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Best Fertility Clinics in Calgary

The 5 Best Fertility Clinics in Calgary

Fertility is important, especially if the next step in your life is to have a family. So if you’re having any fertility issues or you need family planning advice, visit the best fertility clinics in Calgary!

These clinics also offer you more options — since fertility treatment is complex, there are multiple sets of treatments that can be customised and modified for your own well-being.

There’s no one solution for fertility health issues, so the more options you have, the more chances of you getting pregnant. Here are the best fertility clinics in Calgary to help you conceive your baby.

1.  Regional Fertility Program

Regional Fertility Program's Banner

SERVICES Regional Fertility Program services
WEBSITE Regional Fertility Program
ADDRESS Cambrian Centre, Suite 400, 2000 Veteran’s Place NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3B 4N2
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 284-5444 | (403) 284-9633
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday 07:30 – 17:00
Weekends and Holidays 07:30 – 15:00

The doctors in the Regional Fertility Program have been working in the industry around 10 years, serving Canadians with exceptional customer service, promoting open communication and a safe space for RFP’s patients and clients.

They provide state-of-the-art facilities that can execute the latest developments in IVF testing. They also offer an expansive array of treatments, which are all explained through efficient communication and extensive counselling.

The Regional Fertility Program also teaches their patients sustainable and healthy lifestyles throughout their treatment and a bunch of instructional videos that you can watch through their website! These services make them one of the best fertility clinics in Calgary.


  • Provides state-of-the-art facilities that are equipped to deliver the latest fertility diagnosis and treatment procedures.
  • 10 years in the industry, guaranteeing a special brand of care and quality.

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of their patients:

“Our doctor (Dr. Min) and the clinic staff have always treated us exceptionally. They are very knowledgeable, straightforward with their answers to our questions, and take the time to go over all our concerns. We have never had a problem getting through the phones, messages are promptly returned (even on weekends), and appointments seem to run on time. It’s very convenient to have a pharmacy on site. The staff go above and beyond to ensure care (I didn’t react well to the medicine given for retrieval and SEVERAL people stayed after the clinic closed to ensure I was okay). We have been very pleased with our experience, especially considering it’s not an easy experience to go through.”

And here’s one more:

“I was worried because I saw lots of reviews saying you were treated like a number here, but I have the opposite experience. I am currently going through an IVF cycle with Regional Fertility Program and they have been amazing at answering all of my questions, getting back to me promptly and caring about what is happening with me. There was one nurse, Jenny who has been amazing!! Things weren’t going well for me and I called the clinic, they got a nurse for me right away (Jenny) and she was so caring and concerned for me. Went above and beyond and wanted me to call with an update every 20 minutes up until she was off her shift as she was concerned. Then the following day she called me to see how I was feeling. I definitely don’t just feel like a number at Regional Fertility Clinic!!”

2. Proud Fertility

Proud Fertility's Banner

SERVICES Proud Fertility services
WEBSITE Proud Fertility
ADDRESS 10 St. SW, Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 587-430-4039 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Proud Fertility is all about creating a life-changing experience that you can be proud of – whether you are an Egg Donor in Canada, Surrogate Mother in Canada, or Intended Parent (IP), world-wide. They are an inclusive and full-service Canadian Surrogacy Consultancy dedicated to help individuals and couples become families through egg donation and surrogacy.

Proud Fertility prides themselves on providing a stellar support system for everyone involved, founded on trust, transparency, and mediation. With Proud Fertility’s support, you are in control of your journey.


  • Patient and understanding staff
  • Clear plan and process
  • Accessible and comfortable

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Proud Fertility’s clients:

“Working with Nathan & team for my last egg donation truly felt like I was extending my family, regardless of the donation itself. He was unbelievably helpful and supportive, taking the time and effort to match me perfectly with wonderful IPs. I know no matter what stage of my life I am in I can always contact Nathan for guidance and thanks to him I have two more amazing friends.”

Here’s another one:

“I called Nathan for advice and referral to a surrogate friendly life insurance policy and he was amazing, giving me free information that I didn’t already know, and providing me with the name and number of someone who can provide relevant insurance. He was calm and well spoken and informative.”

3.  Oasis Fertility

Oasis Fertility's Banner

SERVICES Oasis services
WEBSITE Oasis Fertility
ADDRESS Oasis Fertility Centre Ltd, 23 Sunpark Drive S.E., Calgary, AB, T2X 3V1
CONTACT DETAILS 1 (833) 627-4732| 403-910-4570

At Oasis Fertility, they design customised and accurate fertility treatment programs for each and every patient. They take everything in consideration when offering you their services, like cultural and religious traditions, and of course your financial status.

Every patient is a unique case. That’s Oasis Fertility’s philosophy.

Taking cultural practices into account, they make hospitable treatment choices for everyone, making them one of the best fertility clinics in Calgary.


  • Providing culturally-hospitable treatment options, they enable their patients to have effective fertility treatment with respect to anyone
  • They also provide a full-price list for their services in their website, so you have a good estimate of the costs before you even start treatment

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Oasis’s patients:

“The team at oasis is amazing. They provided us with all of the information and supported us in making our own decisions. We can’t recommend them enough if you’re having fertility issues.”

And here’s one more:

“Hats off to Dr. Imran Pirwany! He’s gathered a talented, dedicated team of professionals who want nothing more than to provide the best in technology and care. I have had the pleasure of working with Imran for many years now & I’m proud to say that he set out to achieve something of unique value, and he’s done a remarkable job doing so. I’m excited for the Calgary area patients for OASIS Fertility will deliver on its promise. Congratulations!”


4. The Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility

The Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility's Banner

SERVICES Fertility, prenatal, paediatrics, postnatal, etc.
WEBSITE Fertile Calgary
ADDRESS North Calgary: Suite 150, 4411-16th Ave NW, Calgary, ABSouth Calgary: Suite 143, 14919 Deer Ridge Dr SE, Calgary, AB
CONTACT DETAILS North Location – 403-984-3970South Location – 403-455-8029
Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (8:00PM Fri)
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PMSOUTH CLINIC HOURS
Mon – Thurs: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (8:00PM Fri)
Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Fertile Calgary provides everything from prenatal to postnatal care. From having you sign up to various fertility-boosting activities like fertility yoga, massages and acupuncture, to giving you the latest developments in naturopathic medicine, they can take care of you.

Ensuring that your family life is healthy and sustainable is Fertile Calgary’s objective — they stick with you every step of the way. They explain the significance of the various treatments that they will give you, and they assure your control over your health.

These services and consistency make them one of the best fertility clinics in Calgary. Their way of handling patients—keeping them informed and secure is one of the most important factors in a fertility clinic, and Fertile Calgary delivers on all ends!


  • Excellent prenatal, fertility and postnatal care

Customer Reviews

Here’s some feedback from one of their patients:

“What a professional and well run clinic! Practitioners are incredibly knowledgeable and not judgmental. I myself am being treated by western medicine techniques. With adding eastern techniques I feel renewed hope in one day achieving a healthy, term, pregnancy. I appreciate that the clinic is supportive of blending western and eastern medicine – they have a lot of different literature and peer reviewed papers in their office, allowing me to research as much as I care to.

I can’t say enough for the clinic and the empathy/compassion the staff have shown to myself, and other clients, in person and on the phone.”

And here’s another one:

“If you are looking for any kind of holistic therapy I highly recommend you check out HIHF. I am not a fertility patient, I started seeing the team here after surgery I had in 2018. I’m long since healed but continue to see the therapists and imagine I will for a long time to come. The therapists at this clinic are true healers, like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. They really care about me and what’s happening in my life and when I enter through the doors I feel like I’m home. HIHF offers acupuncture, massage, naturopathic medicine, midwifery, and chiropractic care. No matter which therapist you see, know that your care will be managed by the most skilled and caring therapists.”

5.  Vive Integrative Health Group

Vive Integrative Health Group's Banner

SERVICES Vive services
ADDRESS Vive Integrative Health Group, 1889 45th Street NW, Calgary, AB, T3B 4S7

PHONE tel: 403.984.3538 | fax: 403.984.3536

Fri        9am–2pm
Sat      9am–1pm

Vive Health is a naturopathic medical clinic that covers everything from pain treatment to fertility and postnatal care. The variety in services and medical staff ensures that you would have a complete experience.

In any medical emergency that can arise during your fertility treatment, you can trust them.

Having an extensive clinical research team that will coordinate with you will optimise your healthy pregnancy and expand your family with no difficulties.

They will give you a customised fertility plan that would give you the experience of being handled by one of the best fertility clinics in Calgary!


  • Covers a wide net of health programs, from pain treatment to allergies and digestive health
  • Specialises in fertility and safe child-care and delivery

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of their patients:

“They are kind, friendly, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. I have always felt confident with their diagnosis and treatment plans, and they provide personalized care to each of their patients. So much better than being rushed through the normal walk-in clinic, where I get 10 minutes to discuss my one issue – they provide care for the whole person, taking my whole health into account to provide me with a treatment plan! Love them and recommend them to everyone!”

And here’s another one:

I started seeing Dr. Colin about a year and a half ago for naturopathic care, and Dr. Patty shortly afterward for acupuncture. Their care and attention to patients is so comforting and supportive that I always leave feeling better than when I go in. I have sent many of my friends and family members to Vive for a variety of health concerns and will continue to do so. If you’re looking for health care practitioners who will listen to your health concerns, and find and treat the source, this is the place.
Yours in health”

When choosing a clinic, there’s always a lot of factors in play. It’s always important to figure out what kind of treatments that you’ll need, and how far you’re willing to go for your treatments.

These clinics will give you the best treatment and take care of you and your family’s future. So go visit one of the best fertility clinics in Calgary to address your issues now!

In trying to conceive, we try to make sense of our inabilities. And sometimes we need help doing that. If you feel this way, try and visit one of the best psychologists in Calgary for help and guidance in dealing with your fertility issues.