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Nicholas Sharkey

Nicholas Sharkey is many things: a writer, poet, photographer, and explorer. Born in Australia, Nic moved to Calgary to find new vistas as well as follow his passions and live a purposeful life. Here, he found a second home, one that has since stimulated the artist in him and led to some of his most productive moments as a professional photographer. Today, Nic runs his own photography studio in Calgary, and can often be found immortalising the beauty of our city in photographs. In his spare time, he likes to do the same thing with words, either by writing poems or reviewing Calgary’s finest establishments and businesses for us. He is also a dedicated hiker and aims to hike all of Calgary’s and Alberta’s trails one day.

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9 Options for the Best Hypnotherapy in Calgary

Attaining personal goals is challenging, especially when working up enough mental energy to exert effort. Luckily for you, because the best hypnotherapy in Calgary can help you regain focus and concentrate on your goals by softening or even eliminating the emotions holding you back. You may have heard about hypnotherapy and hypnotic suggestion, how they …

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