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Best Business Brokers in Calgary

Top 6 Best Business Brokers in Calgary

If you’re thinking of buying and selling a business, you might have come across tips suggesting you hire business brokers or intermediaries. But what can you really get out of the best business brokers in Calgary?

If you’re a seller, you’ll be able to minimize losses, from costs on advertisement to money spent trying to find the right buyer.

Business brokers can also take away the stresses of filing in paperwork and reviewing legal proceedings.

Lastly, business brokers can help settle negotiations between the seller and the buyer. They may even offer consultation and coaching for the seller during the first days of business.

But there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a broker. Think about what your company needs and find the best partner with this list of the best business brokers in Calgary.

1.  Murphy Business

Murphy Business' Logo

BEST FOR  Wide Reach and Continental Acclaim
PRODUCTS Business Brokerage Services
ADDRESS #151, 234-5149 Country Hills Blvd NW. Calgary, Alberta T3A 5K8
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 605-1366
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Murphy Business is the biggest broker in North America with over 150 locations across Canada and the US. They are also affiliated with national and international business brokerages and merger & acquisition associations.

Their business brokers are experienced former owners and executive leaders of different businesses from varied industries. With this advantage, you know that they know the true value of your business.

Aside from being one of the best business brokers in Calgary, Murphy Business are also experts in commercial real estate, franchise reselling, and machinery appraisals.


  • Nationwide Networking
  • Highly-experienced brokers
  • Machinery appraisals
  • Certified Business Intermediaries

Customer Reviews

Murphy Business is all about transparency and efficiency. Read what clients have to say about Murphy Business and their main intermediary, Steve Fylypchuk.

“Steve is a very honest and humble person. He gave detailed information of what to expect for the sale of our clinic and this was all over the phone before we even hired him. His knowledge and experience in sales made the process run smoothly and with less stress(as we had tried to sell on our own before hand and it wasn’t working). I would highly recommend Steve if you are looking to sell your business.

“We purchased a business that Steve was brokering back in March. From start to finish Steve was always attentive, informative and made sure everything went smoothly. The documentation he provided for the business was impeccable. Really shows that he cares and is very knowledgable. I highly recommend Steve.”

2.  Alberta Business Exchange

Alberta Business Exchange's Logo

BEST FOR  Small to Medium Businesses and Provincial Reach
PRODUCTS Business Brokerage Services, Management Consultation
ADDRESS 1015 4th St SW, Suite 750 Calgary, Alberta. T2R 1J4
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 456-4442
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm

With their motto “Helping Families Retire Since 2001”, Alberta Business Exchange (ABX) flawlessly transitions your company to new management. They will support you from the selling until the turnover period.

Before providing details of your business sale, ABX thoroughly screens potential buyers first.

They will then apply non-disclosure agreements with both sellers and buyers to maintain the confidentiality of your transaction.

ABX works using a team approach to ensure all steps of the sale are done smoothly. Their team members are trained in law, accounting, publishing, and entrepreneurial tracks.


  • Provincial-wide reach
  • Team approach
  • Small to medium business consulting

Customer Reviews

ABX’s team of experts provide a unique and organized approach to business brokering and transitioning services. Here’s what clients have to say about the benefits of choosing one of the best business brokers in Calgary.

“Jim and Randy are a great team, professional and passionate about how they can help maximize your succession plans.”

“Randy and his team are unique in the business broker landscape in Calgary. They have a sound methodology for establishing the value of the businesses they represent, and – as trite as it may sound – they work to find win/win solutions for both sides in the transactions they facilitate. That’s why they are able to actually close deals for the clients they represent. They won’t just tell you want you want to hear in order to get your listing – they’ll tell you what you need to do for a successful transition.”


3.  New Horizon Consulting

New Horizon Consulting's Logo

BEST FOR  Financing Solutions
PRODUCTS Business Brokering, Merger and Acquisition, Finance Consultation
ADDRESS 700-736 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3T7, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (587) 317-0223
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:30pm

Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm

New Horizon Consulting specializes in everything business. They are well-known for their brokerage services but they can also help you develop your business, especially if it’s a start-up.

Aside from serving as intermediaries to your sale, they can also be financial consultants for your business. New Horizon helps you choose the best financing and loan options for your firm’s needs.

Their expertise in finance helps you cut costs and discover the true value of your assets. New Horizon can also aid you in expanding your business through their merger and acquisition services.


  • Financing consultation
  • Brokerage and merger services
  • Service for start-ups and established companies

Customer Reviews

New Horizon’s strategic planning and execution truly brings out the best in every business. Read this Google review to know more about what sets New Horizon apart from other brokers.

“What an absolute pleasure working with Nabi, truly a fine professional. New Horizons service and quality of work is impeccable. This is a team that exceeds your expectations and takes your business to new peaks. Highly recommend them.”


4.  Flagship Business Brokers

Flagship Business Brokers' Logo

BEST FOR  Succession Planning
PRODUCTS Business Brokerage Service
ADDRESS 8201 – 400 Eau Claire Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3R8
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 536-1417

E-mail: [email protected]


Unlike most of the best business brokers in Calgary, the team at Flagship Business Brokers helps with both the selling process and succession planning.

They understand the heavy workload of owning a business. For this reason, they lend their services to assist you with the transition period even before the selling process.

Flagship Business Brokers specialize in marketing local small and medium businesses. Despite their local focus, they are still recognized by the International Business Brokers Association.


  • Succession Planning
  • Client-focused services
  • International connections

Customer Reviews

Flagship Business Brokers always treat their clients’ needs as a priority to deliver cost-effective and fast service. A client left this review on Google to share her experience with Flagship.

“I have dealt with the team from Flagship several times now and it’s always been a pleasure. Their associates are knowledgeable, efficient, and really help smooth the sales process for our clients. Honestly these guys are a dream compared to other brokers that our firm has dealt with.”


5.  Signature Business Brokers

Signature Business Brokers' Logo

BEST FOR  Consultation
PRODUCTS Brokerage Services, Consultation, Business Valuation
ADDRESS Suite 205, 406-917 85th Street SW Calgary, Alberta  T3H 5Z9
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (403) 615-6622

E-mail: [email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm

Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm

Signature Business Brokers pride themselves on their packaging and marketing abilities in the brokerage industry. Their complete package makes them one of the best business brokers in Calgary.

To help you raise your business’s value even before selling, Signature Business Brokers helps you improve your organization. They even identify areas of improvement to ensure your business continues to create value.

Following their recommendations results not only in overall development for your business but also in faster sales and higher sale prices.


  • Free courtesy valuation
  • Consultation services
  • Network of pre-qualified buyers

Customer Reviews

Signature Business Brokers always give their best, from the consultations to the turnover. These client testimonials about the company and their head expert, Paul, will convince you of their quality of service.

“”Paul, thanks again for all of your great work on the sale of our company. We were very happy with all the time you put in and how quickly you found us the right buyer.” 

“Our business sold in a relatively short time frame, and Paul was extremely helpful through all the stages of the sale. We were extremely pleased with the personalized service we received from Paul, and would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of selling their own business.”

6. Calgary West Realty

BEST FOR  Real Estate Transactions
PRODUCTS Buying or selling of houses
ADDRESS 216 Clearwater Way S.W., Calgary, AB, T3Z 3T9
CONTACT DETAILS 403-475-8631 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact their phone number or email address for more information.

Finding the best place to buy houses or sell a property in Calgary? Well, worry not because Calgary West Realty is here to help you.

In Calgary West Realty, you would be able to list your property in just a few seconds, or if you’re buying a house, Calgary West Realty is here to make your transaction as fast and smooth as possible. To see their listings, visit their website at


  • Displays complete details of properties and agents
  • Allows buying and selling of property

The next time the thought of selling your business crosses your mind, think about what else you need before selling. Your immediate needs and concerns will help you choose the best business brokers in Calgary and ensure your company’s future.

However, finding the right business successor or owner is not the only way to protect your company’s reputation. You can also partner with the best business insurance firms in Calgary to secure the finances of your business and preserve its future.

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