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The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Calgary

The 8 Best Coworking Spaces in Calgary

When you’re looking for a coworking space, you need one that’s got comfy seats, good rates, lots of sockets, and a reliable Internet connection. The best coworking spaces in Calgary have all of those—and more!

In this ever-changing world, a lot of things are now going with new trends that progress in lightning speed. And your workspace might have gone from a whole building floor to your own desk at home.

With the boom of remote jobs, it’s not difficult to imagine that a lot of people need working spaces. Especially if they don’t have Internet access at home.

You can even have meetings right from the spot where you work! If you’re interested in that, here are the best coworking spaces in Calgary for you and your team.

1. Fuse33 Makerspace

Fuse33 Makerspace's Banner

ADDRESS 1720 Radisson Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2A 1Z8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS  +1 587-818-6253 | [email protected]

Fuse33 Makerspace is the largest makerspace in Calgary, wherein the community is one through creating opportunities, self-sustainability, and relationships. Through the interaction of diverse individuals, they offer various machines and tools to encourage a collaborative creative environment. 

Other than that, they offer classes and memberships that will grant one access to special tools like lasers and 3D printers. Their place is always open to anyone who wants to join whether they have the skills or not.


  • High-end tools and equipment
  • Enjoyable, inspiring workshops and projects

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Fuse33 Makerspace’s clients:

“Love this makerspace! Basically if you dream it, you can build it! Such a helpful community and space filled with equipment that I can’t afford to own, and if I could I don’t have the space. What a great idea! Volunteered to help make face shields for AHC and I made a cutting board! And I designed an ergonomic guitar for design class! And I’m going to make a final version for me, out of wood.  Yes  I love this place…it’s like anything is possible!”

Here’s another one:

“My time at the makerspace for a small Sprinter Van reno was totally pleasant, productive and effective. I only used the space for about 10 days, but paying for a full month of membership just for that was great value considering their shop setup and availability of tools. Jackie, Maria and Shannon are all generous souls who carry a genuine interest in your project.”


2.   EFFECTIV | Innovation Centre

EFFECTIV Innovation Centre's Banner

WEBSITE Effectiv
ADDRESS 1401 1 Street Southeast, Calgary, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1 403-816-4565
OPERATING HOURS 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

With just a 3-minute walk from Victoria Park Stampede Station, you will stumble on a locally-owned coworking space that is easily accessible. And whoever you are, you’ll definitely consider it a prime location for the best coworking spaces in Calgary.

Effectiv Innovation Centre is an incubator for any newborn company looking for a synergetic space. It can house your business if you only have a handful of employees.

The establishment is also a member of the Calgary Coworking Alliance. This means they’ve got standards to reach, all to your advantage.


  • Easily accessible
  • Safe neighbourhood

Customer Reviews 

Here are a few thoughts from an Effectiv member:

“The owner of the floor we are on has a background in interior design. The space is warm and eclectic, with little books and crannies everywhere filled with art.

Seating areas and numerous meeting rooms make this one of the best offices I’ve worked in yet. 

People here are respectful of others working in close proximity. 

And the receptionist, Erin, is the best, really. (She has a goodie drawer at her desk….yeeeah.) She’s the best first person you could meet when you walk off the elevator.”


3.   Workhaus Core

Workhaus Core's Banner

WEBSITE Workhaus
ADDRESS 606 4 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1 403-488-4497
OPERATING HOURS 9:00am-5:00pm weekdays

Strategically located in the business district of Calgary, Workhaus Core is all about driving its skilled and competent tenants. Its interior is designed to be cosy and rustic, so you’ll feel at home even at work.

You can choose from desks to entire offices as your business grows! You don’t have to leave the building while you’re getting more and more people.


  • Coworker Members’ Choice Awards for the year 2019


4.   ReSourceYYC

ReSourceYYC's Banner

ADDRESS 125 9 Avenue Southeast, Suite #2000Calgary, AB, T2G 0P6


CONTACT DETAILS 403-910-1979
OPERATING HOURS 8am-5pm Mon-Th ; 8am-4pm Fri.

ReSourceYYC houses both professional and corporate members at their location.

They have facilities that cater both to self-employed individuals and growing businesses. If you’re looking for an environment filled with like-minded people, ReSourceYYC might be your best bet.

You also have a drop-in option where you can use the space anytime you want within your plan. This flexibility is one of the reasons it’s one of the best coworking spaces in Calgary.


  • ReSourceNET for members (cloud service for a plethora of software from ReSourceYYC partners)


5.   TradeSpace

TradeSpace's Banner

WEBSITE TradeSpace
ADDRESS 4030 8 Street SECalgary, AB T2G 3A7
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 352-7001
OPERATING HOURS 8:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri

TradeSpace provides a space for small businesses and independent contractors to blossom. The place is designed to cater to entrepreneurs and their teams so they can work efficiently.

The best thing about TradeSpace is probably their warehouse offering. If your company needs space for inventory items, you don’t have to look far and wide for a place to put them in.

Being in the same roof together, the company grows as their members succeed.


  • Complete office space requirements
  • Warehouse spaces
  • Events spaces

Customer Reviews

Here is a review from a TradeSpace member:

“Our company has office and warehouse space at TradeSpace and we are very happy. The place is filled with great people from all sorts of different industries. Highly recommend getting a spot here, you won’t be disappointed I promise.”

And another one:

“TradeSpace gives me an opportunity to work in an office with awesome “co-workers” while still being self-employed. Not only is it a modern and fun space to work, the other members are such a fantastic group of like-minded people to network with and learn from.”

6. Boardroom Coworking by Boardwalk

Boardroom Coworking by Boardwalk's Banner

ADDRESS 925 – 7 Ave. SW   | Calgary
CONTACT DETAILS 403.809.8730 | [email protected]

Boardroom Coworking is probably one of the coziest coworking spaces in Calgary. It has a spacious area perfect for board meetings or group discussions. Some of the rooms are also teleconference-ready.

The rates for using the space also includes refreshments, free WiFi connection, and free printing and scanning. 

Not only this coworking space is designed for desk duties. They also have recreation facilities for when you need a break from work which is accessible 24/7 like Fitness room, Rooftop pool and patio, Party room, and Tennis court.

You may also visit their corporate website on:


  • Tight security
  • Flexible pricing
  • Full furnished rooms
  • 3D Tour 

7. Stratus Offices

Stratus Offices Banner

ADDRESS Petrowest Plaza300, 1210 – 8th Street SW

Calgary, AB T2R 1L3

Place 9-6

200, 940 – 6th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3T1

Petro Fina Building

800, 736 – 8th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 1H4

534 Building

400, 534 – 17th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2S 0B1

Sundance Place

280, 23 Sunpark Drive SE

Calgary, AB T2X 3V1

CONTACT DETAILS 87 393 9570 | [email protected]

Stratus Offices leads with not just 1, nor 2, but 5 locations across the Calgary area. With this, they have just made their coworking spaces much more accessible for people who are in dire need of a professional yet comfortable working area.

Their locations are all equipped with fully furnished rooms such as private offices, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, virtual offices, and Hotspace Lounge. 

Stratus Offices also made sure that their coworking spaces are aesthetically pleasing yet not too distracting for the busy folks.

Flexible lease and rental terms are offered by the company, should you feel the need to avail their service.


  • High-end amenities
  • Flexible lease & rental terms
  • Premium membership packages

Customer Reviews

Their clients claim that they really put a good value for money by making Stratus Offices their own working space. The place provides all office necessities plus their staff are very accommodating.

“5 STARS! I rented the seminar room at this location to host a company meeting and I was very satisfied with the service! They provided us with complimentary coffee, tea & water. There are two projection units in the room, so we did not have to worry about bringing our own. The receptionist was very attentive and even helped us clean up when we were done. Definitely worth checking out if you are in need of seminar or meeting space. – M”

8. Seventy Seventy

Seventy Seventy's Banner

ADDRESS Farrell Rd SE 7070 E, Calgary, AB T2H 0T2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 587-332-0211/ [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Seventy Seventy was established in 2013 with the goal of providing workspace for entrepreneurs. Their main clients are creative individuals who are looking for a place to stay to make their creations or designs. This was founded in order to support and foster businesses in the field of art—giving them a platform to connect with other people. 

They have amazing amenities which can be used by all their customers. Since their goal is to bring out the creativity within people, their place has a good amount of natural lighting as well as comfortable chairs and tables. This can help you concentrate with your works or collaborations. 

You can also hold consultations, events, meetings, and seminars at Seventy Seventy. There are rooms that they offer to their customers which includes different utilities. 


  • Vibrant and stylish space for clients
  • Communicate and be involved with various designers and entrepreneurs
  • Spacious rooms for meetings and seminars
  • Free parking 
  • Central location

Customer Reviews

If you’re looking for a great place to stay and connect with other individuals, then this is a good place to go. Many clients attest to this fact and here’s one:

Seventy Seventy provided the perfect opportunity for me to take up space in a creative and professional work environment at a reasonable cost that can flex with my business as I need it to. Being a member of the studio has been beneficial to me both business wise and personally in a countless number of ways. – Sarah Ward

With startup businesses and self-employment being preferred by many in the millennial age, coworking spaces are starting to boom. They are becoming the choice of freelancers, students, and entrepreneurs because of the cheaper rates with all the functionality.

Ditch your home or your usual coffee shop and start heading to these coworking spaces and immerse yourself in a space meant for you to work in. Avoid your familiar distractions and get your creative juices flowing.

The best coworking spaces in Calgary are definitely good options should you want a change in scenery. You can even jump from one to the other if you want regular changes to your environment.

By the way, if you want your business and branding to be recognised more, you can check out the best web design services in Calgary for a strategically marketed online presence.

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