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If you have any building projects coming up, you want to create a space that has a high market value, functionality, and, most of all, looks aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, we’ve reviewed the best construction services in Calgary that offer amazing architectural designs for residential and commercial buildings.


Building a house from the ground up takes a lot of work and planning. Luckily, the best home builders in Calgary that we’ve reviewed can guide you through the whole process of consultations, building requirements, architectural design, construction, refurbishing, and more.


If you’re only looking to renovate your home, we have a list of the best interior designers in the city with projects ranging from minimalist living spaces, contemporary condominiums, Scandanavian bedrooms, and more. If you love to cook for your family and friends, we also picked out the top contractors for the best kitchen remodel in Calgary.


Are you looking for a permanent home that won’t take up too much time and expense to build? You should check out the best modular builders in Calgary who offer factory-built houses that they conveniently transport to your lot—quick and easy.


If you’re planning to build something bigger than a house, like a commercial building, you might want to check our recommendations for the best Calgary construction companies. We made sure to list down the ones that offer comprehensive services like pre-construction design, cost estimates, construction management, renovation, remodelling, and more.


Finally, we’ve also picked the best architects in Calgary who offer the most innovative design concepts for any type of building project. Whether you’re building your dream home, a commercial lot, skyscraper, hotels, resorts, or any type of structure, our list of architect firms has got you covered.

Best Basement Renovations in Calgary

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Best Concrete Contractors in Calgary

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