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Best Truck Driving Schools in Calgary

The 5 Best Truck Driving Schools in Calgary

Truck driving can be a good career option if you want to earn decent money even without a degree. So, if you’re thinking of this career change, you definitely need to enroll yourself in the best truck driving school in Calgary.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most reputable driving schools in the city. We’ve also written about why enrolling in one is the best way for you to enter the business.

If you still have questions after our list, be sure to read up until the end because we’ve also listed FAQs about the topic. But before anything else, let’s discuss your options for becoming a professional trucker.

The Two Options for Becoming a Trucker

There are two ways in which you can become a trucker: learn the basics through online courses and friend support or enroll in a truck driving school. Although the former may be the cheaper option, the layer presents a lot of advantages.

For one, the truck driving school will guide you throughout your application for a commercial driver’s licence (CDL).  Besides, truck driving schools also have mentorship programs so you’ll get to know more about life hacks in the trucking industry.

Some institutions also have close connections with trucking employers. Thus you may find a job waiting for you once you finish training and pass the necessary tests.

Last but not the least, some truck driving schools also have financial support. And if you’re lucky enough to get employed early on, your hiring company may even cover your truck driving school expenses.

How Much Does Truck Driving School and a Licence Cost in Calgary

Here are the types of expenses you may encounter when obtaining a CDL. Note that inexperienced drivers would, of course, need more training and thus spend more on driving school.

Type of expenseCosts
Licence reclassification$20
Knowledge test$17
Road test$200
Truck rental$150-$250 per hour
Training/driving school$2,000-$9,000

Best Driving Schools in Calgary for Trucker Aspirants

Now that you know what to expect when you enroll in a driving school and apply for a CDL, it’s time you learn about your options. Here are our top picks for the best trucking driving school.

1.   C C A Truck Driver Training Ltd

C C A Truck Driver Training Ltd's Homepage
BEST FOR   One-on-one class and training, stand-alone classes
CLASSESClass 1 and Class 3 classes, advancement classes, air brake classes
PRICINGClass 1 training (entry-level): $9,735
Class 3 training (intermediate manual): $1,995
Class 3 training (advanced manual): $2,635
PDIC: $100 LCV: $825
ADDRESS6262 6a St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2B7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 253-3004
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Since 1981, C C A Truck Driver Training has been providing truck driving training to Calgarians. Its classes are government-approved for Class 1 and Class 3 licences.

Additionally, it also offers professional driver’s improvement classes, longer combination vehicle classes, and air brake vehicle lessons as stand-alone packages. With this feature, experienced students can up their game for lower prices.

This truck driving school has a 1,600-acre office complete with two classrooms. And to accommodate one-on-one classes and training, it has a wide 3-acre training yard.

As for its trucks, CCA has modern and clean equipment so students can train on 40-foot to 53-foot trucks and B trains. Its nine Kenworth trucks are all equipped with ultrashift and automatic transmission for faster and smoother shifting.


  • Clean and modern trucks
  • Variety of classes
  • Stand-alone driving classes for improvement
  • One-on-one training
  • Large facility and training yard


  • No variety in practice trucks
  • Pricey services

Customer Reviews

Read these reviews to know more about why clients view CCA Truck Driver Training as the best driving school in town:

“I got my class 1 in 2011 at CCA and now I’m driving some of the biggest stuff on the roads. My licence is the most valuable thing I have. My last company laid everyone off and before I got home I had three job interviews because I have a class 1 from CCA. If you’re thinking about it it’s worth it. You will never be unemployed. Top notch training. Lots of hands on and class time. Great instructors. Cost of the course has literally paid for itself thousands of times over.”—Peter Liwyj

“If you are interested in getting your Class 1, I would only recommend this school. Very professional, kind and supportive staff. 10/10   if I could give a higher rating. Thanks again Emit, and Brian, and thanks to all the staff for the support. You guys are running a great school.”—Mohamed Rustum

2.   W.T. Safety Truck Driving School

W.T. Safety Truck Driving School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Diversity of training trucks, safety training
CLASSESClass 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 classes, Safety training, transportation training
PRICINGClass 1: $5,800
Class 1A: $6,350
Class 2: $4,700
Class 3: $ 3,580
Class 4: $2,500  
Add-on classes: $700 each
ADDRESS24 McKenna Mews SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 1W8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 720-0001
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

W.T. Safety Truck Driving School offers not only Class 1 and 3 driving classes – it also has Class 2 driver training. With this additional service, it can cater to aspiring commercial and fire truck drivers alike.

The best thing about this driving school is that it will train you with various types of vehicles. From highway tractors to gravel trucks, you’ll learn about the different transmissions and trailer configurations, thus making you a versatile and skilled truck driver.

Additionally, W.T. also has classes and training on driving on rough terrains. This school also goes up and above by teaching its clients some post-incident protocols for added safety.

Public and private corporations also trust this company to conduct licencing classes and pre-hire evaluations. With these connections, clients can thus have useful links to potential employers.


  • Diversity of testing vehicles
  • Safety, precautionary, and first aid training
  • Additional skill industry-specific classes
  • Rough terrain training
  • Connections with public and private companies


  • No financing available

Customer Reviews

Customers have claimed W T Safety to be the best truck driving school in Calgary due to its excellent communication and professionalism, just as these reviews say:

“Great Training! Excellent instructors, clean well maintained trucks and Brenda was phenomenal at setting everything up and to fit my tight schedule. Highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get into driving commercial vehicles. The road test couldn’t have been easier after the instruction I received.”—Alex Baillie

“Instructor was very informative,  stickler to detail, which in turn made me confident on my road test. Brenda in the office was excellent in handling my paperwork needed for test, as well as keeping me informed of appointments.  I definitely suggest using WT Safety if you want to learn to drive truck.”—Chad Mckamey

3.   Jonas Truck Driving School

Jonas Truck Driving School's Homepage
BEST FOR   Additional truck rental services
CLASSESClass 1, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 classes, parking and winter driving classes
ADDRESS3509 17 Ave SE #203, Calgary, AB T2A 0R6
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 891-7715
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Jonas Driving School offers all types of driving classes, whether for Class 1, 3, 4, or 5. The best thing about its Class 5 certifications is that insurance companies recognize them for up to a 40% discount.

For its truck driving courses, it guarantees only the highest quality. It also has modern technologies so students can simulate before real truck driving.

Aside from its signature classes, Jonas Driving School also provides brush-up courses. It also has parking and winter driving courses to help experienced drivers improve their skills.

Additionally, Jonas Driving School has rental trucks. With these services, its helpfulness extends up to the road test portion of your truck driving journey.


  • Winter, parking, and narrow road training
  • Truck simulation and real driving
  • Certificates applicable for insurance reduction
  • Truck rental for road test
  • Diversity of training trucks


  • Some complaints about bad communication

Customer Reviews

If you want to know more about Jonas Driving School, you should read these customer reviews:

“I recently took two brush-up lessons a couple days ago: one before the day of my road test and the other, on the day of. It was EXTREMELY helpful and both Jennifer and Letty helped me calm my nerves. They are very kind and professional and not intimidating at all. Thank you so much, Jonas Driving School; I was able to pass my Class 5 Basic Road Test with your help, on the first try!”—Iah Marielle

“Jonas driving school is highly recommended. They are highly professional and patient. They ensured i was at my best to enable me pass my road test. Even with a last minute rescue with their vehicle when mine wasn’t accepted for the test. Yes! I passed my road test in one attempt and all thanks to Jonas driving school.”—Vivian Ohawuchi

4.   People Driving Academy Inc.

People Driving Academy Inc.'s Homepage
BEST FOR   Female truck driving instructors
CLASSESClass 1 and Class 3 driving classes, defensive driving classes, online training
ADDRESS4220 67 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4H3
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 612-0040
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

People Driving Academy has all types of driving courses, whether Class 1, 3, or 5. It also has stand-alone courses like air brake and brush-up lessons to improve driving skills.

This driving school also offers defensive driving courses. Additionally, People Driving Academy is known to share tips and mindful practices with its students to limit risks on the road.

Another great thing about People Driving Academy is that it offers online classes and training.  These services include air brake refreshers and accident prevention.

Like many other jobs, truck driving is also open for all genders, yet there are still few women in this industry because of some constraints. To address this problem, People Driving Academy also hires female instructors to teach female students.


  • Wide variety of classes
  • Tips and mindfulness practices
  • Online courses and training
  • Female truck driving instructors


  • No financing available
  • Some complaints about communication

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews to help you decide whether or not People Driving Academy is the one you’re looking for:

“People driving school is great school to get your Class 1 licence. The staff is very polite and organized. The instructor ( Vicky ) has great knowledge to train you guys for trucking licence and industry. Its Awesome experience here. I strongly recommend you all out there to visit people training Academy to get your Class 1. Awesome Experience ??”—Lovepreet Singh

“Instructors are good and knowledgeable .Front office lady accommodated my availability hours during my trainings . To all who wants to become a truckers someday or in the future I highly recommend this school peoples driving academy , thanks to all nice staff.”—Chris Camdi

5.   Protruckers Driving Academy

Protruckers Driving Academy's Homepage
BEST FOR   Flexible scheduling
SERVICESClass 1, Class 3, Class 5 dirving classes
ADDRESS1809 19 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 1E7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 629-7119
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Protruckers Driving Academy is yet another versatile driving school because it provides Class 1, 3, and 5 driving lessons. Its highly-trained and experienced instructors guarantee a zero-collision driving class.

Aside from technical classes, Protruckers also delivers only the best trucking tips to its students. With this additional knowledge, students get to know what to expect in their trucking industry of choice.

Protruckers is even approved by Alberta Transportation, so some of its students get government funding for their trucking classes.

But the best thing about Protruckers Driving Academy is that it has flexible availability and course programs. Thus, students receive classes that fit not only to their schedule but also their existing skills and learning abilities.


  • Personalized classes
  • Useful tips from instructors
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Early business hours
  • Available government funding


  • Few instructors

Customer Reviews

Here are some more benefits that Protrucking Driving Academy’s students have been gushing about:

“I wanted to diversify my skills, and decided truck driving was something that will always be in demand.  I called ProTruckdriving Academy and the owner Adel managed to squeeze me in, even though every school was extremely busy at the time due to Covid.   I can’t thank him and his staff enough for the professional training, great trucking advice, and also met a great bunch of guys in the process.  I totally recommend this school.  Thanks again Adel!”—Justin Bruder

“I would like thank you for the best trucking school In canada,  the best instructors Amazing persons every time helping me awesome trucking school 100% percent recomendable”—Angelo Piñon

Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Driving

Now that you’ve finished reading through our top picks, it’s time you chose the best truck driving school in Calgary for you. Just think of what your priorities are and you’ll surely know which one to enroll in.

Once you’re done with your training and pass your test, you can seek an employer. You can check out our list of the best trucking companies in Calgary so you’ll know about the businesses that are up and hot in the industry.

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