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Calgary’s Shopping Haven The Ultimate Guide to Chinook Centre

Calgary’s Shopping Haven: The Ultimate Guide to Chinook Centre

Here’s a local shopping paradise you should definitely add to your itinerary – the Chinook Centre! This vibrant shopping area is a top destination for adventurous foodies, hardcore fashionistas, and diehard technophiles alike. 

Today, you’ll learn how to best explore and discover all the exciting finds in the city’s shopping haven through our ultimate guide to Chinook Centre. Hurry up, grab your shopping bags, and brace yourselves because it’s impossible to leave the mall without any new goods in tow. 

Where to Eat in Chinook Centre


Phone: +1 403-640-2007
Pricing: $$

If healthy meals are what you crave, head over to Cultures when you’re in Chinook Centre. They have a wide range of offerings on their menu, all of which are exceptionally mouthwatering. We’re talking about bowls, sandwiches, breakfast options, smoothies, salads, and snacks!

We love their chicken & goat cheese sandwich the most, but their power morning breakfast sandwich is competing for the title. By the way, they also sell coffee. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s great to pair it in the morning with their goodies. 


Phone: +1 403-386-0222
Pricing: $

Another great option if you want healthy meals is a Hula poké bowl. They offer a variety of flavors like the crispy miso, koko (spicy Korean), and ponzu (citrus soy). 

We found that our favorites out of the bunch are the Peruvian (spicy citrus) and tiki, which is another spicy bowl with togarashi sauce.

Double Zero Pizza

Phone: +1 403-457-7677
Pricing: $$

Double Zero Pizza is one of the more famous restaurants in Chinook Centre. Though their pizzas really take the limelight out of all the food items in their menu, their pasta dishes shouldn’t be overlooked.

They make a really mean mushroom rigatoni – a definite crowd pleaser among our staff here at The Best Calgary. If you want something foodies-approved, try this one. 

Anyway, back to the pizza. We can’t pass up this opportunity to recommend the six cheese pizza. Cheese-lovers would go crazy over this one for sure!

EDO Japan

Phone: +1 403-259-6686
Pricing: $

Located at the food court, EDO Japan offers great budget meals to satisfy and satiate one’s hunger. Though it’s not the most authentic Japanese restaurant there is, we find the taste of their dishes pretty decent, especially for the price tag. 

Their sukiyaki beef bento box is one of our go-to orders because of the generous portions you can get for cheap. The meal comes with other delightful ingredients such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and mushrooms with their signature sauce. 

You can also choose 2 sides from several options, but we suggest getting the spring roll and the dynamite roll. 

Opa! of Greece

Phone: +1 403-253-3323
Pricing: $

Opa!, which is the Greek word used to show happiness, is surely what you will feel like saying once you try this place’s dishes. They’ve been whipping up delicious Mediterranean cuisine for over two decades, so you can really taste their skillful techniques in each bite. 

We found that a lot of their customers really enjoy their OPA! Platter, and souvlaki & salad. When it comes to our staff members, a lot of us really also enjoyed the baklava and spanakopita platter. 

Joey Chinook

Phone: +1 403-692-6626
Pricing: $$

Enjoy delicious dishes in a relaxing setting at Joey at Chinook Mall. They offer great selections of different cuisines with interesting local twists. 

One of the best items on their menu (and one of the most popular ones!) is the hand-pressed burger. We highly recommend it to any meat-lover. Their meat has the perfect crisp on the outside, but as soon as you take a bite, you’ll get to appreciate the juiciness of the inside. 

NAM Vietnamese Kitchen

Phone: +1 403-455-2668
Pricing: $$

The Chinook Centre also offers tremendously diverse cuisine that would make any foodies’ day. A lovely addition to this interesting array of flavors is the Vietnamese restaurant called NAM. 

While they don’t have an extensive menu, it’s nicely curated. Their spring rolls are a definite must-try. However, the beef satay and lemon chicken vermicelli bowls are truly the best on the menu. 

By the way, get a cup of their Vietnamese Coffee when you have the chance, but never late in the afternoon! This baby is enough to keep you up all night. 

Where to Grab Coffee in Chinook Centre

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phone: +1 403-261-1885
Pricing: $

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is a great respite from walking around the mall the whole day. The smell of their coffee wafting outside is enough to invite you in. However, their relaxing ambiance is the one that will make you want to grab a seat and take a breather. 

A lot of people also love ordering their pastries, most especially their donuts that come in unique flavors. Try them all!

Good Earth Coffeehouse

Phone: +1 403-460-0468
Pricing: $

For good ethically-sourced coffee, you can never go wrong with Good Earth Coffeehouse. 

We always look forward to their seasonal specials, which as of writing, is all about apple butter. They have apple butter caffe latte (our most recommended!), apple butter chai, apple butter cold brew, and more. 

We appreciate how they always keep things fresh, so customers are always on the lookout for what they’ll do next! 

Their ambiance feels bright and welcoming too, which is much recommended for when you need to work on your laptop or chat with a lovely companion. 

A-OK Cafe

Pricing: $$

A-OK Cafe is a hip and trendy coffee shop perfect for those looking for the next best thing to add to their Instagram feeds. Of course, their coffee options are also worth noting. 

Do check out their seasonal favorites which includes our top choices – cloud foam iced coffee, mushroom tonic, and ca phe da. 

We definitely recommend it here, especially if you want a change in scenery that also involves a delicious cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for a workplace though, this cafe might not be for you. They encourage taking breaks from your long work hours, which is why it’s a laptop-free cafe. 

What to Do in Chinook Centre

Watch a movie at Scotia Theatre Chinook

Phone: +1 403-212-8994

Catch the latest movies at one of the city’s most popular cinemas – Scotia Theatre. Aside from the usual Hollywood films, there are also indie films shown here. Plus, the Egyptian-themed interiors certainly make one’s visit even more memorable.  

Play bowling at Chinook Bowladrome

Phone: +1 403-252-5747

The Chinook Bowladrome boasts of its 32 lanes of 5 pin bowling experience. 

It’s a great spot for large families or friends. In fact, a lot of people host their birthdays here, among other important occasions. Additionally, we often see cute couples on dates here. 

There’s also a well-stocked snackbar inside this bowling arena filled with delicious bites – enough to fill you with enough energy for your next turns!

Have a relaxing time at Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa

Phone: +1 403-252-7618

A visit to the mall can also be a relaxing experience if you know where to go. At Chinook Centre, there’s the Merle Norman Cosmetics & Day Spa that offers various services to rejuvenate you from inside out.  

This includes the therapeutic massage, mani-pedi, and facials. They even offer waxing, laser, ear & nose piercing, and more!

Where to Shop in Chinook Centre

Saks Fifth Avenue

Phone:+1 403-440-2100

Saks Fifth Avenue gives people access to the best luxurious and premium brands in the market. You can shop for the chicest and trendiest handbags, accessories, apparel, shoes, fragrances, and more at their store in Chinook Centre. A few examples of the brands they carry are Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Ted Baker, La Perla, and Alexander McQueen. 

Sunrise Records

Phone: +1 587-352-3992

Get all your music-related needs at Sunrise Records in Chinook Centre. They offer a variety of vinyl records, cds, and cassettes, even extending as far as merchandise. 

You can also buy several electronic-related goods such as headphones, turntables, speakers, and other handy accessories. 

Aside from those, you can also purchase games (board games, card games, puzzles, etc.), movies and TVs, toys and gifts. 


Phone: +1 403-903-0061

Token is haven for any toy collector looking for their next big purchase. They offer a wide array of products like Genshin Impact blind boxes, Pokemon collections, Sanrio building blocks, and a whole lot more. 

They also carry the famous Sonny Angel figurines – though like other stores, these sell out pretty fast here. 

Play Line Friends 


Get all the cute new goodies of the popular Line Friends at their store in Chinook Mall! You’ll go crazy over their assortment of products that come in different forms like adorable plushies, fluffy handbags, lovely coffee mugs, cool graphic tees, and more. 


Phone: +1 403-212-0213

Gamestop is one of the locals’ one-stop-shops for anything video game-related. Aside from the newly released games, you can also purchase other items from them such as game consoles, accessories, collectibles, and more. 

You can also trade-in your used gadgets including phones, tables, and the like to receive credit or cash for better deals for your purchases! 


Phone: +1 403-255-5582

Aesop is an Australian brand that garnered worldwide attention because of their tastefully designed stores as well as their high-grade products for skin, hair, and body. Additionally, they’re also vegan and cruelty-free. 

A few of their best sellers include the parsley seed anti-oxidant serum, resurrection hand wash, and tacit eau de parfum fragrance. 

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