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5 Things to Do When Moving Homes

5 Things to Do When Moving Homes

Moving can be pretty stressful, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many things to consider. 

This is why we came up with a short guide for those who are in the process of moving or about to move. Here are things you must do when moving. 

1. Make a budget.

Make a budget

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Moving costs a lot of money. Paying the down payment for a rented house or apartment or even buying a home can get really expensive. 

So, it’s important to have an estimate of the costs so you can budget accordingly.  Common expenses include the following: 

Listing down your probable expenses can really help you monitor the costs and stick to your budget. 

2. Go through your things and declutter. 

You’ve probably accumulated clutter that shouldn’t be transferred to your new home. You can put your things into three piles: to keep, to dispose, and to donate. 

Avoid taking everything with you, especially if you won’t really use some items. This will cut down on your packing time and help keep the place you’re moving to organized. 

3. At the beginning, separate important documents and valuables.

At the beginning, separate important documents and valuables

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It can get a bit chaotic when you’re packing. So make sure to find a safe place to store all your valuables and important documents like your tax paperwork, passports, birth and marriage certificates, etc. 

You can keep it in just one location so it’s easy to bring with you on the day of the move. 

4. Plan your meals for when it gets very busy.

Plan your meals for when it gets very busy

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This is usually an overlooked aspect that needs to be prepared for. It will be hard to cook when most of your kitchen is already packed and it will be too hectic that preparing meals will be pretty impossible. 

So either prepare for this way ahead in advance by researching on restaurants to get takeout from or order a meal plan for you and your family. 

5. Settle bills and update details. 

First, make sure all your bills have been settled before you move to your new place. 

Then once everything is settled, you can already start informing key people about your change of address like your employer, utility companies, doctors and dentists, banks, and insurance providers, among others. 

Moving homes can get hectic. We hope we were able to help make the process smoother. 

Do you have more tips for those who will be moving? Let us know in the comments below! 

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