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The Best Retirement Homes in Calgary for Your Worry-Free, Golden Years

Ah, the golden years! It’s that time when life gets a little sweeter, a little slower, and a lot more fun—if you weigh and pick your options properly

One misstep, whether it’s overlooking a crucial detail or settling for less than you deserve, can turn the prime time of life into a real headache. So, when it comes to choosing the perfect retirement home, every move matters.

Luckily, Calgary doesn’t fall short when it comes to retirement homes, each offering its own slice of paradise. Our team did the legwork and reviewed the best options!

How much do retirement homes in Calgary cost per month?

In Calgary, the cost for retirement homes per month ranges from $3,500 to $6,000. Prices vary based on factors like size, ownership, and amenities.
Independent but small homes generally cost less than larger boutique or corporate residences.

How We Chose the Best Retirement Homes in Calgary 

Quality of Care: We picked retirement homes that treat you like royalty. We talked to some residents and their loved ones.
Amenities and Activities: Your golden years shouldn’t be boring. We prioritized places with diverse activities and amenities to ensure there’s always something fun and engaging to do.
Safety and Security: Naturally, our team selected homes with tight safety measures and secure environments. Your retirement home should only have rewards and not risks.
Healthcare Services: You may have read and heard it a thousand times, but health truly is wealth. We only chose retirement homes with access to comprehensive healthcare services and top-tier medical support.
Cleanliness and Maintenance Standards: You don’t deserve to live in a grimy home. Spotless and well-maintained spaces are essential, and our choices reflect the highest standards of cleanliness.
Dedicated, Kind, and Empathetic Caregivers: Compassionate and attentive caregivers make all the difference.
Accommodations: Comfortable and personalized living spaces were a priority during our picking phase. Rooms with substandard materials or tight spaces were excluded.
Accessibility: Getting from Point A to B shouldn’t be a Herculean task. We ensured that homes are easily navigable for everyone, with thoughtful design and facilities catering to all mobility levels.
Dining Options: All the amenities and services would be useless if the dining options were as bland as a piece of cardboard. As expected, we selected homes with mouthwatering and varied options.

Chartwell Harbours Retirement Residence


Address: 20 Country Village Cove NE

Contact Details: +1 587-287-3942

Business Hours: Daily – 24 hours



Chartwell Harbours Retirement Residence is all about “making people’s lives better,” a vision that’s more than words.

Their range of senior living options offers bang for your buck. There’s the senior apartment for independent adults, independent living for those who want to socialize, assisted living with care packages, and memory care for those with cognitive challenges. 

You’ll also get your groove on with their LiveNow program. This includes Rhythm ‘N’ Moves, a fitness regimen combining music and movement, and FitMinds, a routine aiming to maintain cognitive health through brain fitness activities and stimulation therapy.

Their personalized dining experience goes beyond satisfying hunger, too. Chartwell Harbours has chefs serving over 750 dishes with seasonal and health-conscious ingredients.

Some minor hiccups are the home’s distance from the city center and the fact that the 2-bedroom suites’s cost slightly exceeds Calgary’s monthly average (not accounting for the promo available as of June 2024). 


  • Personalized and quality services
  • Cheap prices for studio rooms
  • Pet-friendly
  • Teeming with activities
  • Lakeside views
  • Delicious food


  • Far from the city center
  • Costly 2-bedroom prices

An Outstanding Senior Community

“It is always a pleasure moving our clients into Chartwell Harbours. From the moment they set foot inside the doors they are met with bright smiles, warmth of community, and commitment of care. In addition, each new resident receives a “personalized” welcome basket filled with their favorite goodies. What a great way to make your residents feel so special. Cheers to you for building such an outstanding Senior community.”

Soft Landings, Google Review

Beyond My Expectations

“I arrived on Feb. 22 to visit my Mother, and celebrate a milestone in her life, her 90th Birthday! Having been caught in the Lynx Air insolvency, and unable to return home on my expected date, the administration and staff, not only accommodated me with extra days of stay, but helped me with my dispute proceedings with advice and reassurance. The accommodations and meals they provide the residents is top self, and beyond my own expectations. My mind is more than at ease, that Mom is getting the best care available. Kudos to the entire family of Chartwell Harbours employees for their devotion to excellence…THANKS!”

– Garry Hayes, Google Review

StayWell Manor Village


Address: 174 Ypres Green SW

Contact Details: +1 403-242-4688

Business Hours: Daily – 12 am to 11:30 pm



The golden years come with changing needs, and The Manor Villages StayWell Manor adeptly manages them all. As such, adding them was a no-brainer.

For starters, we were impressed by their independent living, memory care, and assisted programs—each boasting perks like tight security, social engagement, and specialized care.

Their palliative care, catering to residents facing chronic conditions, also makes them stand out. Programs here improve the resident’s life quality from diagnosis to end-of-life care and beyond, providing support to families throughout the journey.

Furthermore, they have a specialist team handling medical and wellness services 24/7. You don’t have to stress over hidden bills, too, as the Monthly Lifestyle fee covers all lifestyle services, from the shows to the outings.

One of the major downsides, though, is paying for meals you don’t eat because of the all-inclusive fee. There are also restrictions to your pet’s number, type, or size.


  • Comprehensive and varied services
  • Near the city center
  • 24/7 medical support
  • Transparent pricing
  • Suites for visiting families


  • Paying for unwanted meals
  • Large pets restrictions

The Care I Received Was Excellent

“After bilateral knee replacement, I convalesced at Staywell Manor Village for a couple of weeks. The care I received at Staywell was excellent. I appreciated it when I was staying at Staywell, and I was even more thankful for it when I went home. The suite was roomy and very comfortable, the food was incredible, and when I needed help, it appeared with the push of a button. When I reacted to my medication, I got advice from an RN (Joseph) and an LPN (Sanu) right away, and I was able to see your in-house doc (Dr. Arcega) the next day. Amazing!”

-Kathryn Lambert. Google Review

The Staff Provided Exceptional Care

“My mom lived at Staywell Manor for 6 years both in Assisted Living and Memory Care.  My mom was not always easy to care for and I was always impressed how patient and caring the staff were.  Last October she passed away in her home at Staywell Manor.  All the staff provided exceptional support to our family during this difficult time and I miss my visits to Staywell.”

-Karen Chow, Google Review

Auburn Heights Retirement Residence


Address: 21 Auburn Bay St SE

Contact Details: +1 403-234-9695

Business Hours: Daily – 24 hours



What’s not to love about Auburn Heights Retirement Residence? It has premier vistas of Auburn Bay Lake, a dynamic Age-In-Place community with numerous living options, and sophisticated suites that won’t make you feel squeezed.

Their person-centered care plans and a dedicated “Quality of Life Program” are also worth noting. On top of that, living here grants you access to a pool, library, fitness room, and bistro.

Our team is amazed by their remarkable transportation services and proximity to medical facilities, too. After all, convenience is a game-changer when picking a retirement home.

Other features that are worth mentioning are heart-healthy meals, pet-friendly policies, and monthly lease agreements. Prospective residents may also schedule a complimentary lunch and tour.

On the flip side, there were reports concerning the home’s small meal size and bland food. The good news is these were issues in the past; feedback regarding their food is positive nowadays.


  • Lakeside vistas
  • Person-centered
  • Abundant amenities
  • Convenient location
  • Pet-friendly
  • Dementia-conscious facilities
  • Outstanding transportation services


  • Small meal size
  • Bland food

The Staff Are Extremely Caring

“Mom has enjoyed living at Auburn since 2016. The staff are extremely caring and attentive to her needs and the meals are nutritious and tasty.  The Blossom Program provides the help she needs to continue to be at all social events (and there are many!). Our family would highly recommend Auburn Heights.”

-Sharon M, Google Review

I Was Very Impressed

“I was very impressed with the work that was being done for the residents at Auburn Heights. We recently joined the birthday celebration and had a wonderful experience. The staff were professional and kind. I would like highlight the food and service. The food quality and presentation was amazing and outstanding. We enjoyed it. Kudos to the entire team!”

-Sophia Alex, Google Review

Lake Bonavista Village Retirement Residence


Address: 11800 Lake Fraser Dr SE, Calgary

Contact Details: +1 403-258-1849

Business Hours: Daily – 8 am to 8 pm



Flaunting sprawling spaces with thickets of old but lush trees, Lake Bonavista Village Retirement Residence entered our list with no objections.

It’s obvious why, as to begin, they excel in both tailored and perk-filled community-centered and autonomous living. This ensures you can live your way, without losing luxuries like 24/7 healthcare services, themed events, and entertainment options.

Plus, they take mealtime to a whole new level. A dedicated culinary team of experts runs the kitchen, and they never fail to serve delectable and healthy dishes made with farm-fresh, local ingredients.

We can’t forget to mention their multitude of amenities, too. The ones that hooked our attention include the game room, library, bistro, hair and nail salon, fireplace lounge, and movie theater.

However, you have to prepare for a tad more costly suites, given Lake Bonavista Village’s upscaled design. The long waiting list might also drive some people up the wall.


  • Vast greenery
  • Diverse living options
  • Top-shelf dining
  • Multiple amenities
  • Near churches and clinics
  • Numerous enriching activities


  • Slightly pricier rooms
  • Long waiting list

Highly Recommended

“My father has been here almost a year. At 100 years young, he finds the accommodations and the entire staff to be wonderful, as does his immediate family. He’s mostly independent but with failing eyesight, he needs an escort to go between all the events, and his 3 meals a day which they easily accommodate, like clockwork. Meds given in his room 3x per day by AHS LPNs and PSW’s. Meals may be the highlight for him. Maybe not Michelin, but pretty darn good. Highly recommended in 2023. All inclusive studio apartment, with all services, meals, etc less than $4000/mo as of November 2023. Good value imho.”

-David d’Eça, Google Review

The Real Bonus Is The Staff

“An amazing retirement home, beautiful grounds and building, lots of various activities planned just for residents but the real bonus is the staff, at every level, who show they love what they do by the quality of their service and commitment to go above and beyond in any way they can for everyone. Smiles are the rule of the day.”

-G Lamb, Google Review

Sage Hill, an Optima Living Community


Address: 6 Sage Hill Gardens NW

Contact Details: +1 403-455-2273

Business Hours: Daily – 8 am to 10 pm



With amenities like lounges for socializing and walking paths for those who like to stroll, Sage Hill can give you a lifestyle that’s anything but boring.

We love how residents can hop into activities such as swimming, movie-watching, and playing games. The cherry on top is they can do these while enjoying personalized care and living programs.

In addition, Sage Hill wowed us with its highly active events. Their schedule consists of daily walks, weekly live entertainment, and monthly welcoming parties.

It isn’t all fun and games, though, as Sage Hill takes health and safety seriously. The residents we talked to gave kudos to the home’s round-the-clock clinical staff and 24-hour call systems.

As for drawbacks, there are complaints about the late replies to queries posted online. And although it’s already fixed, there was a report detailing it took a while for the caregivers to respond to an emergency button.


  • Sophisticated suites
  • Excellent food
  • Pet-friendly
  • Dynamic daily activities
  • Well-rounded amenities
  • In-house physicians
  • Holistic approach to care


  • Late replies
  • Slow response

A Warm Community

I want to thank everyone at Sage Hill for the excellent care they have given my parents in the year and a half they have lived here. I can’t remember everyone’s name but special thanks to Sam, Paula, Connie and Saeeda for their support. This is such a warm community. My father passed away recently and everyone here was so kind. They allowed us to have the funeral service in the chapel and it was so nice for my Mom to be among her friends here. I recommend Sage Hill to all those families trying to find the best place for their loved ones during their senior years. By the way, the food is amazing! I always like to have an excuse to eat with my Mom.

-Sue Gratton, Google Review

Everyone Is Friendly

The Sage Hill Retirement Residence is a wonderful place to be and a staple in our community. I first met the staff in 2017 shortly after open and we quickly formed a partnership as a community association and community hub and now a close friendship. Over the years we have hosted Halloween events, swimming lessons, donation drives, fundraisers and even first air courses In their building. The staff are wonderful, the building is clean, quiet and bright and something is always going on within its walls. Everyone is friendly (staff and residents) and smile exchanges are endless.

-Uti, Google Review

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