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Best Guitar Lessons in Calgary

11 Music Schools for the Best Guitar Lessons in Calgary

Do you want to serenade someone you love, cover a song that’s been on your head for days, or write your own songs? All these goals can start with the best guitar lessons in Calgary. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything about guitar lessons, from their costs to the best music schools offering them. You’ll also find some answers to FAQs for full information. 

How much do guitar lessons cost in Calgary? 

Now, before you choose a guitar instructor or music school, you should know about guitar lesson costs. 

In Calgary, guitar lessons cost around $35–$60 per hour of learning. Online guitar classes are usually around $20–$40.

The Best Guitar Music Schools in Calgary

Now it’s time you choose an instructor or music school for your guitar lessons. We considered these factors when we listed our entries:

Guitar expertise, to give you confidence knowing that you’re learning from seasoned guitar players
Teaching experience, to make sure they can share their guitar knowledge and skills
Teaching approach, to make sure the instructors have the passion and patience to cater to just about any student
Scheduling and availability, to get you closer to lessons that can fit right into your schedule
Accessible, to give you options on online, in-home, or in-person classes
Value for service, to ensure you pay for the quality of lessons you encounter

We also tried to make this list as diverse as possible so you’ll find music schools that teach theory as well as guitar teachers who mainly focus on the actual guitar playing. Let’s start!

1. Atelier Guitare

Atelier Guitare's Homepage
ADDRESS1410 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5T7
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 885-3058 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Atelier Guitare offers online lessons to aspiring guitarists in Calgary, Okotoks, Airdrie, and other surrounding areas. This guitar school has over 10 years of experience teaching over 200 students.

Its teaching methodology consists of classes on musical theory, right hand/left hand technique, arrangement and composition, interpretation and improvisation, rhythm, melody, and harmony. 

Atelier Guitare also offers extra lessons on drum machine composition, hardware effects, computer-aided music, and backing tracks. Those who want to learn the bass can also rely on this school’s lessons.

Its operating hours even extend as late as 10 PM on weekdays to give its students ample learning time. To further make its services accessible, Atelier Guitare offers teaching instruction in two languages, English and French. 

Registrations are open year-round to cater to anyone who may want to start any time. Do know that its lessons are for long-term learners above age 7 who are ready to commit 3-10 months to regular guitar lessons.

You should also know that cancellations of pre-scheduled lessons will result in a missed session without any chance for a make-up session. So, make sure you’re serious enough about its classes should you choose Atelier.


  • A wide range of guitar lessons
  • Offers bass guitar lessons
  • Multilingual services
  • Extended opening hours


  • Unavailable on Sundays
  • No in-person classes
  • Some rigid terms and policies on cancellation and enrollment

Customer Reviews

Expertise in  various styles, clearly explains theories and techniques

“Before he left France, I had guitar lessons with Gabriel for five years. I was playing guitar since my 16 (I was 35 at that time) and I wasn’t a great player I think. I kept a lot of bad habits on hands’ position during all these years, preventing me from playing properly. I couldn’t make decent recordings. Gabriel selected particular tracks which helped me correct this. One on right hand velocity, another one about picking precision, etc…

I’m mainly into extreme metal and so is my band so we played most of this to go on an accurate learning. He teaches you what you want to play. But various styles were taught too, as classic rock for solo licks or (gently) jazzier backing tracks for improvisation with arpeggios and scales working. About theoretical learning, before having lessons I had read hundreds of web pages about how to use modes or particular scales, without a real understanding on how it works. Everything was clearer with Gabriel (and faster), he choses the right words to explain or shows you in another context if you don’t get it immediately.”—Nick Salmon

Excellent pedagogy, great human qualities

“I learned the guitar with Gabriel for several years in France. He is an awesome teacher, with excellent pedagogy and great human qualities. I have made huge progress thanks to him by playing what I liked, by discovering new bands and by deepening music theory. For all those reasons he has become a friend and I highly recommand him !”—Julien

2. Guitar Lessons Calgary

Guitar Lessons Calgary's Homepage
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 617-3787 | [email protected]

Guitar Lessons Calgary is yet another guitar school offering in-home learning. To provide the best guitar lessons in Calgary, this school has nothing less than an experienced guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer named Steve.

Steve makes guitar lessons fun by allowing its students to request which songs to play and which styles to master. Whether it be folk, acoustic, rock, blues, ballads, country, or even pop, Guitar Lessons Calgary can handle it.

But what sets Guitar Lessons Calgary apart is that it offers a free initial lesson to aspiring guitarists. This way, prospective students can test the guitar instructor’s lessons before committing and paying for them.

We also appreciate just how flexible arrangements can be made with Guitar Lessons Calgary. We say this because this guitar school doesn’t trap its students in any contracts or strict pre-set schedules.

Steve’s in-home lessons can be paid on a lesson-by-lesson basis or pre-paid through a short program of 4-8 sessions. Additional students per session even get a discounted rate of $20.

Given that it offers premium classes, Guitar Lessons Calgary also charges a relatively more expensive rate per hour, around $90-$100.


  • In-home guitar lessons
  • Wide range of genre and style playing options
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No contracts and strict cancellation policies
  • Gift certificates available


  • Relatively more expensive classes
  • No online classes

Customer Reviews

Engaging instructor, clear passion for guitar playing

“Steve is an engaging instructor with a clear passion for his craft.  My 8 year old son John sits quietly by his window watching for Steve’s arrival in anticipation of the guitar lesson to follow.  John sits quietly for NO one.  This is a testament of Steve’s ability to capture a child’s attention and focus that attention on music.”—Ed Beaven

Flexible appointments, teaches whatever styles or songs you want

“Great experience… Flexible appointment hours, teaches you whatever style or songs you want to learn. Highly recommend!”—Steve Bigg

3. Calgary’s Best Guitar Lessons

Calgary's Best Guitar Lessons' Homepage
CLASS PRICINGContact for more info
ADDRESS1432 28 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1L7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 397-4318
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

With more than two decades of guitar teaching experience, Calgary’s Best Guitar Lessons puts its student’s minds at ease. This guitar school offers guitar lessons for all ages and levels of guitar playing experience.

Calgary’s Best Guitar Lessons covers a wide range of music styles, such as gypsy, Latin/Spanish, African, jazz, blues, and rock. This school also teaches its students the basics of improvising and songwriting to prepare them for jamming sessions.

Best of all, Calgary’s Best Guitar Lessons offers a free 30-minute lesson. This free initial session is even personalized as it can be an introduction to the guitar course for beginners or a full-on lesson for students with a bit of guitar playing experience.

To avail of this experience, you’d need only fill out its online request forms and wait for your schedule.

Its scheduling also extends as late as 9 PM to cater to kids at school or adults at work. However, it only has limited slots at a time and is even unavailable on weekends.

Luckily, Calgary’s Best Guitar Lessons’s guitar teacher makes himself available any time of the day to cater to its students’ questions.


  • A wide range of guitar playing styles and genres
  • Free initial session
  • Extended opening hours
  • Direct communication with guitar instructor


  • Limited slots at a time
  • Unavailable on mornings and weekends

Customer Reviews

Tailors lessons to music experience, punctual and organized instructor, convenient scheduling

“Phill is hands down THE best music instructor. This is the 3rd instrument I am learning. My 8 and 10 year old children are also taking lessons from Phill as well. He always asks what songs we want to learn, tailors the lessons for our diverse music experience and is always very punctual and organized. His ability to write tab by ear is incredible. After 1.5 years of lessons, my 8 year old daughter was able to confidently play Metallica on the electric guitar for her grade 3 class. They are always excited to see Phill (and add to his growing collection of origami). Phill teaches both from his home and deep South. We have never had any issues booking convenient timeslots for our semesters. Very professional, knowledgable and always friendly.”—Sue Cunnings

Has the skills to teach what he knows, versatile teaching style

“Not just another guitar teacher.  Phill plays professionally himself, and has the skills to teach what he knows, including a variety of songs and styles, music theory, technique, transcribing, and songwriting.  Whether you’re only interested in learning to play a few songs or want to go further, Phill can get you there.”—Phillip Theriault

4. Musicworks Canada

Musicworks Canada's Homepage
CLASS PRICINGContact for more info
ADDRESS8120 Beddington Blvd NW Bay 103, Calgary, AB T3K 2A8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 516-1003
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Musicworks is an all-around music school offering the best guitar lessons as well as the best piano, trumpet, violin, drum, ukulele, and vocal lessons. Its doors are open to children as young as 2 and to adults as senior as 83.

Its instructors are all RCM-certified professionals that will then teach everything from music theory to the different guitar playing styles. And with instrumental experts onsite, Musicworks can also repair and provide maintenance of guitars and other musical instruments.

Since it has many instructors with different locations, Musicworks is also very accessible. It has over 3 locations with a total of 25 classrooms to be used for one-on-one guitar classes.

Scheduling is also made easy as it’s available as late as 8 PM on weekdays and is even open on Saturdays. Musicworks even offers make-up classes given that its students cancel at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.

But what we like the most about Musicworks is that its classes can either be done in-person or online. So, students who want more flexibility can benefit from this music school.

But you should also know that Musicworks also offers tutoring classes. So, you may have a bit more competition with its instructors’ scheduling as compared to other guitar and music schools.


  • One-stop shop for all things music
  • Theory-based guitar lessons
  • Numerous locations in the city
  • Online and in-person class options
  • Extended operating hours


  • Unavailable on Sundays
  • Focus divided among various instrument teaching and tutoring services
  • Relatively rigid curriculum

Customer Reviews

Recommended and knowledgeable instructor

“I have guitar lessons here for 2 months. My teacher is an acknowledge guitar teacher. I’m looking forward to learn more materials with him. I will recommend to my friends who want to learn guitar.”—Chris Young

Amazing staff, great online platform

“Amazing staff were able to start me on guitar lessons even during this pandemic. Now that i have time on my hands, im glad i was able to pick up a new skill. Great teaching over the online platform. i can really feel their passion for music!”—Ethan Iam

5. Kickaxe Guitars

Kickaxe Guitars' Homepage
CLASS PRICINGContact for more info
ADDRESS1409A 11 St SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1G7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 410-9199
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 11:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Kickaxe Guitars may be a store selling guitars, but it also is home to some of the best guitar lessons in Calgary. 

With its guitar instructor’s expertise and experience, Kickaxe Guitars provides hands-on demonstrations and interactive instruction to its students. This shop even focuses its lessons according to the student’s chosen style, technique, and musical form.

Kickaxe Guitars’ rates are also on a sliding scale, meaning that students get lower prices per session if they enlist for more guitar lessons. So, the learning process with Kickaxe is also cost-effective in the long run.

To access specifics of these rates and its current available schedules, you can simply call or email Kickaxe Guitars. Lucky for you because this shop is also available 7 days a week.

Since it also functions as a shop, Kickaxe Guitars is also the place for you to buy your own guitar. With a new acoustic, electric, or even bass guitar, you can finally put your newfound knowledge into practice.

And should you be an aspiring songwriter who wants to make their own signature style and brand, you can also request custom guitars from Kickaxe Guitar.


  • All week availability
  • Sliding scale pricing for lessons
  • A wide range of playing styles and techniques
  • Custom guitar orders and guitar repair services


  • No online or in-home guitar lessons
  • No concrete and transparent scheduling for lessons

Customer Reviews

Highly recommended lessons and products

“Been playing guitar for about a year. Stumbled into this shop to get get a small item once and noticed they gave lessons there. Ive been going for the lessons for 8 months now and plan to continue for quite some time. Been very happy with the service i receice here both in lessons and with the equipment i have bought. Would highly recommend this store for all your guitar needs.”—Michael Wittemann

Awesome teachers and shop

“Jay and the team there are awesome people.  I’ve loved taking lessons there and bought a beautiful Godin ?”—Marc Binkley

6. Asylum for Art

ADDRESS2505 14 St SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 3T8
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 969 7257

Asylum for Art is a provider of art classes for all ages and levels of expertise in the said field. Driven by a balance of compassion and expertise, they offer a wide variety of activities such as workshops, classes, lessons, and video streaming services for that matter.

Their website is jam-packed with relevant information regarding their courses and even the schedule of these programs such as Fretboard Harmony on Tuesdays and Campfire Guitar for Youth among others. Apart from this, they also offer a wide variety of homeschool programs for all ages as well.

While placement forms for both private lessons and groups classes are available, there is limited information regarding their price rates for the said services. Furthermore, some workshops and programs only run at limited times per week as well which could lessen the student’s time for immersion.

Each of their programs and services is, however, often visited by the professionals in the field themselves to help stimulate and impart their mindset to aspiring musicians as well.


  • Programs and classes available for all ages
  • Registration form readily available
  • Fun and enjoyable camps


  • Operating hours unavailable

7. Calgary MusicLab

ADDRESS1410 1 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5T7
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(825) 437-0246

Calgary MusicLab is a provider of music education in the area which is done only by certified professionals in the field. The whole company is founded on the idea of collaboration and the creation of a better daily music experience for individuals of all ages.

They can teach online, in-studio, or at the very comfort of the client’s home to better accommodate the needs of the student. Furthermore, they go as far as choosing the best professional for the job in terms of their attitude to accelerate the learning experience into a fun and pleasant one.

Students are also given the chance and highly encouraged to participate in recitals and stages wherein they can showcase what they have learned and grow confidence in their acquired skills. Furthermore, all learning materials for weekly lessons are part of inclusions for their regular music lesson rates on the website.

However, since they have a limited number of professionals for each job or instrument, there might be issues with regards to slot availability among others.


  • Wide range of class platforms
  • Presents event and recital opportunities
  • Customized learning experience


  • Limited availability

8. Imagine Music Lessons

CLASS PRICINGInquire for further details
ADDRESSSuite 340, 600 Crowfoot Cres. NW Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(403) 971-7120
Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
By Appointment Only
Teaching Hours
Monday to Sunday
Scheduling based by Teacher

Imagine Music Lessons is a musical education boutique that provides its students with diverse and positive music lessons along with proactive learning experiences to shape their passion for music along the way. Established in 1994, they have become one of the pioneers of music lessons in the area and have since grown into one of the trusted musical institutions in the area.

We like that their approach to music lessons is personalized to the pace and needs of their students wherein they are able to support and encourage them in a way that not only lets them enjoy their passion for music but also learn more effectively as well.

Each of their teachers is thoroughly screened and interviewed to ensure that all lessons taught are up to industry standards and that the best teacher is also paired with a student to have a proactive learning experience.

Amongst their wide range of offered music lessons such as guitar, piano, voice, violin, and drums among many others, their lessons can be held at their very own studio, at the home of the student, or online to better accommodate the schedules of both parties.

Overall, with positive feedback regarding the mentorship of their teachers and concrete results that show during recitals, we highly recommend them to clients and parents who are looking to give their children or themselves an opportunity to learn the musical skill of their choice.


  • Accommodates individuals of all ages
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Efficient and proactive approach to teaching


  • Physical Office closed on weekends but available by email or phone
  • Flat pricing unavailable on website must contact the office

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Jennifer is an exceptional music teacher. Our daughter has flourished because of Jennifer’s thoughtful, gentle mentorship. We’ve noticed during Imagine Music recitals that the teachers are hugely enthusiastic, and students proudly perform the pieces THEY chose. By treating students as equal partners in their growth as musicians, Jennifer and her team keep students engaged and keen to practice and play. We know our daughter’s love of music will last a lifetime!”

“As an adult learners of piano, it can be intimidating to take lessons but Jennifer was able to cut through that fear with her gentle and encouraging approach. I have really enjoyed playing piano as a form of therapy and Jennifer has been able to make it a relaxing yet fun experience every time I am in the studio.”

9. Fairweather Music

Fairweather Music Homepage
ADDRESS2120 Southland Dr SW unit 1001, Calgary, AB T2V 4W3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 403-400-3696 | [email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PMFriday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Due to their flexibility, we recommend Fairweather Music as one of your choices for taking guitar lessons in Calgary.

Firstly, we think it’s valuable that they offer various classes at different durations: half an hour, an hour, and 45-minute classes. 

For us, this caters well to music students with various needs. Everyone has a different schedule and learns at their own pace.

The cost starts at $32 for a 30-minute session as well. We believe this is a good deal since this is a tad cheaper than the average guitar lesson in Calgary.

For added convenience, we like that prospects may call, text, or email to book their lessons. Group classes may also be scheduled upon request, but these are limited due to space and availability limitations.

Additionally, it’s easy for many to pay because the e-transfers take customers to a safe PayPal virtual terminal. However, keep in mind their strict payment policy: payments must be made on or before the first of the month.

Fairweather Music is available most days of the week, but take note that the hours may change now and then.


  • May book lessons of varying durations
  • Reasonable, cheaper rates
  • Different channels for booking
  • Uses PayPal for payments


  • Limited availability of group classes
  • Hours may be subject to change

Customer Reviews

Great teacher 

“Nathan is a great teacher who has a wealth of experience across many styles of guitar playing, and he is always engaging during lessons.”—Liam R

Definitely would recommend

“Nathan had been my guitar teacher now for many years, and has made my guitar playing exponentially better throughout those years! He is a great teacher making ever lesson fun in one way or another. Definitely would recommend him to all friends and family looking for a way to start guitar or build on prior knowledge!”—Eloise Spence

10. Mike Sands Music

CLASS PRICINGContact for more information
ADDRESSOkotoks, AB, Canada, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS587-432-4015 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Wednesday: 4 PM – 9 PM

Mike Sands began his musical journey at the ripe age of 10, when he picked up a guitar for the first time. Over the years, he showed his dedication to the instrument and even wowed the people of his local community.

During his teenage years, he signed a record deal with his band Tainted Euphoria, but he knew he was destined for more. He then set about earning a degree majoring in performance at Grant MacEwan University.

Mike Sands commitment to music led him to the teaching path, where he takes on students of all skill levels to impart to them his knowledge and skills in guitar playing. He holds classes three times a week and has even collaborated with a studio to create a proper environment for teaching.

These are the many reasons why we recommend Mike Sands as a guitar lesson instructor in Calgary.


  • 20 years teaching experience
  • Wide range of lessons
  • Teaches people of all levels of expertise


  • One-person team

11. Connect Music School

SERVICES Violin lessons, guitar lessons, music theory lessons, and guitar provider.
ADDRESS6206 Sierra Morena Blvd SW Calgary, AB T3H 2X8
CONTACT DETAILSTel: 587-718-9820 
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday, 11:00 AM – 9 PM
Sunday, 11:00 AM – 5 PM

Connect Music School is a great place to head to if you’re trying to get introduced to music. They  primarily provide quality violin, guitar and music theory lessons however, they also provide quality instruments to their customers.

Known for being a beginner friendly music school, they  strive to make your first steps in music as easy as possible by helping you through the initial stages which are the scariest. They also have a great community and support system that can help you get through the initial stages easier.

Aside from their great music lessons and high-quality instruments, they also provide packages such as their complete starter package. This package consists of things needed to start learning music.

A one month keyboard rental, with option to continue renting, beginner method books, and four 30-minute piano lessons are included in the starter pack. This is great for kids who want to try out piano lessons without committing to it since there is no contract or obligation to continue after.


  • Beginner friendly music lessons
  • High-quality musical instruments
  • Expert music teachers


Customer Reviews

We love the convenience of having piano lessons at our own home.

“We love the convenience of having piano lessons at our own home. My daughter’s piano teacher, Sammie, is patient, kind and flexible with change of schedules and such. My daughter enjoys her lessons with her and looks forward to them every week.” – Shammy Ouano

Our daughter’s piano teacher Kevin keeps the lessons fun and interesting!

“Our daughter’s piano teacher Kevin keeps the lessons fun and interesting! I appreciate having him come to our house so we can save time on travel. Lessons are also reasonably priced.”  – Esther Au

Types of Guitar to Learn

1. Classical guitar

This type of guitar produces a mellow and full sound, all thanks to its powerful acoustic structure and nylon strings. It has wide fretboards and low string tension, making them suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Applicable music styles: classical music, folk, flamenco, jazz, pop

2. Steel-string guitar

Steel-string guitars are also acoustic in nature, but they produce a brighter, crisper, and louder sound which makes them popular. Do know that its tightly-taut strings make them a bit more difficult to play.

Applicable music styles: pop, rock, country, blues, bluegrass

3. Electric guitar

Electric guitars are usually hollow or semi-hollow guitars, which is why they need amplifiers to project their sound. Their strings often have less string tension than steel-string guitars.

Electric guitars also come in different tones, so you can customize them according to your musical needs.

Applicable music styles: metal, punk, rock, old blues, jazz

FAQs about Guitar Lessons

We hope our guide can get you closer to the best guitar lessons in Calgary. With a dedicated instructor and hours of practice, you can finally play the songs you’ve always wanted to play on the guitar!

We tried to be as thorough and inclusive while still staying true to our standards. If you think we missed any other guitar schools or instructors, feel free to tell us so that we can also review your recommendations.

Now that you’ve learned a new skill, you may want to put it to use. Check out our other lists to know more about the places that’ll help you practice or perform your music:

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