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Calgary’s Neighborhoods The Best and The Worst

Calgary’s Neighborhoods: The Best and The Worst

Did you know: according to the Calgary Crime Index, Calgary has a low crime score of 77.6, which is much better than the national average. It also ranked 7 in the list of most liveable cities in the world by The Economist!

One of the neighborhoods that contributes to this is Royal Oak, a sanctuary in the Northwest where some homes even provide a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains. 

But of course, Calgary is far from perfect, which is why there are some not-so-tranquil areas that need a lot of work. This includes Meadowlark Park where the number of crimes is 64% higher than the national average!

If you want to learn more about the best and worst spots in our city, read on. For today’s article, we found both the best and worst neighborhoods in Calgary, along with why they qualify for such titles! 

The Best Neighborhoods in Calgary

Calgary is brimming with safe neighborhoods like Aspen Woods, Evergreen, Hamptons, and more. This makes the city ideal for a lot of families and individuals who like to live in a peaceful area with little-to-no crime. 

Aspen Woods  

Located in the Southwest area of Calgary, Aspen Woods is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. 

Most of Aspen Woods is made up of residential homes, which is why there are several schools and playgrounds scattered around the area. That said, there are also plenty of dining options around like A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe and Imperial Shawarma. 

A lot of locals also visit the nearby lake (Aspen Woods Lake) to watch the local wildlife (mainly ducks), jog, bike, and so on. 


Also located in the Southwest of Calgary is Mayfair. It’s an extremely small area where there’s not a lot of people. In fact, the residents don’t exceed 1,000!

There’s not much to do here as visitors, but there are plenty of lovely establishments nearby worth visiting, such as Good Heart Cafe, Phil’s Restaurants, and JOEY at Chinook. The Elbow River is also not very far. 

Mayland Heights

Mayland Heights is a fairly large residential neighborhood in Calgary. Its urban atmosphere has the same feeling of security you’ll get from rural areas. 

Additionally, it offers an eclectic mix of amenities such as schools, badminton and tennis courts, art galleries, and restaurants. With that in mind, families looking to settle down and visitors craving a taste of the real Calgary would love Mayland Heights. 


Evergreen is another residential neighborhood in Calgary with a suburban feel. It’s the top choice for a lot of families settling down in the city because it’s near various establishments and major roads with a promise of a peaceful daily life. 

True to its name, there are also plenty of green spaces in Evergreen. Locals like going to the Fish Creek Provincial Park, which boasts of more than 2,000 acres worth of space. 

No matter what season it is, you’ll see several residents there jogging, cycling, picnicking, etc. 


Hamptons has a great reputation of being all around safe for a lot of Calgarians. Situated in the northwest quadrant, this lovely neighborhood has everything families might need such as schools, fitness centers, green spaces, and restaurants. 

It’s no surprise why a lot of people choose to settle down in the Hamptons. It’s also the sweet spot of Calgary because it’s a quiet area, but it’s near popular attractions and destinations. It’s even just a quick 19-minute drive from Downtown Calgary. 


Another neighborhood to add to the list of Calgary’s best areas is Edgemont. It’s one of the biggest neighborhoods in the list, so you can imagine it brimming with a wide variety of amenities!

There’s also plenty of green spaces scattered all around the area, which is quintessential Calgary. 

Our favorite thing about Edgemont is the number of local and friendly establishments where you can hang out and feel like you’re part of the community. This includes the Friends Cafe and Edgemont Palace. 


True to its name, the Citadel neighborhood does feel like a fortress because of how safe it is. It’s quite a huge area, but it doesn’t have the wide range of amenities visitors would enjoy. 

That said, interested dwellers of Citadel would find it pleasing not just because of its safety, but because of the chances it offers for outdoor activities. 

There are several playgrounds in the area as well as fishing charters, parks, and an outdoor rink – perfect for everyday living. 

Royal Oak 

Royal Oak is a charming Calgarian neighborhood known for its wide green spaces. A lot of the residents spend their free time at the Royal Oak Natural Ravine Park for some fresh air and quick hikes. 

This neighborhood is perfect for city dwellers who also like the security, serenity, and open space you can get in rural areas. Some homes in Royal Oak even offer viewpoints of the Rocky Mountains. 

By the way, if you find yourself in Royal Oak for any reason, we highly recommend stopping by the restaurant called Zaika. They serve a lot of flavorful Indian dishes truly worth the stopover. 


Chaparral is a desirable neighborhood to live in not just because of its safety, but also because of its close proximity to the famous Bow River. 

With just a quick walk, you’ll find yourself on the popular attraction where both locals and visitors go fishing, kayaking, cycling, and such. 

Of course, Chaparral also has its own amenities worth boasting about. It’s home to a lot of parks, playgrounds, a lake, and several interesting eateries. 


Situated in the Northwest area of Calgary, Hawkwood is in the middle of a lot of safe Calgary neighborhoods like Edgemont, Hamptons, and Citadel. Because of this, Hawkwood also attracts a lot of families, especially those who have kids. 

This is why if you’re planning on raising your kids in Canada, Hawkwood is one of the best choices. Inside Hawkwood, there are playgrounds, schools, a community park, and a soccer field. 

Discovery Ridge 

The last (but surely not the least!) on the list of some of the best neighborhoods in Calgary when it comes to safety is the Discovery Ridge. 

It’s not really a spot for exciting happenings in the city, but its peacefulness is its main charm. 

A fragment of the Elbow River can be found at the edge of the neighborhood where a lot of locals go to do plenty of outdoor adventures. If you’d like something like that in your backyard, Discovery Ridge is much recommended. 

The area is also rich in parks, playgrounds, and green spaces. 

The Worst Neighborhoods in Calgary 

While it’s generally safe in Calgary, there are still some neighborhoods that are considered more dangerous than other areas. 

Meadowlark Park 

Based on the date provided by Area Vibes, the crime rate in Meadowlark Park is 64% higher than the national average. That’s truly alarming, especially if you’re an unsuspecting tourist or an aspiring family looking for a place to settle down. 

Most of the crimes in Meadowlark park are property related – theft, breaking and entering, threats, and the like. There are also violent crimes in the area, with numbers 28% higher than the national average. 

Downtown East Village

Based on Area Vibes, Downtown East Village has a livability score of 80/100, which suggests it’s a fairly good place to live. Despite that, we think the crime rate goes against that rating!

For example, when we look at the number of crimes in the Downtown East Village, it’s 27% higher than the national average. Most crimes are property related, though there are a few violent crimes as well. 

Red Carpet Trailer Park 

The Red Carpet Trailer Park is one of the dangerous places in Calgary. The total number of crimes in the area is 59% higher than national average with violent crimes being 24% higher than national average. 

Not only is the crime high, but it also received poor ratings on Area Vibes in terms of amenities, employment, health, and schools.  

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