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5 Enjoyable Summer Activities in Calgary

5 Enjoyable Summer Activities in Calgary

It’s beautiful during the summer in Calgary. It’s the perfect time to do fun activities and get together with your  family and friends. 

In this article, we discuss some fun summer activities you ought to try in Calgary. We’re sure you’ll have a blast with them, so check them out! 

1. Bring out the kid in you and go to a theme park.

Bring out the kid in you and go to a theme park
Photo by Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash

It’s best to go to theme parks and carnivals during the summer because the weather’s nice and kids are normally on summer vacation. 

Calaway Park is a must-try for sure. They’re famous for their many rides such as roller coasters, carousels, bump cars, air gliders, and even a log ride. 

It’s also great during the summer because they also have campgrounds where you can put up a tent or park an RV in with your family and friends. You can have picnics and campfires and have the perfect summer getaway – the possibilities are endless. 

Other theme parks include Cobb’s Adventure Park and Rotary Park Spray Pool, which are both so perfect in the summer. 

2. Try astronaut ice cream at TELUS Spark Science Centre.

Try astronaut ice cream at TELUS Spark Science Centre
Photo from Telus Spark

Nothing screams summer more than ice cream! It’s the best treat on warm days for kids and adults. 

What’s interesting about this is it’s astronaut and planet  themed ice cream, which is perfect for outer space enthusiasts out there. The Astronaut Ice Cream shop is actually just part of the Rocket Fuel cafe, which serves fantastic coffee

They have 10 ice cream flavors; one for each of the 9 planets in the solar system and Pluto. 

3. Attend festivals. 

Summer is the time for the many festivals in Calgary. Some examples are the Calgary Stampede in July, Mexifest, Calgary Turkish Festival, Inglewood Sunfest, Folk Music Festival, and Sun and Salsa Festival. 

Enjoy the food, music, attractions, and many more during these festivals. It’s truly something worth marking your calendar for. 

4. Try kayaking or rafting in the river.

Try kayaking or rafting in the river
Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Put on your comfiest swimsuits and rent a kayak or raft and paddle around Bow River or Elbow River. This is one of the most recommended activities during the summer because it’s the perfect way to get an arm workout and cool off. 

Just make sure to know the safety protocols and rules before rafting. Your safety is still the utmost priority. 

Don’t forget your hat, sunglasses, and required life vest! 

5. Have a picnic. 

One of the best things about summer is the food! It’s a great way to experience different cultures and enjoy them. 

Bring your family and pack your picnic basket and find a good spot in the best parks in Calgary such as Bowness park, St. Patrick’s Island, Carburn Park, and many more. 

They usually offer picnic tables and spots, fire pits, and barbecue stands. You can have burgers and pizza delivered, eat fresh seafood, or try different cuisines such as Indian food or Chinese food

Whatever you eat, the most important part is to have fun and enjoy the food and good company. 

Summer time is a great season for all kinds of fun activities and great food. We hope we were able to give you a few ideas on what to do during the summer. 

Did we miss out on any fun activities to do in Calgary? Let us know in the comments. 

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