in safe hands in Calgary. 

It’s a very livable city not just for us, but for our pets too. Did we miss out on any more reasons Calgary is pet-friendly? 

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