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The 7 Absolute Best Burger Restaurants in Calgary

The 7 Absolute Best Burger Restaurants in Calgary

Few things in life are more comforting than a meaty, juicy burger. No matter where in the world you are, pretty much every city has at least one jaw-droppingly good burger joint.

And if you happen to be residing in Calgary, you’re in luck—this city is blessed with an abundance of establishments that serve great burgers. Before your hunger gets the better of you, let’s get into our guide to the best burger restaurants in Calgary.

How Much Do Burgers Cost in Calgary?

Before anything else, let’s set expectations by discussing one of the most important factors of any meal: pricing. It goes without saying, but the price you pay for a good burger depends on the restaurant you go to.

Let’s say you hit up a fast food restaurant. Classic burgers like the McDonald’s Big Mac and Burger King Whopper cost $5.69 and $5.99, respectively, in Calgary.

But if you venture outside the typical fast food chain, you can expect price points to climb higher. To compare, we’ve found the best burger restaurants in Calgary and compared their most affordable burgers below.

Burger Restaurant in CalgaryMost Affordable BurgerPriceInclusions
Boogie’s BurgersRegular Burger$5.90100% Alberta beef patty, red sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion
Lil Empire BurgerLil Empire Hamburger$6.99100% Alberta beef patty, pickles, fried onions, lettuce, Empire burger sauce, American cheese
Clive BurgerHamburger$8.99100% Alberta beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce
RE:GRUBVintage Deluxe$10.00Hormone-free beef patty, white onion, tomato, lettuce, cheeky sauce
V BurgerLil’ Cheezburger$6.50Plant-based patty, cheese, pickles, ketchup, mustard
N9NACustome Stuffed Burger$16.501/2lb Alberta beef burger stuffed with your choice of ingredients, lettuce, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles.

These prices are just the tip of the iceberg. Discover the best of what each restaurant has to offer by reading through our list below!

The Best Burger Restaurants in Calgary

Now you have a general idea of how much to set aside for your meal, let’s get into the meat of it (no pun intended). Keep reading to discover the best burger restaurants in Calgary!

1.   Boogie’s Burgers

Boogie’s Burgers Banner
PRODUCTSBeef burgers, chicken and salmon burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, chicken, sides, dips, milkshakes, drinks
ADDRESSBoogie’s Burgers Renfrew
A-908 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, AB T2E 3K1
Boogie’s Burgers Marda Loop
2129 33 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2T 1Z7
CONTACT DETAILSBoogie’s Burgers Renfrew
(403) 230-7070
[email protected]
Boogie’s Burgers Marda Loop
(403) 454-2902
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday, 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday, 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Boogie’s Burgers brings together all the foundations of a quintessential diner experience: vintage interiors, arcade games, milkshakes.

And of course, there are the mouthwatering burgers, which keep the regulars coming back.

Boogie’s Burgers’ patties are made from pure Alberta beef, and are also 100% gluten-free. Speaking of which, most of their sides are gluten-free, too.

For vegetarians or those who prefer alternatives to good ol’ beef, Boogie’s serves up plenty of options as well.

They have chicken burgers for those who don’t like red meat, and salmon burgers for pescatarians. For those who steer clear of all kinds of meat, they have multiple veggie burger options, too—and the pricing is similar to that of their beef burgers.

Moreover, if you have any allergies, you can let their staff know and they can make adjustments accordingly! It’s not often that you see so much flexibility in a fast food menu, but Boogie’s Burgers nails it.

Their burgers are fairly priced, too. Their cheapest offering, the Regular Burger, resembles McDonald’s and Burger King pricing at just $5.90. Their most expensive option, a four-patty juggernaut of a burger, is $19.70.

If you happen to be with someone who doesn’t like burgers all that much, Boogie’s also offers fries, hot dogs and salads. Again, it’s that extensive menu at play.

At present, Boogie’s Burgers has two locations in Calgary. They offer delivery and pick-up for folks who can’t dine in, but the only downside is that they close relatively early at 9:00 PM.


  • Offers non-meat alternatives
  • Also serves non-burger dishes
  • Vintage, diner-like interiors
  • Two locations in Calgary


  • Closes early

Customer Reviews

Here’s what satisfied diners have to say about Boogie’s Burgers!

“It was a busy afternoon but we only had to wait 20 minutes, I would suggest calling ahead if you’re in a hurry. The burgers were massive! And massively delicious! Lots of great burger options, and they were more than happy to accommodate a couple of extra picky eaters. The shakes are excellenté as well, definitely worth a visit if you’re in Calgary!” —Henry Dacombe

“An amazing local food experience. I had an opportunity to go and have a burger, milkshake and spiced fries. Everything is really good. The staff is amazing, courtesy is a thing among them.” —Neto Nizio

2.   Lil Empire Burger

Lil Empire Burger's Banner
PRODUCTSBurgers, chicken, hot dogs, salad, fries, popcorn
ADDRESSBridgeland: 1105 1st Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C9  

Annex: 4323 1st Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2L2
CONTACT DETAILSBridgeland: (403) 455-4007  

Annex: (403) 453-8994  

[email protected]
Monday to Sunday, 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Monday, closed
Tuesday to Wednesday, 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Thursday, 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Friday to Saturday, 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Sunday, 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Lil Empire is a burger purist’s paradise. Take a peek at their menu and you’ll understand what we mean.

The opposite of Boogie’s Burgers’ diverse options, Lil Empire only has three burgers on their menu: the Empire Hamburger, Empire with Cheese, and their Plant-Based Burger. There are a couple of size options and some optional add-ons—otherwise their burger selection isn’t anything outrageous.

The taste of the said burgers, however, is fantastic. Fantastic enough to establish a foothold in Calgary despite only being around for three years.

Price-wise, their burgers start at $6.99—a steep price tag considering this is only their smallest burger. Their regular-sized Empire Hamburger is priced at $9.99.

Burgers aside, the rest of Lil Empire’s menu is pretty fuss-free as well. Hot dogs, chicken and a single salad keep the menu thin without depriving customers of options.

One of the upsides of Lil Empire is their dedication to working with small, local businesses. All their ingredients are sourced locally, allowing you to support multiple businesses with a single burger!


  • Works closely with local businesses and suppliers
  • Offers a vegetarian option
  • Two locations in Calgary


  • Only three burger options
  • Closes early on most days

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Lil Empire Burger:

“One of the best burger places in Calgary. The meat was so soft and juicy and the fries were crunchy and salty, [it] would have been great with beer but we got the Mexican coke. It is a bit pricey but I would come back if I was craving a good quality burger.” —Christopher Zsofcsin

“The blend of tastes is so perfect. The beef hangs out a bit. Crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. Ice cream next door also helps round out a great meal. Go check out the $12 double burger.” —Gord Rogers

3.   Clive Burger

Clive Burger's Banner
PRODUCTSBurgers, fries, poutine, wine & beer, custard shakes
ADDRESS736 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B7
CONTACT DETAILS(403) 229-9224
OPERATING HOURSSunday to Wednesday, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Thursday, 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Friday to Saturday, 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM

Picture this: You’re out with your friends after an evening of bar-hopping, and you’re suddenly struck by a collective burger craving. Clive Burger shines in moments like these.

Unlike the rest of the listings here, Clive Burger is open until late—really late. They close at 2:00 AM between Friday to Saturday, giving you the opportunity to satisfy that midnight snacking habit.

In addition to their burgers being made out of 100% Alberta beef, they’re free of antibiotics and hormones, too. Having these in the meat you consume can pose potential health risks, so you can rest easy knowing Clive Burger’s dishes are free of those components.

In terms of their menu, Clive Burger is the simplest on this list. Even more pared down than Lil Empire Burgers, they have only a Hamburger, Double Burger and Triple Burger.

Their burgers can be customized with add-ons, with the most basic vegetables and sauces available for free. They unfortunately do not offer any meat alternatives, though, so this is not the best place for vegetarians or pescatarians.

Also on the menu: fries, wine, beer, custard shakes and poutine—a dish that not enough burger restaurants in Calgary have.

From their operating hours to the lack of vegetarian options, Clive Burger is a simple burger joint at heart. It’s a place for meat-lovers who can’t turn down a juicy, satisfying burger—but it may need to work on a more inclusive menu to keep up with the competition.


  • Open until late night or early morning
  • Made out of antibiotic and hormone-free beef


  • Simplest menu with no non-meat alternatives
  • Only one location

Customer Reviews

Ready to take a bit into Clive Burger? Check out these reviews first:

“Clive Burger is a staple of ours when we’re downtown and want a great burger and fries! Their food is great and the staff are always so much fun!” —Emily MacKinnon

“Great burger if you are in the mood for just a classic hamburger, no smash patty, not stuffed, just the classic. I compare it to what I imagine a Krabby Patty is like. The milkshakes have great flavour, and are not super thick if you are like me, and actually enjoy being able to drink it.” —Mitch Roelfsema

4.   RE:GRUB

REGRUB's Banner
PRODUCTSBurgers, shakes, dairy-free shakes, sides, DIY burger and shake kits
ADDRESSBeltline: 625 11th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1  

Deerfoot City: 901 64 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7P4
CONTACT DETAILSBeltline: (403) 700-0912
Deerfoot City: (403) 700-0912
Monday to Wednesday, 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Thursday, 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Friday and Saturday, 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Sunday, 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM
Deerfoot City:
Monday to Saturday, 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday, 11:30 to 8:00 PM

Leave your idea of what a burger is at the door. RE:GRUB will totally redefine the burger experience for you.

Out of all the listings here, RE:GRUB is easily the most experimental. This place could pretty much be considered a novelty or tourist spot, only Calgary locals love it enough to willingly frequent the place.

Here, burgers are combined with the most unexpected ingredients: kimchi, mac and cheese, hot cheetos, you name it. And no, they aren’t served alongside the burgers but within them, a perfect complement to their hormone-free, Alberta beef patties.

Naturally, they also have offerings for the textbook burger purists: cheeseburgers, bacon, and the likes. In terms of price range, their most affordable burger starts at $10.

What about meat-free options?

They have those, too, with 10 different meatless burger dishes. They serve up a whole range of options, too, with patties made from tofu, cauliflower and black beans.

Besides being one of the best burger restaurants in Calgary, RE:GRUB also happens to be the best place to grab milkshakes (and milk-free shakes!) in the city.

The only thing more fun and adventurous than their burgers are their milkshakes. With pretty much every topping you imagined as a child—cotton candy, cake slices, donuts—it’s clear there are no rules here, just sweet-toothed fun.

RE:GRUB has two Calgary locations, but in case you can’t make it to their branches, you can always opt for delivery. They also have DIY burger and shake kits, which allow you to recreate your RE:GRUB experience at home!


  • Experimental menu
  • Variety of meat-free patties
  • Offers DIY burger and milkshake kits
  • Two Calgary locations


  • Experimental burgers may not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Limited indoor seating area

Customer Reviews

Still wondering why RE:GRUB made it to our list of the best burger restaurants in Calgary? Let these reviews tell you more.

“One of the most exciting places I’ve ever been, where food art dominates the whole selection. Never before seen mixtures and ideas give the feeling of something known yet new. So visual and bloody delicious! Visit, see, feel.” —Andie Szolnoki

“Friendly and super welcoming staff here. Truly a local gem and one that needs to be supported to keep it alive. Enjoy the monster milkshakes late at night that are an entire meal in themselves. Small location so plan ahead if you want to be inside. Otherwise great open patio for the warmer months.” —Phil Ollenberg

5.   V Burger

V Burger's Banner
PRODUCTSPlant-based burgers, chicken bites, sides, breakfast sandwiches
ADDRESS819 – 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A1
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 387-7272
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday, 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM

For a long time, fast food has been considered unhealthy and guilt-inducing. V Burger is changing that narrative.

Here, 100% plant-based is the standard, from their burgers down to their ice cream. Built on the idea of making fast food “okay” again, they side-step the unnecessarily sinful portions of the fast food meals, replacing them with better and healthier alternatives.

Their burgers range from the classic Lil’ Cheezburger ($6.50) to over-the-top iterations like the Double Bac’n Cheezburger ($12). They also offer lighter options like the Avo-Beet Burger and Falafel Burger, which customers can also choose to enjoy in a bowl without buns.

Plant-based chicken, sides and their popular ice cream sandwiches round out the brunch to dinner menu.

Out of all the burger restaurants in Calgary listed here, V Burger welcomes guests the earliest at 7:30 AM every morning. In line with this, they have a designated breakfast menu consisting of plant-based sandwiches and coffee for early risers.

V Burger is leveling the playing field by giving those who want to eat more mindfully a wider range of options. However, they only have one location at present, so we definitely hope to see them expand soon!


  • Opens at 7:30 AM and has a dedicated breakfast menu
  • 100% plant-based
  • Despite the healthier substitutes, prices are similar to other burger restaurants in Calgary


  • Only one location

Customer Reviews

Here’s what folks have to say about V Burger!

“Went out here with a friend and I thought they were kidding that everything was vegan. It was TRUE. I’m personally not a vegan but wanted to support some local business, and it did not disappoint! I got a bowl, and it actually filled me up for the rest of the day!” —Rebecca Lawrance-Lopez

“Delicious burgers! [It] tastes like very quality ingredients and unbelievably yummy! We just ate it in a few minutes, literally. Their “wings” are so satisfying. The service is kind and beyond! Definitely gonna be my [go-to] burger store.” —Goldie Zohar

6.   N9NA

N9NA's Banner
ADDRESS121 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1H3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSEmail – [email protected]
Phone – 403-263-6355
OPERATING HOURSMonday 11:00 – 10 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Sunday 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

N9NA is one of the best restaurant choices for you if you are craving your serving of comfort food. Featuring numerous varieties of food such as soups, salads, fries, and burgers – they are sure to satisfy your cravings.

They make it to a point to deliver each dish to fresh and equally delicious all throughout your stay with them. They do this by making each one from scratch and using only the best ingredients in every order.

Filled with a fun ambiance due to their thematic interior design and upbeat music, your dining experience with them is sure to be filled with enjoyment and happiness in every bite. Furthermore, their menu involves the community wherein the food is created by the people for the people as well.

We recommend this restaurant for your daily cravings due to their accommodating customer service accompanied by delectable food choices that you could wish for.


  • Friendly customer service
  • Offers gluten-free options
  • Offers custom filled burgers


  • Only one location

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“We went and sat on the patio. I got the Ninealicious burger with poutine and a lime margarita. The poutine is great, has the good gravy and tasted great. The burger was huge! It tasted great and I love all the options to stuff burgers. I want to come back because I pretty much want to try everything on that menu. We had a great time and had an amazing server.”

“Great service, personable & prompt! We shared a stuffed burger and hot wings everything was excellent! Will be going back for sure!”

7.   Peters’ Drive-In

Peters’ Drive-In's Banner
ADDRESS219 – 16th Ave. NE (6,824.04 mi)
Calgary, AB, Canada, AB T2E 1J9
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (403) 277-2747
Fax: (403) 230-7886
[email protected]
7 Days/Week*

Peters’ Drive-In has been serving milkshakes and burgers since 1962. During afternoons, they are fully packed with motorists who are hungry for their food.

Eating here, you will be given a number of choices for your burgers. Do not worry if you are a bit tight on budget as their burgers only start from $5.20.

If you are not satisfied with only eating their burgers, try out their affordable hotdogs and pair them with your favorite drink. They also offer sundaes that range from fruits to sweet sauces.

For their milkshakes, you can choose up to 3 flavors and create your own flavor. No matter how weird your combination is, no one will judge you here!


  • Open everyday
  • The nutritional content of their food is available here
  • Group orders are allowed


Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“The perfect burger. Well here we go an absolute great burger and had the milkshake and fries as well. We live in Rushville Illinois Usa and this place has it all and I am very proud that you are still in business and growing. I tried to give you a 4.99 but you are way to awesome for that. Keep up the great work and it is true Albertans are the nicest people in the world.

“Good sized portions, with a good choice of condiments. Price is reasonable. Service is fast. No eat-in, but has 2 separate drive through windows. One window is on your right side, so if you don’t have a passenger to pay the server, it’s a long reach to the other side, but still works well. The reason I gave 4/5 is for presentation only. The food is delicious. I’ll be back.

The Best Non-Meat Alternatives for Beef Burgers

According to Statista’s data from the end of 2020, there are 2.3 million vegetarians and 850,000 vegans in Canada. This number grows by the year, pushing restaurants all over the country to begin offering meat-free alternatives to their meals.

Burger restaurants in Calgary are no exception. While there’s no denying that meaty burgers will continue to hold their own for a while, it’s high time we make an effort to make dining more  inclusive.

Ahead, we list down common alternatives to the classic meat patty.


Still open to eating fish? Consider giving the salmon patty a try.

Since McDonald’s introduced the Filet-O-Fish, most of us aren’t too put off by the idea of having fish in our burgers. Salmon makes a great alternative by balancing a crisp, fried outer layer and a soft, tender core.

Beyond Meat

Easily the most popular meat alternative out there, Beyond Meat is made out of a blend of plant-based ingredients. These include pea protein, canola oil, refined coconut oil, rice protein, and more.

It’s designed to emulate the taste and texture of real meat, so if you find yourself missing authentic beef burgers, Beyond Meat patties are your best bet.


Tofu is commonly used by both home cooks and professional chefs to replace meat. Made out of soybeans, tofu contains nine essential amino acids—just like meat.

Black Bean

Ground beef burgers may be delicious, but they come with downsides like fat and cholesterol. Black bean burgers don’t nearly have as much of these, instead packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Texture-wise, black bean patties are tender and not mushy like most would imagine. However, some of that natural bean flavor is still bound to come through.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burger Restaurants in Calgary

That concludes our list of the best burger restaurants in Calgary. Feeling hungry yet? Go out there and satisfy your cravings!

In case you’re in the mood for something else, we have a couple of articles that may lead you in the right direction. Click through for a list of the best seafood restaurants in Calgary, or a round-up of the best Mexican restaurants in Calgary!

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