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5 Perks to Being a Financial Advisor

5 Perks to Being a Financial Advisor 

Are you thinking of starting a career as a financial advisor or financial planner but don’t really know much about what the job entails? This article is for you. 

Here, we discuss the perks of being a financial advisor based on our research and from garnering information from esteemed financial advisors and planners in Calgary. 

1. You’ll have unlimited potential to earn money. 

One of the main perks of this job is that your earning potential will only be dictated by your appetite to take on more work. That gives you an unlimited potential to earn for yourself. 

FInancial advisors can earn on commission or through fees. Some earn a combination of both. 

So their income is based on new clients they take on and the recurring revenue on commissions and other fees. If this is something you’d want to have and you have a talent in sales, this can be a good career option for you. 

2. You’ll enjoy a flexible work schedule. 

A lot of people complain about achieving work-life balance. When you’re a financial advisor and you’ve already established your client base, you’ll have better and more flexible hours. 

Seasoned advisors can schedule their client meetings around their personal calendars and can even work less than 40 hours a week. 

3. You’ll meet a lot of people. 

Between financial advisor conferences and getting new clients, this job entails that you meet a lot of people and gain connections wherever you go. 

You work with people naturally on this job so being a financial advisor gives you countless opportunities to establish and grow your network. You’ll have a lot of both personal and professional connections. 

4. You’ll have personal satisfaction from helping people. 

Imagine the personal satisfaction knowing you’ve helped someone structure their finances that got them out of debt? Or imagine the joy of knowing you helped someone have an insurance plan for their needs? 

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Being a financial advisor puts you in the position to help people with their finances and give them better stability. 

5. You can enjoy career-change flexibility.

Being a financial advisor offers flexibility to move between jobs within the general financial sector. You can be a budget analyst, financial analyst, or investment manager. 

You can also be a good fit in roles in corporate finance. 

That concludes our list for perks of being a financial advisor. We hope we were able to help you form a decision if you want to be one. 

Did we miss any perks? Let us know in the comments below. 

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