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Mari Bakeshop to Reopen This September

Mari Bakeshop to Reopen This September

Fans of Mari Bakeshop awaiting its return will be glad to know that the popular bakery will be reopening this September in Calgary. Mari Bakeshop closed its doors in June 2021 to relocate to a bigger location. 

Now, they’re almost back, bigger and better than ever. 

The relocation was really planned for the spring; however, construction issues pushed the reopening to this fall. They will be moving to the Dominion building in the Bridgeland community. 

Although they’ve been keeping the exact relaunch date a secret, their recent posts have been building excitement because it seems like it will be happening very soon. They’re currently in the last phase of construction. 

Mari Bakeshop got its name from the Korean word “Mari” (which means roll), after their specialty, their roll cakes. 

Aside from roll cakes, they are known mostly for their tarts, choux, and pain rustique. Their pastries are light and fluffy, colorful, and flavorful beyond belief.

Common flavors in their pastries are matcha, blueberry, raspberry, and chocolate. There are also other specialty flavors you shouldn’t miss, such as coffee and cherry-almond. 

Their sourdough bread is also something to write home about! A lot of their loyal customers say that this is the product they’re excited to try again when the bakeshop opens. 

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