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Best Wallpaper Installation Companies in Calgary

The 5 Best Wallpaper Installation Companies in Calgary

Looking for creative and expressive designs to line your walls without breaking the bank? If so, then we can help you get the best wallpapers in town.

Aside from the providers of the best wallpaper installation in Calgary, we’ve also listed the pros, cons, and costs of the different types of wallpaper materials. If you still have questions about the topic after, feel free to scroll down to our FAQs section!

How Much Do Wallpaper Installations in Calgary Cost?

Here are the pricing schemes your installer may follow.

Labour costsExpected price range
Per roll$30-$125
Per hour$30-$100
Per sq ft$2-$10

As promised, here are the different types of wallpaper and how much the product may cost.

Type of wallpaperExpected price range (per roll)
Vinyl-coated paper$60-$100
Vinyl-coated fabric$100-$130
Wood pattern$40-$120

The Best Wallpaper Installers in Calgary

Now, let’s talk about the best wallpaper installers in town to add some colour to your walls. You can also purchase wallpaper from most of these installers.

1. Colors In Contrast Inc. Calgary Wallpaper Installer

Colors In Contrast Inc. Calgary Wallpaper Installer
TYPES OF WALLPAPERCommercial vinyl, grasscloth, traditional wallpaper, murals
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 809-2945
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

As one of the best professional wallpaper installers in Calgary, Colors in Contrast can handle most mainstream types of wallpaper. From patterns on commercial vinyl to intricate and real textures of grasscloth, Colors in Contrast provides high-quality wallpapers.

Colors in Contrast also does mural wallpapers. So, those who have pictures they want to easily paste onto their walls can approach this installer for help.

Its portfolio consists of wallpaper installations for tall staircase walls, full-scale bedroom and living room projects alike. Additionally, Colors in Calgary knows how to work with moisture, as it also does wallpaper installations for bathrooms.

And you should know, Colors in Contrast accommodates residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike.

But there are also things we’re not enthusiastic about this company. For one, it’s closed on weekdays. Luckily, Colors in Contrast can still service its clients on weekends upon email request.

The other thing is that Colors in Contrast is a one-man team. Luckily, this also means that the installer, Mike, provides its full attention to its clients, from the measurement and consultation up to the installation and clean-up.


  • Offers mural wallpapers
  • An expert with hard-to-cover areas
  • Personalized services
  • Available on weekend upon request


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Relatively small team

Customer Reviews

From its quotations to the actual installation, Colors in Contrast provides seamless transactions and services. At least, that’s what we’ve gathered from reviews such as these:

“Mike did an excellent job. He was the only person I called for a quote that actually made sure I had enough wallpaper. The store miss calculated so I would have been short.

Also there were uneven corners on my wall and he did an excellent job lining up the pattern.

I was very impressed with his work and pricing. I would highly recommend Mike.”—Denise Vyskocil

“We love the job that Mike did for us.  We had some difficult areas to wallpaper – around transoms and with patterns.  We also had limited wallpaper stock availability.   Mike handled all of these problems and did a great job.  He managed to maximize the wallpaper we had available without compromising the quality of the install.  He also has a lovely voice so keep the door open so you can hear him sing and whistle along to his radio. My husband and I definitely recommend Mike.”—Maria Elder

2. Modern Wall Design Ltd

Modern Wall Design Ltd
TYPES OF WALLPAPERGrasscloth, cork, silk and fabric wallcoverings, murals, wallpaper with selvage edge, acrylic and vinyl-coated papers, pre-pasted papers, non-woven products, patterned paper, damask pattern, paste-the-wall products, commercial vinyls, Lincrusta
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 671-6774 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Now, if you’re also looking for credibility, then Modern Wall Design may just be what you need. This company offers various wall covering and wallpaper services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike.

Modern Wall Design is run by Steven and Viktoria, licensed professional wallpaper installers with European training. Steven even has a Master’s degree in wall covering installations.

Together, they bring and install various wallpapers and wall coverings. Modern Wall Design even does optical illusions to make walls as interesting as your personality and household.

Modern Wall Design offers all kinds of wallpapers, from grasscloth and fabrics to vinyl and pre-pasted wallpapers. What’s more is that this company is the only Canadian certified installer of the exquisite and embossed Lincrusta wallpaper.

However, despite offering installations for various wallpaper materials, Modern Wall Design doesn’t have a showroom or even a location you can visit.

Luckily, Modern Wall Design has excellent customer service and has even gained numerous awards through the years for it. So, if you still want to avail of its services, you can simply answer Modern Wall Design’s convenient and detailed appointment forms online.


  • A large selection of wallpaper types and materials
  • The only certified Lincrusta wallpaper installer in Canada
  • Multi-awarded installation company
  • Convenient online appointment forms


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Small team
  • No showroom to visit

Customer Reviews

From preparation to the cleanup, Modern Wall Design is highly approved of by its clients. Here are some of its positive reviews to tell you more:

“Definitely a higher standard of service and diligence than expected from a typical wallpaper installer. Steven provides comprehensive wall treatment, including wall preparation (and repair when necessary), superb wallpaper installation and cleanup, inclusive with professionalism, value added services and cost consciousness. We highly recommend Modern Wall Design without reservation for any wallpaper needs.”—Shamir & Jigna

“I recently contracted Modern Wall Design for the installation of an imported European wallpaper in my nursery. They were extremely quick to reply to my request for proposal, were very open and honest regarding pricing, quick to install the wallpaper and a real pleasure to deal with. Would definitely recommend them for future installations!”—Vicente Godoy

3. Sonata Design

Sonata Design
TYPES OF WALLPAPERTextured, fabric, leather, cork, silk, stone, velvet, grasscloth, pre-pasted, vinyl
ADDRESS6170 12 St SE #114, Calgary, AB T2H 2X2
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 930-0332
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Sonata Design could be a sound option for those who think they need more than just the best wallpaper installation in Calgary to reinvent their space.

This interior designer can handle everything, may it be wallpaper, window coverings, draperies, closet organizers or even home automation systems. The best thing is that it provides a 2-year no-questions-asked warranty for all its installations.

For wallpapers, Sonata Design mostly does modern designs of murals as well as geometric and botanical designs. This installer also has aesthetic and functional textured wallpapers.

Sonata Design even has showrooms, which we think will be very beneficial, especially if you want to feel textured wallpaper samples and inspect wallpaper designs in detail.

But due to current restrictions, Sonata Design’s showroom is only open via appointment. Luckily, it is open six days a week and has short online forms for appointment requests.

Besides, Sonata Design also does virtual consultations and in-home consultations. During the consultation, Sonata Design’s experts will measure your walls, curate the overall style and design, and provide you with advice and a transparent quote.


  • Virtual and in-home consultation options
  • A showroom to visit
  • A large selection of wallpaper types and materials
  • One-stop-shop for window and wall design
  • 2-year installation warranty


  • Greater focus on blinds, draperies, and window covers
  • Some complaints about aftercare customer service
  • Long lead times (3-4 weeks)

Customer Reviews

We’ve also learned that Sonata Design is praised for its informative and friendly staff. Here are Sonata Design’s reviews pertaining to its wallpaper installation service:

“Lynda Gowland was fantastic! She was easy to deal with and knew the products she was working with very well, which allowed her to offer up great advice and ideas for us. The installer for the wallpaper was great too. Both the conversations on the phone to book a time with Mike and the installation with Dave. He did a phenomenal job and was very personable.”—Julia Wilson

“Sonata is always my first stop for any drapery, wallpaper and custom closets & automation.   Their professional service is the best in the industry and their showroom is beautifully done and easy to view all their product.  I would highly recommend Sonata to anyone.”—Jordan Bondar

4. Drop Wallcoverings

Drop Wallcoverings
TYPES OF WALLPAPERBoutique wallpapers, fabrics, silks, grasscloth, beaded, non-woven, vinyl, & metallics
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 830-8660 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Drop Wall Coverings caters to homeowners, interior designers, contractors, architects, and builders creating interiors. It even offers product and service discounts for contractors, architects, and designers.

Since it focuses only on wallpapers, Drop Wall Coverings can handle installations in any wall of any residential and commercial space. Not only will it handle the installation, but it will also measure your walls and supply you with your desired wallpaper.

Whether you want elegant fabric or silk wallpapers or practical vinyl and non-woven wallpapers, Drop Wall Coverings has your back.

To avail of Drop Wall Coverings’ services, you’ll need only request a quote online. Its quotations are also detailed, all thanks to the questions in its online forms.

All of these services are made possible by Jon Fuglestveit. He is a Kelowna-based installer with journeyman designation for carpentry, WIA accreditations, WHIMS certification, and Professional Home Builders Institute certificates for his operations in Calgary.

For its complete range of services, Drop Wall Coverings has even received numerous awards from Houzz.


  • Convenient and detailed online request forms
  • Multi-awarded company
  • Accredited by numerous wallpaper authorities
  • A large selection of wallpaper types


  • Unavailable on weekends
  • Relatively small team

Customer Reviews

Read these reviews to know what else it is that clients like about Drop Wall Coverings:

“Jon is a master at his craft. He wallpapered all the walls of our bathroom with a complex pattern and perfectly scribed around the tile. I would HIGHLY recommend him! You won’t be disappointed!”—Carrie Spring

“I got multiple quotes for wallpaper installation and Drop Wallcoverings was well priced.  I received responses in a quick and timely fashion.  Jon was easy to work with and did an amazing job with the two feature walls we did in our hope.  The walls look awesome and he was so courteous and clean you’d never know he was in your home if it wasnt for the beautiful job he did.  Highly recommended!  Would use him again for sure.”—Mariko S

5. Skyview Blinds & Shades

Skyview Blinds & Shades
TYPES OF WALLPAPERPeel-and-stick, vinyl
ADDRESS 10985 38 St NE Unit# 129, Calgary, AB T3N 1E7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 714-0416 |  [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Skyview Blinds & Shades is yet another expert offering all types of interior design services.

We especially like that Skyview Blinds & Shades has a showroom that you can visit. Here, you can pick a wallpaper and match it with blinds and window covers that’ll complete your interior design.

This showroom is open six days a week. Moreover, Skyview Blinds & Shades guarantees its clients flexible scheduling for installations.

However, as you may have guessed from its name, Skyview focuses more on window accessories. So, just hope that this company has time to entertain your project when requesting an appointment.

Additionally, it only has a limited selection of vinyl and peel-and-stick wallpaper types. Luckily, these types of wallpapers are durable yet easy to remove, so clients who want long-term design and clients who frequently redesign can both benefit from Skyview.

Skyview’s vinyl wallpaper selection allows it to accommodate homeowners who are planning to take on the wallpaper installation themselves.


  • Flexible scheduling
  • A showroom to visit
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper for DIY installers
  • One-stop-shop for window and wall design


  • More focus on blinds & shades
  • Some complaints about aftercare customer service
  • A limited selection of wallpaper types

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews to manage your expectations should you choose Skyview for wallpaper installations:

“Skyview blinds did a great job!! Good customer service and affordable prices. I also got some wallpapers installed and the outcome is amazing!! Would highly recommend !!”—Harman Kaur

“Skyview blinds did a great job!! Good customer service and affordable prices. I also got some wallpapers installed and the outcome is amazing!! Would highly recommend !!”—Akshay Saini

How to DIY Wallpaper Installations

1. Layout the wall

Before anything else, measure the length and width of your walls. Locate the center point, where the dominant element of the wallpaper should stick.

2. First application

Then, cut a small strip of wallpaper and attach it along the center point. As much as possible, the main wallpaper design should be in the very middle.

You can also start at the edge, where you can hide the more visible seams.

3. Plumb line

Then, create a plumb line, or a straight vertical line from the top to bottom of the wall, ¼ inch away from the strip’s edge. You can use a laser pointer or a level for the plumb line.

4. Cutting the strips

Now, if you have complicated continuous patterns, you should mark areas where the design overlaps for each strip. You can use easy-to-remove tapes for such markings.

After making the markings, make sure you cut each strip so that the edge of a design continues smoothly to the next strip. Consider using sharp-edge cutters for a clean cut.

5. Applying/activating the adhesive

Then, you should prep the backside to make it stick to the walls. Some wallpapers need you to roll some paste on their backside while others need only some moisture to activate their adhesive undersides.

After activating or applying the adhesive, fold the strip so that the two edges meet halfway and the full adhesive side is covered. This process is called booking and could take 3-5 minutes for the paper to soften and the adhesive to activate.

6. Install

Once the adhesive side is ready, it’s time you install your wallpaper, strip by strip. Install the strip next to the edge of the previous one.

You can have some extra strips hanging loose at the top or bottom, you’ll cut them out later anyway.

For corners, overlap the strip in such a way that one side exceeds by around ⅛ of an inch. Then, cover up this excess with a strip at the adjacent side of the corner.

7. Flatten

Lastly, you should flatten the wallpaper by using a smoother. You should also wipe the wallpaper with a warm and damp sponge to remove any residual paste.

A roller can also help you even out seams and edges. Avoid pressing too hard as the paste can ooze out.

8. Cut

Lastly, cut the excess wallpapers at the top and bottom areas. Then, continue the cycle.

If all these steps seem too much of a hassle, then just pick any of our entries and you’ll be good to go. Besides, corners, mouldings, and window and door edges can be tricky for DIY installers.

Types of Wallpaper Material

Wallpaper doesn’t just come in various designs; it can also come in various types and materials. Consider these advantages and disadvantages of the different wallpaper types.

1. Liner wallpaper

Liner wallpaper is excellent for smoothing out uneven surfaces in your walls. They’re usually made from paper or fibreglass.

Pros: easy installation, easy removal,

Cons: limited designs

2. Traditional/paper

Traditional wallpapers are usually made from cellulose, a natural material.

Pros: breathable, affordable, accessible

Cons: not washable, colour-fading

3. Vinyl

Vinyl wallpaper continues to be a popular choice since its appearance in 1947. They’re usually made of paper that’s coated and layered with vinyl for durability.

Pros: durable, washable, low-maintenance, imitate textures, affordable

Cons: not breathable, may have toxic fumes

4. Grasscloth

Grasscloth wallpaper is among the most common types of textured wallpapers. It’s made up of natural materials woven together.

Pros: adds texture, eco-friendly, sound and thermal insulation, breathable

Cons: difficult to clean, colour fading, not moisture-resistant

5. Liquid

Liquid wallpaper is much like paint as you apply it in liquid form and wait for it to dry up.

Pros: easy removal, sound and thermal insulation, eco-friendly, breathable

Cons: easily rinsed, expensive

6. Bamboo

Bamboo wallpaper is made by gluing bamboo strips to paper strips. Because of this structure, bamboo wallpapers often appear with a gradient profile.

Pros: eco-friendly, antibacterial properties, long-lasting colours

Cons: needs delicate handling, not washable, not moisture-resistant

7. Foil

Foil wallpapers are made from thin foil sheets. Thus, this wallpaper type provides a metallic look.

Pros: elegant and polished look, moisture-resistant, durable

Cons: highlights wall defects, fragile, difficult to install

8. Textile

Textile wallpaper can come in just about any type of material. You can find it in cotton, silk, velvet, felt, or feathered textile.

Pros: breathable, insulating, flame-retardant, stain-resistant

Cons: expensive, difficult to install

If your walls have cracks and other imperfections you’d to hide, you can opt for textured or embossed versions of your desired wallpaper material.

FAQs about Wallpapers and Wallpaper Installations

We hope our guide can help you get the best wallpaper installation in Calgary. With these wallpaper installers, you’ll have fresh and creative interior walls in no time.

If you think we’ve missed any other wallpaper installers, feel free to send us your recommendations!

Wallpapers are very versatile in function and aesthetics, but they may not be for everyone, especially for those who want very unique wall designs. So, if you want a more personalized design, then the best painters in Calgary may be what you need.

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