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If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that you won’t run out of beautiful places to visit in Calgary. Whether you’re planning a family trip, going out with friends, spending a day with your kids, or enjoying a date with your partner, you’ll find lots of different attractions to enjoy in this big city!


Not sure where to start? Taking a stroll around a heritage park, exploring a science exhibit, visiting a music museum, or sightseeing at the Calgary tower are some of the best things to do in Calgary.


Want to make memorable moments with your kids? Visit the best amusement parks in Calgary and enjoy a day of petting zoos, haunted houses, water parks, carnival games, and exhilarating rides with your kiddos!


If you want something less thrilling, you can take long relaxing strolls in flower gardens, community gardens, or outdoor trails within the city. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy spending a nice sunny day with their loved ones in the best gardens in Calgary?


Looking for more sophistication, culture, and style in the city? You’ll find intriguing art exhibits, historical displays, and thought-provoking paintings when you visit the places with the best art galleries in Calgary.


Finally, we’ve also listed down the best Calgary festivals that you should look forward to! You can expect week-long art festivals, international Beerfest, art and science events, and crazy rodeo competitions like their famous Calgary stampede festival.

From family-friendly parks to outrageous cultural festivities, Calgary has some of the best attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.