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Best Water Treatment Services in Calgary

The 5 Best Water Treatment Services in Calgary

The city of Calgary treats water that comes out of the Bow and Elbow Rivers to make sure that citizens have access to clean drinking water—all day, every day. But just because water is potable doesn’t mean it’s ideal for other activities like washing hair, taking baths and watering plants.

That’s where this list comes in. Ahead, we identify the best water treatment services is Calgary to ensure you and your family have only the best, cleanest water flowing through your home.

How Much Does Water Treatment Cost in Calgary?

Pricing depends on the kind of water treatment unit you choose to invest in. Reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, UV disinfection systems and self-flushing filters all have different price tags and installation services.

For instance, water softeners, which are the most common water treatment service in Calgary, cost anywhere between $500 to $700 when purchased and installed without professional help.

Prices climb to $1,300 and up when hiring a water treatment company—however, the service comes with consultations and up to 10 years of warranty.

The Best Water Treatment Services in Calgary

Ready to jump in? Keep reading for our list of the best water treatment services in Calgary!

1.   West Country Pump and Filtration Ltd.

West Country Pump and Filtration Ltd.'s Banner
SERVICESWater softeners, reverse osmosis, peroxide injection, UV disinfection, custom filtration, pumping systems, wash systems, cistern cleaning, inspection
ADDRESS#12-5935 35th Street SE Calgary, Alberta, T2C 2H1
CONTACT DETAILS1 403 348 0109
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday, on call for emergencies

West Country Pump and Filtration have locations in both Red Deer and Calgary. A testament to their top-tier service, their Red Deer branch was awarded the Gold Customer Service award back in 2018—but you can be certain that they extend the same attention and customer care to their Calgary customers as well.

West Country is preferred by clients not only because of their services, but their service as well. Sonny) who takes the lead) and the his team are quick, responsive and upfront about their products and pricing.

They provide a wide range of water treatment services, from pumps and softeners to reverse osmosis systems. They are also one of Pentair’s True Blue partners, a pool of professionals that are hand-picked for their skills and experience.

Furthermore, West Country offers custom filtration. This gives homeowners the flexibility to address specific concerns their family may have by targeting certain contaminants, controlling water flow and more.


  • Offers free water analysis
  • Pentair True Blue partner
  • Uses Pentair True Blue products for water treatment services
  • Stringent COVID-19 protocol for on-site jobs, accessible via their website


  • May lack flexibility in brand and product offerings, due to their partnership with Pentair True Blue
  • Pricing not listed online

Customer Reviews

Read through these customer reviews for more of the reasons we selected West Country Pump and Filtration as one of the best water treatment services in Calgary.

“Thanks for installing the hydrogen peroxide system as it allows my family to drink directly from the taps and eliminates the sulfur smell and taste. It has been a year and we are still on our first hydrogen peroxide container with a quarter left. Great system, will recommend it.” —Tony Woo

“Sonny and the crew at West Country Pump and Filtration were phenomenal. They were professional, efficient and knew exactly what would work best for my home. I highly recommend them.” —Rebecca Stares

2.   BRM Water Conditioning, Inc.

BRM Water Conditioning, Inc.'s Banner
SERVICESWater softeners, reverse osmosis, well treatment, iron filters, UV light filtration, self-flushing filters, chemical feed pumps, leak detectors, equipment installment
ADDRESS111 Hawksbrow Mews NW Calgary, Alberta, T3G 3B6, Canada
[email protected]
Contact form

If you prefer going to time-tested establishments, look no further than BRM Water Conditioning, Inc. This family-owned business has been servicing Calgarians for over 20 years.

With their two-decade tenure, BRM has become one of the most popular water treatment businesses in Calgary, as well as neighboring cities. Due to high demand, they even opened an online shop to give customers across North America easy access to their equipment and replacement parts.

This popularity can, of course, come with its fair share of negatives. With so many customers favoring BRM over other water treatment services in Calgary, it can be difficult to schedule an appointment.

When you do manage to avail of their services, though, you can expect nothing less than excellence.

The BRM Water Conditioning team serves up a wide range of products and services for both residential and commercial spaces. One of the most impressive offers is an innovative leak detector, which can keep you from spending on water that you don’t get to use!


  • 20-year tenure
  • Has an online store for equipment and parts
  • Wide range of readily available products and parts


  • Operating hours not listed online
  • Does not offer free consultations

Customer Reviews

Check out reviews from BRM Water Conditioning, Inc.’s customers below.

“Derek was terrific.  His offerings [are] up there in quality with the two fancy brands but without the fancy price. They are also not the cheap stuff you can get from a mass retailer. I have a water softening system installed on the main supply, with dechlorinator included (bypassing the outdoor faucets), then a drinking water system. Working well. Price was reasonable. Communication was on point. Would definitely recommend.” —Edmund Wang

“Amazing service! Very professional and honest. Would recommend to use any time!” —Parm Brar

3.   EcoWater Systems Calgary

EcoWater Systems Calgary's Banner
SERVICESResidential water softener, reverse osmosis
ADDRESS5510, 3 St., SE Calgary, Alberta, T2H 1J9
Contact form

EcoWater Systems Calgary is a company driven by the power of education and information. Let us explain why.

First, they empower all their staff to get the necessary experience to perform well on the job. Not only do all EcoWater employees have factory experience, they also received training at the Canadian Water Quality Association.

On the other hand, they make sure that their customers are well-informed. They keep customers in the loop on all installments and repairs, as well as news about water supply and cleanliness in Calgary.

One of the reasons that customers prefer them is that rather than requiring paid site visits to examine and address every concern, the EcoWater team welcomes phone inquiries. They guide customers through quick fixes and basic repairs on the phone.

While their operating hours are not stated on their website, EcoWater’s clients attest to their round-the-clock responsiveness. If you encounter water issues early in the morning or late at night, give them a ring and they’ll do their best to help out.


  • Over 90 years of service
  • All workers trained at the Canadian Water Quality Association
  • Responsive to client calls
  • Offers free water testing


  • No operating hours listed online

Customer Reviews

Here’s what previous Ecowater clients have to say about their water treatment services.

“I have used Ecowater Systems Calgary for the water quality issues I have on my acreage for over 15 years, I have extremely hard water and also high TDS in the water. Aaron has designed and taken care of our equipment for all these years, when I have had problems he has been there to help out, 24 hours a day. I have recommended many people to Aaron and Ecowater because I believe he is the best at what he does. My water system contains a constant velocity pump, water softener, ultraviolet light and a distiller.” —Dale Brummitt

“We were fortunate to find this company who came out to repair our water softener when most of the other companies would just get us a new one. They were successful in making the repairs. They were also very good at coming back when the softener did not work properly after the first attempt. Great people to deal with.” —Timothy Tang

4.   Pure Water Company

Pure Water Company's Banner
SERVICESReverse osmosis, water softeners, bottled water refill, water delivery, bottled water coolers, well water treatment, chlorine removal, filter changes and servicing
ADDRESS#216-2835 23 St NE Calgary, Alberta, T2E 7A4
[email protected]
Contact form
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday, 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Scroll through the customer ratings about Pure Water Company online, and you’ll find that the top reason clients keep coming back is their top-notch customer service. Pure Water’s customers only have wonderful things to say about their knowledgeable and accommodating staff.

But no business would last 15 years with good customer service alone. While Pure Water’s services primarily cover only the fundamentals of water treatment, they ensure that they perform these well.

Besides providing reverse osmosis and water softening systems, they are also able to diagnose potential long-term issues.

They make sure to get to the root of the problem when they do residential check-ups, even repairing systems that other water treatment service providers simply choose to ignore.

Pure Water Company also caters to clients who prefer drinking only bottled water. They offer refills for 3 and 5 gallon jugs for only $2.50 a bottle at their office.


  • 15 years of experience
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Offers water bottle refills and coolers


  • Offers only basic water treatment services like softeners, reverse osmosis and chlorine removal

Customer Reviews

Curious about Pure Water Company? Read through these customer reviews to find out more about their services.

“Bought a new water cooler from Pure Water and am so pleased with the pleasant service and pricing is very good! Definitely recommend, thank you Pure Water! Definitely will use you for all our refills.” —Roxanne Knapp

“Taylor was super helpful (and patient) while I was dealing with [reverse osmosis] issues that were due to limited support from another company. Will definitely go back with future water related purchases.” —Ryan Graham

5.   Mountain Fresh Canada Ltd.

Mountain Fresh Canada Ltd.'s Banner
SERVICESMountain Fresh™ Filter, taps, chillers, reverse osmosis, dual-tap instant hot water, granite countertop drilling, maintenance
ADDRESS#15-2928 18th Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 7B1
[email protected]

Mountain Fresh Canada has been around for over 30 years, catering to water treatment concerns in the Calgary area. However, it was only a little over 20 years ago when they introduced their very own water filtration system, the Mountain Fresh™ Filter.

Offering their own solution to removing water contaminants, they spent 15 years perfecting the Mountain Fresh™ filtration system.

What started as a bulky unit made out of low-grade, monthly filters is now a three-part compact device that removes organic chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, benzene, dirt and any matter that can cause bad odor, taste and color.

There are three stages involved in using the Mountain Fresh™Filter.

The filter system connects to the cold water line under the sink, another compact unit is installed under the counter, and then a drinking tap is installed in one of the sink’s inner corners. These small and conveniently installed units work together to provide unlimited filtered water to your household.

Besides their original filtration system, Mountain Fresh Canada also offers the conventional reverse osmosis system, taps and chillers, among others. They offer their services for both homes and commercial spaces.


  • Over 30 years of experience providing water treatment in Calgary
  • Has their own unique filtration system
  • Mountain Fresh™Filter is compact and relatively hidden, unlike other bulky water treatment units


  • Apart from the Mountain Fresh™Filter, water treatment services are limited
  • Does not offer free water testing
  • No operating hours listed online

Customer Reviews

Check out these reviews from Mountain Fresh Canada customers!

“Awesome company. Matt came out and delivered a filter for me and answered all my questions as I moved into a house and assumed ownership of the water system. Highly recommended.” —Cory Wong

“Matt from Mountain Fresh is truly skilled in customer service. He did everything he could to ensure I got the service I needed. I highly recommend this company as what they did for me is a testament to how high of a standard they hold themselves to.” —Fiona Ho

The Best Kinds of Home Water Treatment in Calgary

There are various kinds of water treatment, so you may need a little help in figuring out which would be the best fit for your household. Below, we give you quick explanations on the common types of  water treatment in Calgary.


If you notice strange smells and tastes in your water, you may want to consider getting a water filter for your household. These systems purify water by removing different contaminants, such as arsenic, copper, lead, iron, industrial byproducts, chlorine and sediments.

Reverse-osmosis filtration is a popular choice. Using a semi-permeable barrier to separate unwanted chemicals and minerals from your water supply, the RO filtration system can get rid of up to 95% of dissolved solids.

Water Softening

Dry, sensitive and irritated skin is a telltale sign of hard water in your home. Other things to watch out for include spots or residue left on your dishes and flatware after washing.

Water softeners treat hard water, which is flush with magnesium and calcium, by using salt or brine. It modifies the water to adjust the mineral content within it.

Switching to softer water can make your water-dependent appliances work more efficiently and reduce build-up in your pipes. This shift can also work wonders for those who notice they have dry or sensitive skin and hair.


Research shows that using distilled water for plants is beneficial for their growth. If you tend to a garden or keep plants indoors, you may want to consider a distillation system.

Relying on good ol’ heat to get the job done, water is boiled in the distillation process. The resulting steam—now free of contaminants—is then collected and stored in a separate container for your usage.


Viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa and worms could exist and thrive in water that has not been disinfected. A home disinfection system will remove and dispose of these microorganisms to make water safe for drinking and washing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Treatment

That wraps up our guide to water treatment services in Calgary! Shoot us a message if you have other tried and tested water treatment companies you think we should include in this list.

In this guide, we mentioned that water softeners are the most common treatment unit in Calgary, due to the hard water in the area. If you’ve narrowed down your scope and are looking specifically for water softeners, check out our list of the best water softeners in Calgary.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to purchase potable water instead, read our list of the best Calgary water suppliers for drinking.

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