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How to Have the Best Time in Canada Olympic Park

How to Have the Best Time in Canada Olympic Park (Guaranteed!)

If you find yourself reading this article, chances are you’re looking for the most exciting time in the city. Well, congratulations, because you discovered the best source for all things exciting in Calgary! 

Today, The Best Calgary is here to guide you to a fun time at Canada Olympic Park. This destination is sure to bring you more excitement than a nail-biting game of the Calgary Flames – that’s for sure. 

It’s like an amusement park, but instead of roller coasters and merry-go-rounds, you’ve got adrenaline-pumping activities that might question your life choices at least once or twice, especially when you find yourself hurtling down from a daunting height of 8 stories!

Where to Stay in Calgary for Canada Olympic Park

1. Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Suites Calgary West 

Address: 8220 Bowridge Crescent NW, Calgary, AB T3B 2V1, Canada
Phone: +1 403-288-4441
Pricing: $$
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Just a quick 4-minute drive away from the Canada Olympic Park is the Four Points Hotel, a haven for enthusiastic sports fans. 

Tired from playing sports the whole day? You can get yourself pampered and rejuvenated at their onsite spa. 

They also have other enticing amenities, including an ergonomic workstation in your room, a fully-equipped fitness center, and an indoor pool, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay. 

2. Sandman Hotel & Suites Calgary West

Address: 125 Bowridge Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3B 3R6, Canada
Phone: +1 403-288-6033
Pricing: $$
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Sandman Hotel & Suites is another nearby accommodation perfect for anyone looking to enjoy Canada Olympic Park to the fullest. 

It offers chic and stylish rooms that could easily elevate anyone’s stay. For added convenience, pets are allowed in selected rooms, allowing you to bring your fur babies along for the ride.

Their wide array of facilities includes an indoor pool, meeting rooms, an on-site restaurant, business centers, and more. 

Activities to Do in Canada Olympic Park 

1. Mountain biking

In the summertime, Canada Olympic Park is a thrilling location for mountain biking in Calgary.  

Their expansive terrain caters to a variety of skill levels, making it a perfect destination for any kind of cyclist. However, the park reminds us to only explore the terrain that corresponds with our comfort level. 

If challenges and improving your skill is what you aim for, they also offer several programs and lessons to help you reach your desired level. 

2. Zip-lining

Folks who are afraid of heights, look away! Another popular activity at Canada Olympic Park is zip-lining – an ultimate activity sure to provide the adrenaline-rush you seek.

The zip line cable stretches for about 500 meters, featuring an exhilarating descent of approximately 100 meters, which is a recipe for drawing out screams and excitement to those brave enough to try. 

For safety reasons, participants of this activity should weigh between 70 and 250lb. Also note that this activity is only available from July to October. 

3. Bobsledding

If you have several companions with you, bobsledding is a must-try activity. This is surely not for the faint hearted because a crazy ride will make you feel like you’re flying. 

Think of a rollercoaster – but on snow – with an invigorating descent of 121 meters and a total number of 19 curves. It’s crazy and fast and mind-bogglingly fun!

Those who want to try this activity should take note that there have been several accidents here in the past, though. Make sure to exercise caution and observe safety procedures at all times. 

4. Freefalling

If you really want to know what it feels like to fly, you should try freefalling at Canada Olympic park. Obviously, this isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when you’re going to drop a total of 8 stories! 

What makes this experience even more extreme is that the fall won’t be a quick one, allowing you to savor the views and soak in the excitement… or build up some anxiety over it, of course. 

5. Mini golfing

If the extreme activities we’ve mentioned so far aren’t your cup of tea don’t worry, we won’t call you chicken – well, maybe just once for fun!

Instead, why not try doing something more relaxing – mini golfing. They boast of an impressive 18-hole champion-style course, offering a fun time for everyone. 

A lot of families try this out because it’s suitable for any skill level. That said, keep in mind that some stairs and bridges installed with the course might be taxing for some players. 

6. Scenic chair lifting

Here’s another relaxing activity that still includes a little bit of thrill – chair lifting. If you can trade your fear of heights for a couple of minutes of bravery, you’re promised views of the Calgary skyline and the Rocky Mountains. 

If you desire a more romantic setting, try this out right before the sun sets. Witnessing the sky slowly transition to nighttime is a great experience to share with the love of your life. Maybe this is the perfect time to pull out the ring you’ve been hiding in the bedside drawer? 

7. Skiing and snowboarding

Experience the best winter outdoor activity at Canada Olympic Park by spending a day of skiing and/or snowboarding. 

For the convenience of their guests, they offer 2 kinds of tickets, namely the Standard Access and the Advanced Access. If you’re a beginner to the sport, the former is recommended. 

Otherwise, choose the latter, which guarantees you entrance to the advanced terrain park. It goes without saying that this requires you to have advanced skiing or snowboarding skills. 

8. Downhill Karting

Instead of the usual go karting activity, Canada Olympic Park provides an even more exciting experience through Downhill Karting. The way down stretches for 1,800 meters with 50 exciting twists. 

Hold on, though: before you consider this a nightmare-inducing activity, you might want to hear this. In downhill karting, you get to be in charge of your descent on the track so it isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, the activity is even labeled kid-friendly!

9. Ice Hockey

The Calgary Olympic Park experience wouldn’t be complete without the city’s favorite sport – Ice Hockey. 

The park offers its visitors a chance to work on their skills before competing on the ice through sessions of stick & puck. Rentals are usually available, but as of the moment, they require participants to have a helmet and a stick on hand. 

10. Exploring the Sports Hall of Fame

Though Canada Olympic Park remains a thrilling destination for those searching for adrenaline-filled activities, it also offers a chance to glimpse the local sports history through the Sports Hall of Fame. 

The 40,000 square foot structure is filled with memorabilia filled with the country’s sports superstars which would surely ignite the hearts of any sports enthusiasts.  

Where to Eat in Canada Olympic Park 

1. Eightyeight Bar & Grill 

Phone: +1 403-247-5607
Pricing: $$

Located on the second floor of the Frank King Day Lodge, Eightyeight Bar & Grill offers plenty of filling meals to the hungry visitors of Canada Olympic Park. 

Their menu includes hearty plates including our personal favorite, the 88 burger. Aside from the famous Alberta patty, it also comes with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and sundried tomato pesto all nestled in a tasty onion bun. 

By the way, they also have a few selections of alcoholic beverages, which are great for unwinding after an exciting day doing extreme outdoor sports. Of course, it goes without saying that you should only drink alcohol after (and not before) doing sports. 

2. Food Court 

Pricing: $

If you’re looking for variety, the Canada Olympic Park food court boasts of their rich selections of delicious dishes, which makes it an ideal choice for a large number of groups. 

From grilled cheese sandwiches and corn dogs to sausage breakfast sandwiches and mini donuts, you’re guaranteed plenty of tasty treats to fuel you up for your desired activity. 

3. Garden Cafe

Pricing: $

Offering plenty of on-the-go snacks is Garden Cafe to the rescue. Their concept is to provide plenty of healthy options, giving sports enthusiasts in the area the maximum nutrients. 

Their buffalo chicken wrap is enough to fuel us up for the entire day though they also have a lot of snack options including cheese nibblers and nutrigrain bars. 

They also have a wide variety of coffee options to help you power through your exhilarating activities. 

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