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Calgary’s Elite Homes Discovering the City’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods

Calgary’s Elite Homes: Discovering the City’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods

You heard of the saying money talks, but did you know that among the richest neighborhoods in Calgary, the houses do more than just talk? They practically shout “I’m super rich!” 

Okay, maybe not literally, but because of the luxuriousness of the houses, they might as well be on loudspeaker about their affluence sometimes. We’re talking about houses that are worth upwards of $20 million – and no, that wasn’t a typo. 

If you want to know where to find such places because you’re, well, fortunate enough to be affluent too, we can help. Today, we’re going through the richest areas in Calgary – in terms of being the most costly to live in and reflecting that in their culture and amenities, anyway. Let’s start with Altadore! 

1. Altadore 

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,101 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: The Military Museums, Sandy Beach Park, River Park, Air Force Museum of Alberta
Population: 6,831 

Nestled in the heart of the city, Altadore boasts of plenty of entertainment opportunities. It’s home to a lot of Calgary’s notable attractions like the Sandy Beach Park. 

Moreover, there are a lot of nice schools in the neighborhood along with a wide range of dining options to satisfy any craving. There’s an Indian restaurant called Saffron Bistro, a lovely cafe called Neighbour Coffee, and a Greek eatery called Pegasus. 

It’s also in close proximity to shopping areas of Marda Loop. There’s also a lot more famous attractions a little outside the area, so you’ll never run out of things to do here. 

2. Elbow Park

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,104 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Elbow River, Elbow Park Tennis Club
Area: 80 ha
Population: 3,471

Aside from being one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, Elbow Park is also considered one of the most luxurious. We believe it’s because it’s near Downtown Calgary, which is where you go if you want to experience the vibrant side of the city. 

In the area itself, there’s honestly not much to do, which means it’s pretty quiet on the street. Some people like it because their day-to-day life can be peaceful, but the fun can immediately start with just a short drive. 

We find that this Elbow Park is much better for families with kids or older couples looking for a place to settle down. 

3. Bel-Aire

Estimated cost of rent: CA$14995 (3-bedroom house)
Notable attractions: Big Dream Big Chalk Wall, Elbow River
Area: 30 ha
Population: 494

Bel-Aire is a small neighborhood in Calgary known for its high rent prices. It offers easy access to a fraction of the famous Elbow River where plenty of locals go to fish for trout. 

Additionally, you can also do other sorts of activities in the river such as kayaking, sightseeing, and going on a scenic walk along the river. 

Since it’s such a small place, it’s not surprising that there’s only one school in the neighborhood, which is called the Calgary’s Girl Charter School, and it only accepts students from grades 4 to 9. 

All told, there’s honestly not a lot to do in Bel-Aire, but it’s pretty close to the lively parts of the city which offers a variety of restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment options. 

4. Aspen Woods

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,100 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Samaneh’s Trail, Aspen Landing Shopping Centre
Population: 5,271 

We find that Aspen Woods is perfect for those who love trekking and connecting with nature. There are plenty of trails to explore which is nice to have easy access to from your home. There’s also a large shopping center called Aspen Landing where one can get all the essentials. 

If you’re looking to move here with your kids, there’s plenty of schools in the area as well as playgrounds and parks. By the way, Aspen Landing is also known among locals for its luxurious houses and vantage points of the Canadian Rockies! 

5. Britannia

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,500 (2-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Riverdale Park, Calgary Golf & Country Club, Crescent Park, Suntera Market
Area: 60 ha
Population: 784

Once you step into the Britannia neighborhood, you’ll forget you’re in Calgary because of its striking English country vibe. The houses are sophisticated and there are plenty of green spaces. 

One of its popular attractions (especially among residents) is the Calgary Golf & Country Club. There are also plenty of parks and a market, which is a nice and convenient touch. 

Several popular attractions like the Elbow River are also nearby! 

6. Roxboro

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,300 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Roxboro Park, Elbow River
Area: 100 ha
Population: 413 

A huge part of the Roxboro neighborhood is the Roxboro Park, which is why this area is recommended for those who adore wide green spaces. 

On the Northern part of Roxboro is the Elbow River where residents can indulge in plenty of lovely activities to pass time. We find that a lot of people choose this because of the easy access to a lot of recreational activities. 

Plus, most houses here are upscale and new, but there are also plenty of older estate houses. 

7. Hillhurst

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,500 (2-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Bow River, Riley Park, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Riley Park Outdoor Wading Pool
Area: 90 ha
Population: 5,288

Hillhurst is a charming neighborhood that offers plenty of exploration opportunities. There’s plenty of popular restaurants, lovely cafes, and cool bars, which make the area even more interesting and special. 

It’s also known for its convenience because there are plenty of schools in the area as well as churches and places to do some activities. There’s an outdoor pool, a river, a plaza, and more. 

8. Pump Hill

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,700 (2-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Calgary JCC, Pump Hill Off Leash Area
Population: 1,849 

Pump Hill has been long considered as one of the most affluent places to live in Calgary. It’s known to be the home of one of the most expensive homes in the city which is worth $19.7 million. 

There are also plenty of other homes that are worth around that price range in Pump Hill. 

One of the notable attractions in the area is the Calgary JCC where residents can engage in several activities like aqua healing classes, swimming, gym, and more. 

9. Capitol Hill

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,000 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Capitol Hill Community Centre, Lion’s Festival of Lights
Population: 4,044

Like a lot of neighborhoods in Calgary, Capitol Hill is community-centered with a very active volunteer-run organization. This is perfect for those who love being involved in local community projects and making important changes to make the residents’ lives better. 

Other than that, Capitol Hill is also a quiet neighborhood, but it’s still in close proximity to Downtown Calgary. 

10. Elboya

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,600 (3-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Elboya Heights Community Association Rink, Elboya Park, Elboya Off-Leash Park, Elbow River
Area: 100 ha
Population: 1,683 

The Elboya neighborhood is a lovely mix of the urban vibe and rural sceneries. We say this because a small part of Elboya is the Elbow River, while there’s a unique vantage point to the Downtown city views. Additionally, there’s also a lot of old trees lined up on the streets. 

It’s easy to get around Calgary if you’re coming from Elboya because you can pass by the Elbow Drive and Macleod Trail. These roads can also take you to Downtown Calgary in no time. 

And if you’re particularly looking for outdoor activities, you’re in luck. At Elboya, you can go ice skating, jogging, and taking your dog for a walk. 

11. West Hillhurst

Estimated cost of rent: CA$2,100 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Bow River, Helicopter Playground, Toronto Crescent View Point, Westmount Playground, Broadview Park
Area: 240 ha
Population: 6,449 

West Hillhurst is located in the inner suburbs of the city. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to escape the burst of activities of Downtown. 

That said, Downtown is still pretty accessible via c-train, bike, or car. It’s also a wise option for anyone looking for natural escapes while still having that urban feel. 

Residents of West Hillhurst have easy access to plenty of playgrounds and parks. There’s also a lot of restaurants, schools, and boutiques in the area. 

12. Arbour Lake

Estimated cost of rent: CA$1,900 (1-bedroom apartment)
Notable attractions: Safeway Crowfoot, Crowfoot Library, Crowfoot Park, Community Outdoor Fitness Park, Arbour Lake 
Population: 10,592

Arbour Lake is one of the more unique neighborhoods in Calgary because of the plethora of activities it offers to residents. There’s a 10-acre lake in the area along with biking paths and vantage points of the neighboring mountains. 

Moreover, Arbour Lake has a reasonable amount of good restaurants and bars that would make plenty of foodies want to settle down here. We also love how there’s an outdoor fitness park for the residents as well as a library inside the Crowfoot Park. 

Needless to say, no matter where you go in Arbour Lake, there are plenty of activities for any kind of person. 

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