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Best Excavation Companies in Calgary

The 6 Best Excavation Companies in Calgary

Are you planning a small backyard renovation or large construction soon? If so, then you surely need the best excavation company in Calvary to help you out with it.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get in this article, as we’re listing the best excavation contractors in the city today. We also have a list of FAQs about excavation and excavation contractors at the end of this article.

But first of all, let’s talk about what you should get from an excavation company and why you need one, in case you’re uncertain.

Why You Need to Hire an Excavation Company

You may be thinking that you can take on an excavation project all by yourself by simply renting some heavy-duty construction equipment and vehicles.

However, you should know that digging around without proper knowledge of what’s underground can lead to damage.

You may hit pipes or electric lines, and thus cause damage not only to your household but also to your whole neighbourhood. Thus, it doesn’t matter how big or small your excavation project is—you still need a professional excavator.

What to Look for in an Excavation Company

You should thus find an excavation company that has the proper equipment, expertise, and credibility to do excavations. Additionally, you should ensure that their equipment can access your location.

You’ll also need permits for your excavation project. So, make sure you hire a company that will secure one, because only legally-entitled contractors and utilities can apply for permits.

Next, you should thus look for an excavation company with good communication skills so that you’ll be updated before the project even begins. Hiring a responsive company will also improve coordination and help you manage expectations during and after the project.

Lastly, you should find a company that can match your budget constraints. Ask for a breakdown of the costs so you can check if they’ve already included other costs such as the permit fees and taxes!

How Much Do Excavation Projects Cost

Type of servicePrice range
Material hauling and other trucking costs$80-$200/hr
Land clearing (tree removal, land grading)$300-$25,000/acre
Land surveying$200-$800

The Best Excavation Contractors in Calgary

Now that you know how to choose the best excavation company in Calgary, it’s time you checked out your options. Here’s our list of the best Calgary excavation contractors.

1.   Prattco Excavating

Prattco Excavating's Homepage
BEST FOR   Efficient and prompt services
SERVICESExcavation, grading, trenchin, gravel hauling, demolition, landscape preparation
ADDRESS3714 67 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T3J 4H3
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 241-1423
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Prattco Excavating is a family-owned business with over 50 skilled and experienced employees.

It can help Calgarians with digging and excavation services for residential and commercial settings. Prattco also promises to finish projects on time and budget, and often delivers in that regard.

Its earthwork services include demolition, excavation, grading, trenching and landscape preparation. Additionally, Prattco is also an expert in gravel hauling, thanks to its large heavy-duty Bobcat fleet.

It also guarantees a zero-incident rate. Prattco stays true to this promise by obtaining a certificate of recognition from the Alberta Construction Safety Association and training its employees sufficiently.


  • Large workforce of 50 trained employees
  • Latest technologies and fleet equipment
  • Recognized by Alberta Construction Safety Association


  • Limitations in type of soil excavated

Customer Reviews

Prattco’s clients appreciate it for its professionalism and responsiveness. Here are some customer reviews that voice such thoughts:

“Prattco Team is the best in the business, we have used them for all our commercial excavation needs for 10 years. They go above and beyond on every project and handle them with the upmost professionalism”Cooper Leary

“From the first time I called Prattco it has been a great experience. Jarrett has gone above and beyond in the customer satisfaction area while being very professional. I highly recommend!”Mike Bates

2.   Badger Daylighting™ Calgary Dispatch

Badger Daylighting™ Calgary Dispatch's Homepage
BEST FOR   Large-scale excavations
SERVICESExcavation, emergency response, pipeline, sewer services, power distribution, trenching, daylighting
ADDRESS8615 44 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2P5
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 519-2999

Badger Daylighting is a nationwide company that uses high-pressure water and vacuum systems in all its excavation projects. It has built over 1,300 Badger hydrovacs to  help Canadians and Americans with their earthworks.

Since it uses hydrovac, it can dig up to 15 meters below the ground in any type of soil, even ground frost. Thus, Badger also guarantees reduced costs and project time and increased safety and efficiency.

Additionally, Badger also promises great-value services because all of its operators are trained extensively. Always a plus in our book!

Another thing that makes Badger Daylighting one of the best excavation companies in Calgary is that it’s available 24/7. This way, clients stuck in a rough patch can call it anytime for help.


  • Custom-built hydrovac fleet
  • Over 1,300 hydrovac units
  • Equipment can dig up any kind of soil or material
  • 24/7 services


  • Unearthed soil will be unusable after hydro excavation
  • Limited only to large-scale excavations

Customer Reviews

One of the best things we’ve read about this excavation company is that it’s responsive and always on the go. Here are some customer reviews to tell you more:

“I work for a local mechanical contractor, I needed a Hydrovac truck short notice. These guys were great on the phone and on-site, I definitely will use Badger’s services again.”Kristopher Thorell

“Great workers and the best equipment”Kevin Buchanan

3.   DanCo Trucking and Bobcat Services

DanCo Trucking and Bobcat Services' Homepage
BEST FOR   Small-scale residential excavations
SERVICESExcavation, landscaping, soil and material hauling, snow removal
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 829-1122
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Since 2006, DanCo Trucking Company has been helping Calgarians with their earthwork projects. As a part of the community, this excavation company takes on any type of excavation project, no matter how small.

Thus, it can help in various commercial and residential projects, whether it may be for a new garage or a simple dog run.

Although it’s famous for its excavation services, DanCo also does mulch, sand, rock, and other material hauling. It also has the proper equipment to spread these materials out flat.

Aside from earthworks, DanCo provides snow removal services for wide spaces like parking lots and sidewalks. With these services, clients can benefit from this company year-round.


  • Prompt services
  • Best for small-scale excavations
  • Excellent customer services
  • Additional material hauling and spreading


  • Some issues about staying on schedule
  • Limited range of excavation services

Customer Reviews

Customers claim that DanCo is the best excavation company in Calgary, thanks to its great services and professionalism. Here are some reviews to tell you more:

“Dan removed soil and replaced it with recycled crushed concrete for the base of our new paving stones.  Dan did a great job in a very tight area.  He is very personable and very accommodating.”Yeimy Ariza

“Danco had excavated our front yard.  Our concerns about drainage was quickly addressed by Dan.  He was very professional and friendly.  He truly cares a lot about his work, reputation and workmanship.  He  completed the job efficiently leaving the site clean and ready to landscape.  He is also helping and giving us advise for the completion of our landscaping.  We highly recommend Danco.”Bert Legaspi

4.   Able Demolition Services

Able Demolition Services' Homepage
BEST FOR   Hazardous sites
SERVICESExcavation, demolition, recycling, project management, hazardous waste handling
ADDRESS3828 14 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 3K4
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 263-8406
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Able Demolition Services is a well-known excavation and demolition contractor for industrial and commercial buildings in Western Canada. This family-run business also has the latest technologies for demolitions.

Additionally, Able Demolition has a recycling program wherein it salvages and recycles asphalt, concrete, and steel from its demolition projects. This contractor also does site assessments and project management.

But its expertise goes beyond the simple management of demolition scraps. Able Demolition is also special because it can do excavations even on contaminated sites and handle hazardous wastes.


  • 40+ years of experience
  • Recycling and hazardous waste handling
  • Selective, interior, and robotic demolition options


  • More of a focus on demolitions than excavation

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate Able Demolition’s responsiveness and professionalism, just as these reviews will tell you:

“Would like to thank Ed and Dean and their  crew for their consideration. The receptionist was very cordial and the crew was also very considerate assisting us with our situation regarding the demolition in the Banff area.  Thanks again”

“A highly knowledgeable, reliable family owned and operated business for Calgary and area ?”

5.   Bow River Concrete and Excavation

Bow River Concrete and Excavation's Homepage
BEST FOR   Concrete projects
SERVICESExcavation, demolition, concrete paving, concrete designing
ADDRESS5334 Copperfield Gate SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4C4
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 433-0700
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

For over 23 years, Bow River Concrete has been serving commercial and residential buildings. It delivers all types of construction services, from excavation to concrete paving.

One of its promises to its customers is transparency in pricing and excellent craftsmanship. It has mini excavators that are perfect for residential projects that are usually inaccessible for larger fleet equipment.

With its equipment, Bow River Concrete can also help with demolitions and clean-up. It also provides asphalt and concrete removal, and other skid steer services.

Additionally, Bow River Concrete is an expert in designing services. So, its customers can have it all, demolition and replacement, with just one contractor.


  • Expertise in demolition and construction of concrete surfaces
  • Transparent pricing
  • Skid steer services
  • Best for small-scale residential services


  • Limited to small-size excavations

Customer Reviews

Read the reviews below to learn more about how Bow River Concrete treats projects and customers:

“Excellent work! Fair pricing and finished on time! Would highly recommend!”Dawn Roy

6.   Professional Excavators

BEST FOR   Concrete Flatworks & Asphalt Paving
ADDRESS10919 – 84th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2C 5A6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 403-236-5686
Fax: 403-236-7930
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSContact for more information

Professional Excavators was founded in 1975 and ever since has been delivering earthworks and site services for multi-family residential, civil, and commercial construction projects within Calgary and the surrounding area.

With their great minds, they are able to provide turnkey construction solutions for all aspects! Another thing most clients like about them is they are committed to fostering excellence and a safe work environment while maintaining project productivity and an environmentally responsible workplace.

Additionally, they are very big on community investment. Their people would volunteer in the community together which is fun for them and beneficial for the Calgarians!


  • Professional employees
  • Delivering their promises
  • Prioritizes the satisfaction of customers


  • Operating hours are unavailable

“Very well done, we used their crew on a commercial job so I had them come out and do a parking pad for my welding truck, extra strong concrete. Good group of guys that love what they do, you can tell they joke around with each other all job, lots of fun to drink beer and watch them work.”Tyler Shipton

Frequently Asked Questions about Excavation Companies

Now that you’ve finished our list, it’s time you chose the best excavation company in Calgary for you. The sooner you can decide, the more time you’ll have for planning and arranging for their visit to your site!

If you’re looking for other construction lists, you can also check out our list of the best driveway repair contractors. We only listed licensed, insured, and bonded companies so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

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