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Best Voice Lessons in Calgary

5 Schools for the Best Voice Lessons in Calgary

Most of us grew up dreaming of becoming performers, entertaining crowds and hearing our voices on the radio. If you still happen to hold on to that dream, you might want to consider acting on your passion for music by taking voice lessons.

There are many music schools and independent vocal coaches in the city. Ahead, we help you narrow down your search.

Keep reading for our roundup of the places with the best voice lessons in Calgary!

How Much Do Voice Lessons Cost in Calgary?

First things first, let’s talk about costs. Voice lessons, in general, are dependent on the class size (solo vs. group), duration and delivery (in-person vs. online).

In Calgary, one-on-one lessons are the more popular choice. Most schools and coaches offer both 30-minute and 60-minute classes at different price points.

To give you a general idea, a solo in-person can go from $25 to $60 for a 30-minute session. An hour-long class would cost you anywhere from $50 to $110.

To paint a clearer picture, we searched high and low for the best voice lessons in Calgary. Below, we put together a price table comparing one-on-one class prices from three listings that publicly disclose their rates: Da Capo Voice Studio, Leroux Studios, and Rockit Vocal Studios.

 FrequencyDelivery30 mins.45 mins.60 mins.
Da Capo Voice StudioSingle classOnline$25/session$37.50/session$50/session
Monthly rate (Once a week)Online$90/month$130/month$175/month
Leroux StudiosMonthly rate (Once a week)In-person$110/month$160/month$200/month
Rockit Vocal StudiosSingle classOnline or in-person$55/session$110/session$110/session
Package rateIn-person $180/ 4 sessions$399/ 4 sessions
Monthly rate Online $275/ 3 sessions

The Best Schools for Voice Lessons in Calgary

Now that you’re aware of how much you’ll be paying, let’s get right into our list. Below, discover the best places for voice lessons in Calgary!

1.   Sherry Kennedy Music

Sherry Kennedy Music's Homepage
PRODUCTSPrivate vocal lessons
ADDRESS13212 Lake Crimson Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 3K6
[email protected]
Contact form

If it’s experience in performing you’re looking for, Sherry Kennedy will give you what you need. Prior to becoming a vocal instructor, Sherry gained acclaim as a recording artist, songwriter and producer.

As a performer, Sherry is known for her ability to adapt to the vocal style required by the song she is performing. This is a sought-after skill in all singers, and one she imparts to her students.

In terms of teaching, Sherry’s one-on-one sessions easily rank among the best voice lessons in Calgary. Open to performers of all ages and skill levels, these hour-long sessions are conducted twice a month in Sherry’s private studio.

For folks who might not be as comfortable interacting with others face-to-face, these lessons can also be conducted via Zoom.

During these private sessions, students can expect to learn the fundamentals of proper breathing, elements of performance and mic technique.

Understanding that performing can be a lifelong journey, Sherry also stresses the importance of properly caring for one’s voice. This is an element of voice lessons that is commonly overlooked, but is crucial for singers who want to carve out a career in music.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, Sherry also offered team workshops and group lessons in her studio. However, these have been put on hold since.


  • Taught by an experienced performer and recording artist
  • Offers lessons in person and online
  • Places heavy importance on vocal care and song selection
  • Open to consultations with more experienced performers


  • Team lessons and workshops are currently unavailable
  • Rates are not disclosed

Customer Reviews

Some of Sherry Kennedy’s students have been training with her for years. Here’s what her students have to say about their learning experience!

“The best vocal coach ever. I have been working with Sherry for at least 5 years, maybe more. She’s a great singing teacher but I call her a vocal coach because with Sherry it’s about performance and how do you present the song to an audience.” —Doug Bassett

“I have been with Sherry for 7 or 8 years now.  Sherry has helped me take my singing from “barely able” to performing in shows, singing in a rock band, and doing musical theater.  It only took maybe a year to see serious improvement thanks to her help with my technique and practices. Sherry is a patient, knowledgeable, and all around excellent vocal coach.  I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their singing!” —Jeff

2.   Da Capo Voice Studio

Da Capo Voice Studio's Homepage
PRODUCTSOnline one-on-one lessons, group lessons

While most vocal coaches have only just begun transitioning to online classes, Da Capo Studio has established digital voice lessons as its niche.

Da Capo Studio was founded by Jill O’Connell, a lifelong performer and graduate of the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance program.

The studio offers two kinds of programs—private and group classes—both of which are taught by Jill and facilitated over Zoom.

Private lessons are offered in 30-minute, 40-minute and 60-minute sessions. Here, students learn how to build their self-confidence, improve voice control and foster their unique vocal color.

On the other hand, group vocal lessons (available for beginners and advanced performers) dive into music theory, practice techniques and harmony. Group classes allow students to perform in front of others and receive and provide peer feedback.

Da Capo offers one-off rates for their private voice lessons, but offers discounted rates for monthly members (who are charged on a monthly basis). For instance, a 30-minute private lesson costs $25 a pop, but will only cost $90 per month for weekly sessions.

This membership system not only saves you money, but takes out the extra step of rebooking lessons one at a time. Lessons are automatically booked at the same time and duration every week!


  • Offers a free 30-minute trial lesson
  • Has a membership system to provide members with convenience and better pricing
  • Online sessions can be replayed and rewatched
  • Offers both private and group sessions
  • Hosts online recitals for students


  • Lessons are exclusively online, which may not work for all students
  • No membership discount for group classes

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews on Da Capo Voice Studio’s lessons!

“My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how convenient and easy it was to work around our busy schedules. It’s also great to have recordings of the lessons to look back on, so we can be engaged and kept in the loop with our son’s progress and musical abilities at any time of the day. We just love how this all worked out. Thanks, Jill!” —Gabriela Ostaficiuc

“My 7 year old daughter has been a student of Jill’s since January. Since we enrolled, her weekly zoom calls with Jill has been a highlight of her week. I was concerned that singing was a passing fad for my daughter but she has really stuck with it. The homework has helped her to learn to develop her voice, and to develop her confidence singing in front of people.” —AJ Dhillion

3.   Voice by Kathleen

Voice by Kathleen's Homepage
PRODUCTSIn-home vocal lessons

Kathleen Morrison is a classically-trained, multi-awarded opera singer. She is a graduate of multiple musical programs from various schools, including the University of Lethbridge, the Vancouver Academy of Music, and Germany’s Lyric Opera Studio Weimar.

But this doesn’t mean that Voice by Kathleen focuses only on operatic singing. Having worked with professionals from pop to musical theater, lessons from Voice by Kathleen are open to all ages, levels and music genres.

Voice by Kathleen offers in-home lessons, meaning that classes are conducted with students one-on-one in their own homes. Besides being extremely convenient, this goes a long way in making students feel more comfortable and less shy.

Kathleen’s hour-long lessons follow a uniform structure. The first 30 minutes are spent practicing and polishing the student’s vocal technique, while the remainder of the session is used putting the theory into practice with songs that the student wants to sing.

While one-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist (especially not in the realm of vocal training), this lesson format is effective. It serves as motivation to learn the fundamentals of singing, with the student singing their favorite songs serving as an effective reward!


  • Lessons are conducted in the student’s home
  • Employs an effective 30-minute theory, 30-minute practice class structure


  • Rates are not publicly disclosed online

Customer Reviews

Read up on some customer reviews to see why Voice by Kathleen made it to our list of the best voice lessons in Calgary!

“I could not say enough good things about Kathleen. If you are looking for upbeat, fun lessons that will improve your confidence and technique, Kathleen is the perfect vocal coach. I saw so much improvement after even just a couple lessons.” —Danielle Mann

“Kathleen is a great vocal coach. She’s really helped me up my game. She’s helped with technique and confidence. I have nothing but praise for Voice by Kathleen!” —Chris Tullock

4.   Leroux Studios

Leroux Studios' Homepage
PRODUCTSOne-on-one voice lessons, instrumental lessons
ADDRESS2114A 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2M 3N5
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

If you’re looking for a music school to foster your passion for music, Leroux Studios might just be the place for you. Owned and run by trained and practicing musicians, Leroux’s music lessons have created a community for music lovers of any age.

In fact, in 2018, Leroux Studios even ranked among Calgary’s top three music schools. Here’s why.

Leroux Studios is a little different from the other listings in this article in how they offer not only voice lessons, but instrumental and academic classes, too. They encourage all their students to fully explore their love of music, therefore allowing them to swap from one kind of lesson to another (i.e. voice to instrumental, or vice versa).

If you’re exclusively searching for voice lessons, though, Leroux Studios’ roster of teachers includes three voice instructors. All three are graduates of music degree programs or musical theatre performers.

In terms of class structures, all the lectures are carried out one-on-one with the student. Not only does this allow the teacher and student to form a better bond, it can ensure that the teacher can commit the entire session to addressing what the student needs to improve.

Lesson plans at Leroux are also personalized, meaning that they are customized to align with each student’s goals. Whether they’d like to overcome their fear of performing, learn to sing a certain genre, or simply learn to distinguish their own distinct voice, they give students the liberty to identify their goals and work towards them!

Apart from curriculum flexibility, Leroux has also adjusted to the pandemic seamlessly. They currently offer online Skype sessions for students who are self-isolating, or those not comfortable with face-to-face classes just yet.


  • Offers customizable lessons to align with each student’s goals
  • Offers monthly rates and class packages
  • Allows students to swap to instrumental classes with no additional contracts or added fees


  • Does not offer group classes

Customer Reviews

Here’s what Leroux Studios’ students and their parents have to say about the place. Read through these reviews to find out more about why Leroux is one of the best schools for voice lessons in Calgary!

“Bryan is a wonderful and attentive teacher, and has curated a team of like-minded instructors. You can tell that he has really put his heart and soul into his business, and that teaching music is truly his passion. I would recommend music lessons here to anyone.” —Kristyn Adams

“My children have been going to the school for the past 4 years. Couldn’t ask for better teachers! They care about the kids and have successfully given them the skills and self confidence to succeed in music.” —Nadine Weller

5.   Rockit Vocal Studios

Rockit Vocal Studios' Homepage
PRODUCTSPrivate vocal coaching, virtual voice lessons, group voice lessons, workshops
ADDRESS16 Sunset Common, Cochrane, AB T4C 0M1
[email protected]
Contact form

While Rockit Vocal Studios isn’t exactly located within Calgary, it’s a 20-minute drive northwest of the city. Sure, its location makes it a bit of an exception, but we just couldn’t forgo including it in a list of the best voice lessons in (or near) Calgary!

Just what makes Rockit Vocal Studios so good, you might ask? There are a few things, but our favorite is their flexibility in packages and delivery.

At Rockit, you’ll find an extensive menu of voice lesson offerings. All of these sessions, save for the weekly vocal workout, are conducted privately.

Single sessions, whether online or in-person, go for $55 for 30 minutes, $110 for an hour. This rate gets discounted when you pay for four sessions at a time though, with 4 one-hour sessions priced at $399 and 4 30-minute sessions available for just $180.

Rockit Vocal Studios also offers online classes on a monthly basis. 3 45-minute online sessions are available for $275, with four “weekly vocal workout” sessions consisting of warm ups and technique exercises that go for $19 per month.

All of these sessions are personally taught by Rockit’s founder, Emma, whose fun and upbeat teaching style is another reason Rockit is on our list.

She has over 20 years of experience in vocal coaching, having worked with beginners to professional musicians and voice artists. Her students constantly praise her knack for making them feel at ease, as well as the creative methods she employs to get students to open up and sing confidently.


  • Extensive offerings and cost-cutting packages
  • Offers both in-person and online classes
  • Dynamic and creative teaching style
  • Customizable lesson plan to suit everyone, from beginners to pro musicians


  • Located 20 minutes northwest of Calgary
  • Highest per-class prices on this list

Customer Reviews

Check out reviews from Rockit Vocal Studios’ students below.

“I could not be happier with my experience. Taking lessons was something I’ve always put off just because I couldn’t imagine my voice improving to where it is now. Emma truly is a master of her craft and I’d recommend her to anyone who doesn’t think they can improve their voice, regardless of what level you are at.” —Lenin Gaibor

“I started working with Emma about a year ago. Emma has been fabulous and I LOVE working with her! She is so supportive, encouraging, positive and fun. Not only that, she has helped me discover new techniques and things I never thought were possible with my voice. I highly recommend working with Rockit Studios.” —Sheena Bailie

How to Choose a Vocal Coach

They say communication is a two-way street, and with voice lessons, plenty of communication is needed between the teacher and student.

In order to see improvement, it’s crucial to choose the right vocal coach for you. Here are some things you can do to help you narrow down your search:

 Look into Their Background

Whether you want to be a theatre performer, a pop singer or anything in between, you’ll want to make sure your instructor can guide you down the right path. Ask about their background in singing, performing and studying music to get a better idea of their experience!

 Listen to Their Other Students

If your instructor has other students, ask if you can sit in to watch a class.

This way, you can see first-hand how sessions typically go. You should also pay close attention to their students’ vocal technique, and see how well that aligns with what you want to sound like.

Pay Attention to Personality

Many instructors gladly offer a trial session, or can provide a single-class rate for first-timers. This is an ideal opportunity to get a feel of what your instructor’s personality and teaching style is like.

You’ll want to look for teachers who are encouraging rather than pressuring, nurturing rather than forceful. Otherwise, you may end up dreading voice lessons instead of looking forward to them!

Frequently Asked Questions about Voice Lessons

That wraps up our list of schools for the best voice lessons in Calgary! We hope that this list can help you find the ideal school and instructor to help you foster your love for singing.

If you prefer playing instruments over singing, don’t fret: there are a number of schools in the city that can help you nurture your talents. To find these places, check out our list of schools with the best music lessons in Calgary!

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